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Top 4 Futuristic Airsoft Guns for the money

Airsoft military game player in camouflage uniform with armed assault futuristic airsoft gunsAirsoft guns have come a long way in terms of features and capabilities. It’s no wonder manufacturers have come up with several ways to introduce innovation. Especially when it comes to their products. Our idea of futuristic airsoft guns include upgrades to aesthetics. They should still retain their functionality.

Airsoft guns like the JG STAR Dragon CQB AEG looks like it was straight out of a cyberpunk video game. This is the level of futurism we’re looking for in the airsoft guns we want to include in our list.

Continue reading below to find out more about the best airsoft guns that you can add to your collection.

Top 4 Futuristic Airsoft Guns: Comparison Chart

Here are the top 4 sci fi airsoft guns we recommend to beginners and collectors alike. We’ve listed their best features, pricing, and the websites you can purchase them from.

Cybergun FAMAS AEG Airsoft Rifle, BlackCybergun FAMAS AEG Airsoft Rifle, Black
  • 385 FPS
  •  Firing modes available: safe, burst, or fully automatic
  •  Modern and  ambidextrous design
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FN Herstal P90 Airsoft Gun AEGFN Herstal P90 Airsoft Gun AEG
  • 390 FPS
  • Firing modes available: safety, burst, fully automatic
  •  also ambidextrous by design
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JG STAR Dragon CQB AEG Airsoft RifleJG STAR Dragon CQB AEG Airsoft Rifle
  • 380 FPS
  • Ergonomic design from front to back,
  • Three firing modes: safety, 3-burst, or fully automatic
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CSI STAR XR5 1503 AEG Airsoft Battle Rifle
  • 390 FPS
  • Three firing modes available: safety, burst, or automatic
  • Ambidextrous design ideal for left- or right-handed users
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Best Picks of Futuristic Airsoft Guns

Now that you’ve seen an overview of the products, let’s take a closer look at what each has to offer. We’ve included what makes each unique, as well as their pros and cons. The products are all varied and should check boxes. These are for individuals looking to up their sci-fi airsoft game.

#1: Cybergun FAMAS AEG Airsoft Rifle, Black

Quick Specification
  • Velocity: 385 FPS (0.20g BB)
  • Magazine: 300rd
  • Weight: 6.3lbs
  • Inner Barrel: 475mm
  • 9.6v Nunchuck NiMh Battery Recommended
  • 20mm Lower Accessory Rail
  • Metal Hi-Cap Magazine
  • 650-750 BBs per minute Rate of Fire

This sci-fi version of the FAMAS doesn’t stray too far from the original design. It’s a bullpup AR that can release rounds at 1,100 units per second. The original FAMAS has an effective range of up to 3200 meters. The Cybergun FAMAS AEG gives respect to this feat, being able to fire a maximum of 750 BB pellets.

In terms of design, the Cybergun has the same handguard as that of the original. It also has the prominent stock that can provide good shoulder support. The Cybergun doesn’t have enough recoil so it will not injure or hurt the shoulder during play.

The Cybergun doesn’t have a bipod but the picatinny rails should make up for the lack of stability. Grips are attachable to the rails. This is to compensate for the lack of additional frontal weight support.

The Cybergun FAMAS also has the charging handle featured on its real counterpart. The grenade launcher rests in front of the said component. For extended militia fights, mock bayonets are mountable near the outer barrel.

To switch between mock bayonet fighting and shooting, the safety acts as a switch. The secondary function is to prevent misfires. The Cybergun also works for left-handed people. The manufacturers decided to go for an ambidextrous design.

What I Like
  • Barrel acts as an attachment for mock bayonets.
  • The handguard is both a battery compartment and a rail for attachments.
  • Lots of assistive sights on the top of the handguard.
  • Removable stock
  • Has the same mode selector for either 3-burst or fully automatic firing.
  • The grip has a small compartment for extra items, provided they’re miniscule as well.
  • Feature-heavy AEG
  • Lightweight bullpup design, true-to-life appearance
  • The barrel is fully metal – BB’s will zing faster
  • High-round capacity magazine for extended shooting sessions
  • Powerful gearbox made of metal parts
  • Slings are attachable on both front and rear
  • Firing modes on safe, burst, or fully automatic
  • No bipod included
  • No battery or charger upon order

#2: FN Herstal P90 Airsoft Gun AEG

Quick Specification
  • Velocity: ~390 FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • Fully licensed by FN Herstal
  • Adjustable hop up system for range and accuracy
  • Full auto, semi auto, and safe modes
  • Rails for mounting accessories
  • 68 round mid cap magazine
  • 9.6v NiMH Battery and charger included

The Herstal is one of the cheapest futuristic looking airsoft guns on our list. The circular design beneath the main body is reminiscent of the lightning guns in Doom. Just like the FAMAS, the FN Herstal is a bullpup gun.

Herstal gave their official trademarks as proof of legitimacy for the product (Heuer, 2015). This makes it a good buy despite having the lowest price on the list.

The real-life P90 has a firing rate of at least 850 units per second. Its AEG counterpart doesn’t disappoint. It delivers BB pellets at 390 FPS. This makes it a good airsoft gun at closed spaces. The full length of the P90 doesn’t exceed the shoulder width of any individual.

The gearbox and the magazine are near the stock. This reduces potential wasted space for this specific bullpup AEG. Just like the real P90, the FN Herstal AEG measures around 50cm, making it extremely compact.

The FN Herstal is very portable. The small size coupled with attachable slings at the front and rear make this look like a handbag. The AEG is easy to deploy since the stock does not unnecessarily extend beyond the carrier’s body.

What I Like
  • Versatile and compact bullpup design.
  • Works well in enclosed spaces.
  • Can fire up to 390 FPS, slightly better than the previous FAMAS entry.
  • Ambidextrous design – charging handle, sights, and the release located symmetrically.
  • Firing selector for burst, automatic, or with safety engaged.
  • Compartment available near the magazine for other items, or extra ammunition.
  • Firearm manufacturer-approved design, with legitimate FN Herstal trademark.
  • Magazine and gearbox placement in the stock make it the most compact bullpup.
  • Speed loader mechanism available for faster switch outs during airsoft play.
  • Powered by a 9.6 NiMH battery and charger.
  • Easy to carry with slings attached on front and rear ends of the body.
  • Magazine can only hold 68 rounds.
  • NiMH may not last longer than traditional LiPo, but will deliver power effectively.

#3: JG STAR Dragon CQB AEG Airsoft Rifle

Quick Specification
  • Velocity: 380 fps (0.2g BB)
  • Capacity: 170 rounds
  • Made in: China
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs
  • Rail System
  • Adjustable Sight
  • Adjustable hop-up system

We’ve already given you an idea of what the best unique airsoft guns have to offer. The JG STAR Dragon checks all the boxes in the design department of what “futuristic” means. Sure, it’s a weird-looking AEG but that’s what really sets it apart from the other candidates on this list.

The JG STAR Dragon is the best when it comes to comfort. Starting from the stock, it has a depression in the center where the carrier can rest their cheek. The stock is also retractable into 5 positions.

The rifle handle is ergonomic. It has two prominent ridges where the thumb and index finger can rest comfortably. A similar ergonomic configuration is also located for the left arm. This should work well for added stability. It’s located beneath the barrel. This section is mostly rubberized.

It has a small picatinny rail located beneath the barrel. The small size allows attachment for lights or lasers. A top rail runs along the main body in line with the barrel. This is where you can place other optics if one is not enough. The rear sight can also flip up or down.

The battery located on the front makes it on the heavy side. The support grip for the left hand should counteract the weight.

What I Like
  • Fully upgradeable to M4 or M16 magazine configurations
  • Minimum FPS at 330, increases depending on the caliber
  • Firing modes available for burst, fully automatic, or safety.
  • Smoother and less noise during firing, thanks to threaded barrel.
  • Weighs only 2.7 kilograms, still light for a design-heavy M4 derivative
  • Reinforced metal gearbox is highly durable
  • Overall ergonomic design from stock to front support handle
  • Ambidextrous sling allows lefties ease of use
  • Powered by long-lasting LiPo batteries
  • Adjustable hop up
  • Maximum of 190 rounds for the magazine
  • Can extend to 64 cm or collapse to 55 cm
  • Battery located on the front can tire non-dominant hand supporting the gun
  • Picatinny on the front is too small (still has the top rail to compensate)

#4: CSI STAR XR5 1503 AEG Airsoft Battle

Quick Specification
  • Velocity: 390 FPS (0.20g BB)
  • Magazine: 225rd
  • Weight: 7.7lbs
  • Inner Barrel: 363mm
  • Barrel Thread: 14mm CCW
  • 9.6v 1600mAh NiMH Nunchuck Battery Recommended
  • Adjustable Hop-up

Fans of the 2013 sci fi movie Oblivion will appreciate the STAR XR5. Apart from the same color scheme, both gun models feature the sleek and compact look they have. Unfortunately, we can’t remove the orange tip due to legal reasons. The good news is, we can still appreciate how it would go well with a futuristic airsoft armor.

The barrel hides in a sleek rectangular frame, with its upper half colored white, and the other, black. The built-in top rail can house several accessories at once. It has ample space, running the same distance like the magazine to the handles.

The XR5 is very angular and clean, design-wise. The magazine doesn’t have a definite separation to where it feeds the BB pellets. On the topic of separability, the stock can move backwards in different positions. This helps players make more accurate shots.

That’s not the only thing that can move. The bottom picatinny rail has a hinge near the top of the magazine. It can open downwards like a maw where it acts as a compartment. This is also where the battery goes.

CSI STAR XR5’s best feature is the fast magazine release near the trigger. It’s hard to miss because it’s bigger than the tip of the index finger. The magazine is replaceable with custom M4 or M16’s. The speed at which the original magazine drops is convenient.

What I Like
  • High-quality polymer injection manufacturing process for the main body.
  • Speed reloading possible with the lightweight magazine.
  • 6-position retractable stock
  • Wide compartment located at the bottom rails
  • Orange flash suppressor at the tip of a full metal barrel.
  • Lots of space for accessories located at the top, side, and bottom picatinny rails
  • Streamlined design
  • Easy release magazine
  • Flip up sights on both front and rear
  • Weighs only 7.7 pounds
  • Full metal gearbox
  • Fully compatible with M4/M16 magazines
  • Threaded barrel for faster pellet displacement
  • High-capacity magazine at 225 rounds
  • M4/M16 custom mags may not drop as fast as the original
  • No batteries included


What is a Futuristic Airsoft Gun?

Portrait of airsoft player in professional equipment with machine gun in the forestAirsoft guns are good collectibles simply because they look like real firearms. Some players don’t just want an airsoft gun that can fire at 250 fps. Others may just be sci-fi nerds looking to add more to their collection.

It’s not sci-fi enough if it’s just the looks. All of the products we’ve listed here are AEG’s. All of them are above the $100 price range but what you’re paying for is worth it. You get cool looking frames. These match the powerful firing mechanisms inside these airsoft guns.

AEG’s fire a decent 300 FPS. Some of the guns listed here may not reach that FPS, but this is only if the caliber used is 0.20 mm. Always refer to the manuals that come with the package to check what kinds of pellets can work.

Most of these guns look similar to sci-fi movie guns.  This makes them ideal for urban setting playing fields. With a costume to match, they can work as accessories if you ever decide to emulate your favorite sci-fi character.

Things to Consider Before Buying Futuristic Airsoft Guns

As with any other airsoft collectible, there is a criteria one should be following. These criteria are important when purchasing science fiction airsoft guns. Here are some of them:

Build Quality

Weird airsoft guns can get away with using polymer. Airsoft manufacturers use this as their main material for construction. And that’s fine. It’s still in line with the “artificial” theme these equipment are going for. Most of the AEG’s listed here are past the 4 pound weight and that’s a good indication of build quality.

AEG’s mostly have metal gearboxes. These provide a good platform from which the pellets eject from. All four of the products listed here also have metal barrels. It’s a bonus if it’s threaded. For example, the CSI STAR XR5 has a counter clockwise threading. This makes the bullets fly farther.

Battery Capacity

It’s also important for AEG’s to have a solid power source. It’s not exactly a sci-fi airsoft gun if they’re not using an electrical supply. We prefer if the batteries were LiPo but most of these airsoft guns are heavy enough. NiMH has the advantage of having less weight.

The only scifi airsoft gun on the list with a LiPO is the JG STAR Dragon. Since we’re talking about batteries, we might as well discuss battery placement. There are a lot of configurations for the placement. There’s no standard for battery placement. Most of these products are in a bullpup configuration – it just makes sense for the batteries to be in the stock.

Rails, rails, rails!

The more rails, the better. Sci-fi airsoft guns can either go one of two ways. They can take the more streamlined approach like what CSI STAR XR5 does. Or they can go full machine-god like the JG STAR Dragon.

Either way, there should be several rails for attachments. Laser lights make it better, while flashlights help with nighttime visibility. We’d recommend using these sci fi equipment at indoor facilities. A shifting environment can make it more challenging for players.

The clear winner under this section is CSI STAR XR5. This is because of its triple rails located at the top, sides, and beneath the body.


We didn’t include sci-fi looking airsoft guns on the list that cost over $200. We want our readers to enjoy their sport without spending too much money. There are several products that cost less than $100. The bad news is that it defeats the purpose if they don’t meet design standards.

A lot of funding goes into designing sci-fi airsoft guns, that’s why they’re more of collectibles. This doesn’t mean they’re not good enough for airsoft games. The four products listed here are competitive, with all of them going over 300 FPS.

And yes, it goes without saying that AEG’s should have at least a minimum of 300 FPS.


There’s a common denominator when we’re listing out the features on each product. Most of them have an ambidextrous design. This is another thing to consider when buying sci-fi airsoft guns. Sci-fi guns have a lot going on design wise, and rarely does a component serve no function.

These airsoft guns have accessory mounts that are symmetrical. The easy release magazine function on the CSI STAR X5 is an example of convenient placement. The size alone on the release makes it easy for anyone to do speed reloads if they’re playing competitively.

Top Futuristic Airsoft Gun Brands

Soldier with machine gun patrollingThere are a lot of airsoft gun brands that manufacture products that look futuristic. We’ve mentioned some of them already on the list. CSI currently only has one offering under that category. They did justice to the sci-fi airsoft label with their single entry.

Other brands that offer sci-fi airsoft include G&G, a Taiwan-based company. UMAREX and Cybergun also have a selection of futuristic looking airsoft guns. You’d have to dig deep into their product catalogs to find the right one. They’re also distributors and they’re not the manufacturers for these sci-fi airsoft guns.

Evike is also a good platform to browse for sci-fi airsoft guns. An honorable mention on their website is the Matrix Limited Edition Custom rifle. This piece of equipment appeared in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece Aliens.

Your best bet is to buy any bullpup airsoft guns. This is because most of them are heavily featured in sci-fi movies. They’re also seen in animations, especially those made in countries like Japan.

Who Makes the Best Futuristic Airsoft Guns?

Camouflage soldier playing airsoft outdoors in the forestWe’d recommend looking into the manufacturer of the JG STAR Dragon. Their products have a competitive price point. It’s the most sci-fi looking gun we have on the list so far. They have two other products we can place under the “futuristic” umbrella.

It’s loaded with features and if you’re willing to pay extra, what you get can compete with some premium brands. These are all based solely on the number of features that are present in other brands.

If it’s only for a single entry, Cybergun FAMAS is a good choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s for playing or a collectible. It has the highest magazine capacity on the list. The only caveat is that it’s not as “techno” as the other entries.


The winner for our futuristic airsoft guns competition is the JG STAR Dragon CQB AEG Rifle. The reason is simple: manufacturers put effort into making it look very futuristic.

On the functional side, it’s the best in terms of usability. Almost all of the parts of the STAR Dragon are ergonomic. The stock and the secondary support beneath the barrel have lots of curves. The design just screams body-friendly.

We think this is a demonstration of how the manufacturers envision sci-fi airsoft. If you put more priority into shooting more, then Cybergun FAMAS is the next best option. Speed reloads? The CSI STAR can back you up.

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