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The 6 Best Airsoft Mask in the World

Airsoft helmet on the ground and a girl in military uniform in the backgroundAirsoft masks exist to protect people from injuries. The masks can vary in shape or size. Masks can have partial or full coverage. They can also vary in design. Airsoft masks can also have different kinds of materials. We recommend getting a full face mask. The best mask for airsoft has a low price, full coverage, and is sturdy.

A good mask is the ATAIRSOFT Tactical. It has a low price. It’s also built with high quality polymer plastic.. The ATAIRSOFT provides full coverage, so you’re guaranteed protection. Whether you’re playing competitive airsoft or need a mask for a job, this mask is a good choice.

Top 6 Airsoft Masks: Comparison Chart

You can use this chart as a basis for choosing your ideal face mask. The visuals should help you choose the mask that fits your needs.

Image Name Features Price
OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft Mask with Metal Mesh Eye Protection OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft Mask with Metal Mesh Eye Protection
  • Single-mold synthetic resin
  • Plastic eye mesh
  • Type: Full Mask
Check Price
Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask Steel Mesh and Goggles Set Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask Steel Mesh and Goggles Set
  • ABS Plastic
  • Low carbon steel
  • Type: Half Mask
Check Price
Airsoft Mask Full Face with Goggles Airsoft Mask Full Face with Goggles
  • Clear Polycarbonate
  • ABS plastic
  • Type: Full Mask
Check Price
OneTigris 6″ Foldable Half Face Airsoft Mesh Mask with Ear Protection OneTigris 6″ Foldable Half Face Airsoft Mesh Mask with Ear Protection
  • 1000D Nylon
  • Steel
  • Type: Half Mask
Check Price
ATAIRSOFT Tactical Protective Adjustable Skull Full Face Mask for Airsoft ATAIRSOFT Tactical Protective Adjustable Skull Full Face Mask for Airsoft
  • Plastic
  • Type: Full Mask
Check Price
JFFCESTORE PJ Foldable Adjustable Half Mesh Mask JFFCESTORE PJ Foldable Adjustable Half Mesh Mask
  • ABS plastic
  • Carbon steel
  • Type: Half Mask
Check Price

Best Picks of Airsoft Masks

For our airsoft mask reviews, we’ve picked six candidates which pass our criteria. Just like how piced the ATAIRSOFT Tactical, we’ve made sure of a few things. All of these six face masks are under the $50 range. They’re all different though. You get to pick if you want full or half face masks.

#1: OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft Mask with Metal Mesh Eye Protection

[aawp box=”B00STAS9HO” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.1 x 3.9 inches
  • Size: Adjustable (One size fits most)
  • Made of 100% synthetic resin
  • Full Face protection
  • Toxins and odor free

This face mask by OutdoorMaster offers full face protection. It will not have any falling parts because it’s made as a single mold. The eye areas have a mesh cover which provides visibility. The mesh doesn’t obscure vision and allows the user to have a decent field of vision.

It’s made with synthetic resin. It doesn’t specify which one as there are several kinds of resin. It still functions as intended. The structure of synthetic resin resists a good amount of impact. BB’s cannot break or pierce the mask. The advantage of single mold plastics is their ease of use. On the manufacturer side, they can have the freedom of designing it.

For users of this product, expect to pay somewhere around the ceiling price. The OutdoorMaster Full Face Mask doesn’t have the cheapest manufacturing procedure. What you get is a high quality face mask that offers full coverage.

It’s also one of the coolest-looking masks among the list. You can have this in either the default design as shown in the picture. OutdoorMaster made sure you have choices in the design. The manufacturers didn’t forget that you need to communicate. There are holes in the mouth area that should help you talk freely with your teammates. The skull-ish nostrils also help with breathability.

  • One of the coolest airsoft masks with single mold plastic design
  • Metal mesh covering the eyes prevents serious injuries
  • Your friends hear you clear with the help of holes in the mouth area
  • Breathing is easier with nostril holes
  • Adjustable straps and a one-size fits all feature
  • Will not get pierced by plastic BB’s.
  • Mask may be too large for smaller people, despite being a one-size fits all
  • More expensive compared to the other masks on the list, but still below $100.

#2: Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask Steel Mesh and Goggles Set

[aawp box=”B01ARHRWZG” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Airsoft Mask: low-carbon steel,
  • Goggles: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic
  • One Size Fits All (Kids and Adults)
  • Lightweight & Foldable Design

If you think the first face mask doesn’t give you room to breathe, this next one should help you. Outgeek’s Half Face Mask set is ideal for people who want more breathing room. In contrast to OutdoorMaster, it gives solid eye protection. Against plastic BB’s that is.

The Outgeek Airsoft Face Mask uses clear plastic for the goggles. This gives the user a wider field of vision. It doesn’t use metal mesh for the eyes. This is not to say the clear plastic can’t offer protection. It still works as a good eye covering. You get the advantage of seeing the playing field in full color.

Half masks bother some users. This is because they’re usually sold separately. The Outgeek airsoft mask is a good half face mask. This is because  they’ve included goggles too. This makes it worth buying. The mesh mask for the lower face is low carbon steel. You don’t have to worry about potential lip injuries.

Both the mask and the goggles are easy to put on. The straps help secure it properly on a kid or on an adult. It’s also a one size fits all. It’s a bonus for kids because they get wider protection around the eyes. It’s easy to breathe through the mesh. Talking with teammates is easier because of the mesh material.

  • Best airsoft mask for the money.
  • Wider field of vision with clear PC plastic.
  • Mesh provides comfortable breathing experience.
  • Lens will not fog up because of enough room for air to circulate.
  • Both the mask and the goggles bend a little to fit the wearer.
  • A hassle to put on since it’s two pieces of equipment.
  • Mesh doesn’t offer full protection against dust.

#3: Airsoft Mask Full Face with Goggles

Quick Specification
  • Size: Full Face Mask. 9.25″ * 10.24″ (23.5*26 CM).
  • Material: Polycarbonate material and ABS plastic
  • Eyes protection: PC clear lenses or PC gray lenses.
  • Weight: About 8.82 Ounce

This one is for all aspiring Sith Lords, or those who want to dress like one for Halloween. This airsoft mask offers full face protection. It combines two features from the previous items on the list. You get full face protection and you have a wider field of vision.

This airsoft mask doesn’t limit its features to a wider field of vision alone. The tinted eyeshield makes sure you get a decent amount of protection. This makes it even better in harsh lighting conditions. It’s ideal for outdoor airsoft. It also uses vertical grills instead of a crisscross mesh. This helps the wearer breathe freely. It also helps prevent fogging.

If you’re not satisfied with the tinted eyeshield, there’s a small visor too. Although it’s not enough protection from rain, it should give a little bit of shade. This airsoft mask works well in hot or humid weather. There’s lots of spaces where air can move in and out.

The vertical grills don’t interfere with sound. Communicating with teammates during airsoft games will be easy. The whole mask is hard plastic but the manufacturers factored in comfort. There are foam pads in the interior of the face mask. Wearing this airsoft mask is comfortable.

  • Best airsoft mask for glasses
  • Tinted eyeshield protects your eyes from harsh sunlight
  • Mini visor gives additional shade for your face
  • Multiple air holes provide breathability
  • Full face coverage against plastic BB’s
  • Some of the vertical grills look too thin and might break
  • Stretch headband will lose tensile strength over time

#4: OneTigris 6″ Foldable Half Face Airsoft Mesh Mask with Ear Protection

[aawp box=”B078MQJ6C3″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Weight: 5.29oz/150g
  • Material: Steel, Nylon
  • Dimensions: 7.8’’*6’’/20cm*15cm

Half masks usually compensate for their lack of coverage with extra features. The OneTigris has loads of features. First off, it has a great brown camo design and will fit well in desert environments.

A lot of the other facemasks on our list don’t focus much on ear protection. The OneTigris has a design feature dedicated to protect your left and right ears. The areas covering the mouth and ears have a mesh design. Breathing is easier, as well as talking and listening.

After intense airsoft matches, players may find themselves sweating. The advantage of hard plastic is that it’s easy to wash. The OneTigris uses D1000 nylon. This material is washable. It takes up less space in storage because this half mask is foldable.

The mouth area extends well above the nose. The coverage reaches until the area between the eyes. You may need to purchase a set of goggles for eye protection. And that’s not all. Since there’s no need for internal padding, the exterior provides comfort. The cheeks can rest comfortably under the fabric.

It’s not IP rated but the OneTigris resists dust and water. It’s good for indoor and outdoor airsoft. The straps are elastic and accommodates both teens and adults.

  • Hands down, the best mesh mask for airsoft
  • Ultra comfortable due to choice of material
  • No more hard edges
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Washable
  • D1000 Nylon is sturdy
  • Ear protection included (a feature not seen too often in airsoft masks)
  • Provides only half coverage so you need to buy goggles
  • Mesh doesn’t filter out dust but will protect you from BB’s

#5: ATAIRSOFT Tactical Protective Adjustable Skull Full Face Mask for Airsoft

[aawp box=”B07TZ3FVX2″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Size: 19cm*18m
  • Weight: 260g,
  • Color: BK
  • Two ways to wear
  • Mask passes the ANSI Z80.3 ball drop test

We have another potential Halloween costume airsoft material on the list. You don’t have to worry if your friend or sibling already took the Darth Vader costume. This full face skull mask will scare both kids and enemy players.

The first obvious feature this mask has is it uses clear hard plastic over the eye areas. It’s a different take when comparing this to the other full face masks on the list. The design doesn’t sacrifice visibility for the player. There are foams located on the lining of the eye sockets to help with impact absorption.

To keep the theme consistent, the manufacturers carved teeth on the front. This doesn’t mean there’s no breathability though. There’s a mesh below the cheek areas. It can help prevent fogging and make it easy to talk with other players.

ATAIRSOFT Tactical uses less straps and more snapping locks. It’s perfect for players who complain about comfort. The back of your head has better air exposure. It could mean trouble since it’s exposed.

The good thing about this full face skull mask is that a helmet can go over. The shape fits well below the hairline. It’s the best full face mask on the list so far.

  • It’s a bad ass airsoft mask
  • Unique take on the eye cover using clear plastic instead of mesh
  • Padding around the eye sockets help reduce impact
  • Less width on straps give a more comfortable experience
  • Cheek mesh provides breathability
  • The mask may be too wide for some users, but straps help secure it in place
  • It could use more air holes

#6: JFFCESTORE PJ Foldable Adjustable Half Mesh Mask

[aawp box=”B07D6SL484″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Head Circumference (mm):580mm-610mm
  • Head Size (US): up to 7 5/8 3/8
  • Internal width: 6.69″ (17cm)
  • Internal length: 8.66″ (22cm)
  • Weight: 550g

Looking for a more accurate-looking, military-like airsoft mask? This half mask by JFFCESTORE comes with additional goggles. Material wise, we’d stick with the OneTigris. The advantage is you’re buying two for the price of one should you decide to get the PJ Foldable.

Much like OneTigris, the PJ Foldable Half mask gives the ears protection. The front and the sides have a mesh covering, allowing you to listen and talk with no issues. The mesh is low carbon steel so it won’t break easily. The cheek area has padding to help protect against plastic BB’s from hitting the face.

If you ask us, the highlight of this product is not the mask itself. The FAST helmet has the eyeshield already installed. This makes shopping for a helmet and goggles more simple. You get head protection, as well as eye protection. The viewing field is also generous.

Putting the PJ goggles on is easy. It uses only two Y-straps that extend from the temples down to the chin. It’s a simple snap-and-lock mechanism. Standard railings are on the sides of the helmet for other airsoft accessories.

When you’re done using this half mask, you can fold it away. Since it’s a cloth mask, you can wash it for your next airsoft game.

  • It’s the best airsoft mask for aiming with its clear eyeshield.
  • Package deal of both airsoft mask and helmet
  • Also provides ear protection
  • Cloth type used makes it comfortable to wear
  • Eyeshield comes installed on the FAST helmet
  • The cloth material doesn’t look like it will last
  • Design feature on the interior of the eyeshield doesn’t serve any real purpose


What is Airsoft mask?

the Best Airsoft MaskThe better question would be  “What makes an airsoft mask the best one?.” We’re going to show you how plastics work against textile in the airsoft mask competition.

Most of the airsoft masks we have on the list are either made from plastic or textile. Most full face masks use plastic instead. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. We’ve dedicated a section of this article to reviewing the materials used for airsoft masks.

The second factor is coverage. Most airsoft masks promise comfort, especially with half masks. This only rarely gets accomplished by full face masks. They tend to fog up easily, that’s why some prefer half masks instead. The best airsoft facemask will have a full face coverage.

Types of airsoft mask

Types of airsoft maskAccording to Coverage

There’s the half mask which protects your lips, mouth, and your chin. On the other hand, the full mask extends that protection to your eyes and the forehead. Sometimes, airsoft masks have ear protection. Good examples would be the OneTigris or the PJ Foldable have.

Full masks

  • Full face masks are usually manufactured by using plastic or synthetic resins
  • The best full face mask don’t sacrifice visibility
  • They should at least have a lot of ventilation

Half masks

  • Half masks provide breathability
  • Half masks are generally more comfortable to wear
  • They’re usually made with textiles

According to Material


Plastic is easy to make, relatively cheap, and will hold out for a long time. Most face masks use ABS Plastic. Others use polycarbonate which is in the same family as ABS plastic. Plastic has decent tenacity. It has a fair amount of resistance against heat and cold.

The best example of a plastic airsoft mask is the OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft Mask. It’s made with a single mold. There are no parts that will fall off accidentally. There’s no need for screws either.


You can try to look for Kevlar based airsoft masks and unfortunately they don’t exist yet. There’s no practical application for Kevlar. It’s not practical since awesome airsoft face masks have plastics that do a better job.

Textiles work great as half face masks. Another great example of a textile-based airsoft mask is the OneTigris. It’s comfortable, breathable, and washable. There’s no full coverage textile masks yet, but we’re hoping somebody would take the time to make one.

If there is a full face mask with textile in it, it’s usually combined with steel mesh or clear plastic.

Steel Mesh

This material is a staple part of airsoft masks. The reason is that it provides better ventilation than textile. It also offers better protection compared to hard plastic. The only caveat is it’s failure to filter out fine particles like dust or pollen. If that’s the case, it’s better to go with full face masks that have clear plastic eyeshields.

OutdoorMaster uses a steel mesh as coverings for the eye. The other masks on this list also use steel mesh for mouth and ear coverings. OneTigris and PJ Foldable use steel mesh to provide protection to the ear and mouth.


Half face vs Full Face Airsoft Masks

Full Face Airsoft MasksChoosing the correct airsoft mask makes a difference. We recommend always going for full face airsoft masks. There are people who already have bought goggles. These items of their choosing  make it so they only need a half face airsoft mask.

Full Face Airsoft Masks

Beginners in competitive airsoft need protection for their face. Full face airsoft masks provide this protection. The most important parts to keep safe are the eyes. When choosing full face airsoft masks, always choose the ones which have an eyeshield. Bigger eye shields provide a good field of view.

It’s also recommended that beginners should opt for full face airsoft masks that have a steel mesh. Generally, steel mesh provides better protection for the eyes than hard clear plastic. They’re priced higher than full face airsoft masks that mainly use ABS plastic or PC.

Most full face airsoft masks also have holes for ventilation. These holes can either be standard cutouts or a wider cutout with steel mesh. Some of the products on our list feature full face masks but they don’t have protection for the ears. This is where half face masks come in.

Half Face Airsoft Masks

Half face airsoft masks provide comfort than full face airsoft masks. Ventilation is not a problem.  Most half face airsoft masks do away by compensating for their lack of protection. It does this by using sturdier materials. Steel mesh is usually employed for the coverings over the mouth and the ears. They’re also more flexible when it comes to materials. Full face masks use plastics.

Materials Used In Masks

Materials Used In MasksSynthetic Resins

Synthetic resin is the collective term for plastics before it solidifies. The common characteristics these plastic share is observable during the curing phase. When synthetic resin is first made, it’s in a semi-liquid form.

These help manufacturers put the resin in molds which can go into assembly for later. They are commonly used in single molds. The OutdoorMaster is a good example of an airsoft mask that comes from a single mold.

All other products on the list are either prefabricated pieces that go into an assembly line. The disadvantage of prefabricated and ready-for-assembly pieces is the risk of dismantling. The OutdoorMaster airsoft mask doesn’t have this problem.

Cloth Material

Textiles have a variety of applications and it extends well into airsoft territory. They’re not only made for masks but for a variety of other equipment. This includes protective vests for body protection. It’s also used for the slings to carry airsoft guns.

Depending on the patents available, brands have their own unique fabrics. Different manufacturers use different types of textile for airsoft masks. The textile has to have a balance on weight and protective capacity. The focus is usually on the latter, since light weight fabrics have an obvious flaw. They don’t do a good job protecting the wearer from BB impact.

One of the best half face masks that use good fabric is the OneTigris. It’s made of D1000 nylon. For those who aren’t aware what D1000 means, it’s something related to the process of producing it. D1000 is a patent name for nylon that has a coating of urethane. Urethane has a subclass that is a type of pseudo-plastic.

Carbon Steels

Last but not the least, steel. Steel is one of the most common materials used in airsoft. From barrels to gearboxes, it found its way to airsoft masks. The best airsoft masks will employ steel mesh for protection against BB’s.


Steel mesh withstands impact better than hard plastic. It doesn’t dent when hit with a BB. In rare cases, steel mesh will get scratched but only if the airsoft gun has a very high FPS. Let’s say they’re the miniaturised versions of car grills located on the bumpers. They provide protection the same way car grills help soften impacts.

Things To Consider Before Buying airsoft masks

Things To Consider Before Buying airsoft masksAirsoft masks are generally affordable. They should also be affordable. Since most airsoft masks use plastics, there’s no reason not to buy full face airsoft masks. Here are some things you need to look at before buying an airsoft mask.

Extent of Coverage

Like what we’ve shown earlier, the type of mask you will buy is an indication of what you need. If you’re a beginner, we recommend getting something like the ATAIRSOFT Tactical. It has eye shaped cut outs which have covers in clear hard plastic.

If you want to buy a half face mask, choose either OneTigris or OutGeek. They have dedicated steel mesh type coverings. These go over the nose and mouth which should help prevent injuries. If you want a buy-one-take-one setup, the JP Foldable is a good package.

Eyeshield or Eye Cutouts

Some of the facemasks we’ve featured either use cutouts or a full-on eyeshield. Most of the eye cut-out types of masks have smaller areas optimized for protection. Eyeshields provide a better field of view for the wearer. The latter has a slight disadvantage in terms of material. We haven’t seen an eyeshield mask that’s fully made of steel mesh. But that would be a better option.

The most useful part of an airsoft mask is the eye area. If the eyes are not covered, then that type of mask is useless. Half masks understably are the second choice. Especially when there’s already an initial purchase of goggles.

The problem with steel mesh as covers for the eye parts is that they partially obstruct vision. That’s why eyeshields usually pair with half masks. An exception to this fact is the ATAIRSOFT Tactical. The eye area has clear plastic instead of wire mesh. This gives players a slight advantage over steel mesh eye covering


The top rated airsoft mask isn’t always the most expensive. Buying should not be an issue for beginners and veterans in airsoft games. Most airsoft guns are still manufactured using plastics. Full face masks can have price ranges of between $50 to $200. Half masks go for less, but the more premium ones are somewhere in the hundred dollar range.

Cheap airsoft masks are available throughout multiple online shopping platforms. Most of these cheap face masks use synthetic resin instead of steel mesh. If there’s metal mesh, it’s almost always guaranteed to have a higher price tag. You’re assured of the quality though, if you’re planning to buy one.


The best mask for airsoft on the list is the ATAIRSOFT Tactical Full Face Mask. It’s not Sith Lord-level impressive design wise, but it looks cool. It’s made with synthetic resins. This derivative provides toughness and resistance to the elements.

The ATAIRSOFT has wire mesh for ventilation to help prevent fogging. The small eye sockets have covers with clear plastic which offer visibility. It’s easy to put on with several straps that have ladder lock buckles. Overall, it’s a good full face mask for it’s price.

An honorable mention on this list is the OneTigris Half Face mask. It has a good balance between affordability and quality. We recommend getting this half face mask if you already have goggles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a mask for airsoft?

The answer to this is yes. Plastic BB’s don’t do enough damage when you’re far. But if you’re shot at point-blank with a 350 FPS airsoft, it’s going to have serious consequences. What’s more dangerous is if the BB hits your eye.

Most injuries from airsoft relate to the eyes. A report from the American Academy of Pediatrics states 13,000 injuries. Airsoft guns don’t have enough power to let BB destroy the integrity of the skin. At that force, the best damage it can inflict is on the epidermal and dermal layers.

This only holds true if the firing distance is more than 50 feet. Any closer and any amount of FPS will leave more than a welt on the target. We cannot stress this enough: beginner or not, always use protective equipment.

What is a full seal airsoft mask?

A full seal airsoft mask is a full face mask that secures the side of the face. This means air or other debris will not enter from the sides. It’s also useful if there’s heavy crossfire. There will be the occasional stray pellet that may end up inside the mask so a full seal mask is better.

The disadvantage of a full-seal airsoft mask is fogging. Non-fogging materials exist but they have a higher price point. Most full seal airsoft masks cover the ears too. If you find yourself getting hit in the ears during airsoft games, a full seal airsoft mask is a good investment.

Famous brands for full seal airsoft masks include FMA and Tippmann tactical.

Can I use an airsoft mask for paintball?

If you think paintball isn’t as damaging as airsoft, you can look at this. Paintball has larger pellets and has a wider surface area for impact. Despite the difference in size, the physics works either way. If you get hit at close range, paintball pellets will cause injuries.

Since paintball has naturally larger pellets, the pellets carry more force when fired. Airsoft masks are not recommended in a paintball game. Unless the airsoft mask is ASTM certified for paintball use, then you can bring it to the game.

Are airsoft mesh masks safe?

Airsoft mesh masks are safe. Most airsoft mesh masks have stainless steel or low carbon steels. Low carbon steel has good impact resistance. Stainless steels resist corrosion. This is important as most of the time, the humidity from your breath will cause the mesh to rust. Making sure your airsoft mesh mask lasts for a long time will save you money.

Several studies exist regarding steel wire mesh. These mostly are on construction applications. There’s no focus yet on airsoft mesh masks. It doesn’t have the same process that goggles have on getting rated by ASTM.

Can you wear glasses under airsoft masks?

You can wear glasses under airsoft masks. Making sure you have good vision in the playing field will give you an advantage. There is one problem with wearing glasses. Under an airsoft mask, glasses collect condensation.

Some airsoft masks and goggles allow integration of lenses. This eliminates the need to wear a pair of glasses inside the mask. It’s going to be uncomfortable as the temple will press against the skin, in addition to the straps. These types of masks cost more than your classic airsoft masks.

An alternative to wearing glasses is wearing contact lenses instead. We recommend switching to contact lenses. Contact lenses do not collect condensation. Contact lenses also don’t have an additive effect from the pressure caused by the straps.

How much is an airsoft mask?

The price for an airsoft varies on the type of material used. It has different prices for the extent of protection it gives to the face. Extra features also mean a higher price tag. Sealed masks provide extra stability and security but these also raise the price.

Full face airsoft masks can cost anywhere between $50 to $200. Beginners can upgrade their airsoft masks. Switching out clear plastic with steel wire mesh is doable.

For half face airsoft masks, they cost cheaper than full face airsoft masks. Just like what we have on our list, they can range from $15 to $50. Half face airsoft masks with better materials and wider coverage will cost more than $50. We recommend getting the OneTigris Half Face Airsoft Mask. It’s made with durable materials and provides ear protection.

How to stop an airsoft mask from fogging?

Fogging is very difficult to prevent in airsoft masks. Your best bet would mean investing in quality airsoft masks. The best ones have lots of ventilation. The holes will allow moist air to move out.

Fogging is a problem more common in cold weather. Playing airsoft during winter or in places far away from the tropical regions is also a factor. Since one can’t exactly control the weather, there are ways to prevent fogging.

  • Using anti-fog chemical coating
  • Looking for airsoft masks with condensation-resistant material
  • Buying airsoft masks with good ventilation
  • Using dedicated fans to remove moist air from inside the mask

There are also home products that work as anti-fog coatings. Shampoo, beeswax (if you have some lying around), soap, and shaving cream work too. Anti-fog coatings works by spreading the surface tension of water. It will be impossible for droplets to form on the surface of the airsoft mask.

Fans redirect moist air coming from your lungs outside the mask. The fans are typically located below the cheekbone area. The only complaint is that the fans generate noise. This could interfere with communication. An airsoft mask anti fog feature still is useful.

How to fit an airsoft mask?

Most airsoft masks have information on whether they fit your head or not. Making sure you don’t waste your money, here are a few steps you can follow to get the correct size.

  • Using a measuring tape, place the tip or the “zero” mark at the center of the back of your skull.
  • Carefully unroll and circle the whole circumference of our head.
  • Make sure you roll back to the zero mark.
  • Add 1 or 1.5 inches.

The resulting measurement is an estimate of your head size. Giving it an inch of allowance makes sure the mask isn’t too tight. Most masks have adjustable straps or locks that allow you to loosen or tighten the fitting.

For half masks, most manufacturers do not have specific sizes for everybody. Fabric-based half masks are form-fitting. They can fit most faces and have straps to help secure it in place.

There are times the mask may not follow the mold or surface shape of your face. Most half masks made with fabric can bend to accommodate any type of face shape.

How to tighten the airsoft mask?

Tightening airsoft masks is easy. The way these masks secure on the face depends on the configuration of the straps. Velcro is pretty much the easiest to use. Ladder lock buckles are also easy to tighten.

When tightening airsoft masks, it’s important that you leave space. Good airsoft mask designs have enough space between your eyes and the eye holes. This distance is a preventive measure for injury.

In case the steel mesh breaks (or plastic), the travel time of the bullet will allow you to blink. This split second time may be the only thing preventing you from going blind.

Some airsoft masks have seals on the side. These work as better indicators if a mask is tight enough. For half face airsoft masks, make sure the top section of the mask is in close contact with the skin on your face. Make sure to move your head or jump to check if the mask is already secure.

The last thing you want is your protective gear failing. This is bad news while you’re actively participating in a competition.

How to aim with an airsoft mask?

This is one of the trickiest things about airsoft masks and guns. Due to safety reasons, manufacturers will make airsoft masks as bulky as they can. This makes sure you have enough ventilation, field of view, and full face protection.

Your full face masks aren’t going to be the ones adjusting. You can set the sights on an airsoft gun to align with your vision. Switching to googles and a half face mask will also do the trick. Goggles take up less space on your face.

The half face airsoft masks also help you to rest your cheeks on the stock of an airsoft rifle. Aiming with pistols shouldn’t be too hard as there is significant distance from the sights to the face.


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