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The 6 Best Airsoft Helmets

the best airsoft helmet your money can buy for lessHeadgear comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s used in a variety of situations and professions. Military personnel, site engineers, electricians, and firefighters need it due to work-related hazards. Headgear is also used in other aspects such as sports.

In competitive airsoft, good helmets provide protection against injury. Airsoft injuries are serious and could potentially be life-threatening. Seeing that airsoft is a gun-based sport, it’s ideal that the equipment used be of high-quality.

There are good airsoft helmets such as the ATAIRSOFT PJ Fast Helmet. It provides a balance between weight and material build. There are other high-quality brands of airsoft helmets out in the market. In this article, we’re going to show you the best airsoft helmet your money can buy for less.

Top 6 Airsoft Helmets: Comparison Chart

ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Paintball AirsoftATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Paintball Airsoft
  • ABS plastic
  • Lightweight at 550 grams
  • GoPro mount compatible
Check Price
ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet with Visor GogglesATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet with Visor Goggles
  • ABS plastic
  • Lightweight at 550 grams
  • GoPro mount compatible
Check Price
LOOGU Fast PJ Base Jump Military Helmet with 12-in-1 HeadwearLOOGU Fast PJ Base Jump Military Helmet with 12-in-1 Headwear
  • ABS plastic
  • Weighs only 557 grams
  • Velcro panels for mounts
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ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet ABSATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet ABS
  • ABS plastic
  • Heavy duty and lightweight at 770 grams
  • Velcro pads for mounts
Check Price
LOOGU Tactical Helmet, Adjustable Fast MH Bump Protective Gear for AirsoftLOOGU Tactical Helmet, Adjustable Fast MH Bump Protective Gear for Airsoft
  • ABS plastic
  • Lightweight at 557 grams
  • Modifiable cushion pads
Check Price
HYOUT Fast Base Jump Helmet MH Style Airsoft HelmetsHYOUT Fast Base Jump Helmet MH Style Airsoft Helmets
  • ABS plastic
  • 680 grams
  • Replaceable leather straps located on front, sides, and rear
Check Price

Best Picks of Airsoft Helmets

The following airsoft gear share one trait: they’re lightweight. These don’t go past 1kg allowing visibility and convenience for airsoft players. They’re also perfect for other kinds of sports like cycling or mountain climbing.

These airsoft gear provide ample protection against plastic BB pellets. ABS plastic works well in making it lightweight and protective. It also reduces the price significantly. Read more below to find out.

#1: ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Paintball Airsoft

[aawp box=”B00ERXWT50″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Hat size: 7.25″
  • Weight: 600g
  • Internal width: 6.69″ (17cm)
  • Internal length: 8.66″ (22cm)

Atairsoft makes budget-friendly airsoft helmets. The ATAIRSOFT PJ type comes in black ideal, for camouflage in dark bushes or in shadows. It’s made with ABS plastic that can withstand exposure to daily elements.

You can use this outdoors and indoors. ABS plastic is tough enough to withstand -20 degrees Celsius or hot temperatures up to 80 degrees. At that point nobody can survive, but just in case you leave it out in the open, it’s going to outlast you.

The internal diameter is 23 inches. This helmet is ideal for people with small frames.  It weighs around a pound and will not interfere with vision. The PJ type has side rails for additional accessories. You can attach lights or precision equipment (i.e. lasers).

Most governments have mandated the use of face masks in every place of business. This does not include entertainment centers and sports facilities. The ATAIRSOFT PJ fits comfortably around the head and has ample space for a sub-facemask. Another layer of paintball gas mask can go over if playing in said game.

The ATAIRSOFT PJ Type ideally works for paintball games. Using these in airsoft games is okay, as long as players use plastic BB pellets.

What I Like
  • Budget-friendly – ideal for airsoft beginners
  • Made with tough ABS plastic that repels BB gun pellets
  • More space for attachments
  • Straps secure it in place
  • Compatible with night-vision goggles
  • Dark color works good as camouflage
  • Side rails for cameras, lights, and nametag
  • Very comfortable with internal foam pads, also helps reduce head injuries
  • Doesn’t hurt your wallet and is worth buying
  • Is sturdy enough to deflect pellets
  • Secure, with Y-strap that goes under the chin
  • Can hide you well with its dark color scheme
  • More space at front portion to allow wider field of vision
  • No visor
  • Doesn’t fit heads larger than 24 cm in diameter

#2: ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet with Visor Goggles

[aawp box=”B00ENYM142″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Include sliding goggles
  • Hat size: 7.25″
  • Internal width: 6.69″ (17cm)
  • Internal length: 8.66″ (22cm) )
  • Weight: 550g

Like the previous entry, this airsoft helmet provides ample protection in paintball games. If you are willing to spend an extra $5, you get a visor that gives you clear vision of the playing field. You also get simultaneous eyewear protection. Unless, your paintball enemies keep hitting you in the visor.

Eye injury is a big risk in competitive airsoft. This does not mean the same precaution should not have implementation at paintball. Paintballs fly at 250 feet per second (Muhlestein, 2019). Anyone without decent goggles risk themselves getting blind.

As with the previous entry, the ATAIRSOFT PJ with visors are heat-and-cold resistant. This is thanks to  ABS plastic. It only weighs around 550 grams. Combining weight, ABS plastic, and temperature-resistance gives amazing results. What you’ve got yourself is a very comfortable airsoft helmet.

The visors aren’t tinted, which would mean color-accurate views on the playing field. The visor is movable giving you room to breathe when you need to take a break.  In addition to visibility , the side rails are mountable with lights and even a GoPro camera. The device-specific mount for the GoPro is not included in the package.

This gear works best at nerf gun games, and is good for lightweight construction. If you ever own a nerf gun facility, you can use this helmet when you want to fix wiring.

What I Like
  • Cheap price; very affordable
  • Protects eyes with clear visor, good against debris, will not crack or dent easily
  • Manufactured with engineered ABS plastic
  • Attaches securely to head with the help of straps
  • Compatible with night-vision goggles
  • Side rails and velcro straps for attachments like cameras, lights, and nametag
  • Foam pads on the inner side of the helmet reduce impact
  • Low price but loaded with features
  • Night vision goggles – compatible
  • Will not break into pieces when dropped
  • The visor has a sliding mechanism, get that breath of fresh air lol
  • Compatible with several attachments
  • Pale color stands out but works well in desert or dry environments
  • Doesn’t fit big-headed individuals but still available in two sizes

#3: LOOGU Fast PJ Base Jump Military Helmet with 12-in-1 Headwear

[aawp box=”B011QZ1COK” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Brand: LOOGU
  • Outer Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Weight:  560g
  • Great for hunting, climbing, CS game and other outdoor activities.

This is the first helmet on our list to go above the $50 budget. The LOOGU Fast PJ weights roughly the same as the first two helmets on our list. The manufacturers made this using ABS plastic, making it lightweight at just 1.23 pounds.

This helmet is ideal for people with small heads. Teens and women with small frames can use this to get the protection they need on a paintball field. Or airsoft. We cannot emphasize enough that these products still work properly in competitive airsoft.  As long as the BB’s are plastic, that is.

The internal diameter measures a minimum of 22.5 inches and a maximum of 23.5 inches. Wearers of this helmet can use the straps that secure across the nape. Straps also run below the chin and the sides of the head. The straps provide stability and should not fall off. Even during sprinting or fancy cartwheel moves.

Sweating may be a problem in the first two helmets. The LOOGU provides vents for moisture and air to circulate. There’s enough room for the face to allow a wider field of vision. The LOOGU doesn’t have a visor included but the manufacturing process is better. It’s more difficult to craft helmets with cutouts for ventilations. You’re only getting LOOGU for around $50 with a more complex manufacturing process.

What I Like
  • Low price tag for premium-looking product
  • Made with temperature resistant ABS plastic
  • Straps help secure the helmet onto head
  • Very comfortable to wear, will not fog if visors are in place
  • Ventilation holes located on top of the helmet
  • Standard side rails for mounts
  • Foam pads help soften impacts from pellets or physical contact
  • Very airy with holes to let heat out
  • Foams on the interior of helmet provide comfortable wearing experience
  • Straps can tighten to fit the wearer
  • More padding locating near the nape prevents the edges from digging in
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Color scheme doesn’t camouflage well, but works if you’re in dry environments like deserts
  • No visor

#4: ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet ABS

[aawp box=”B00IZJ1KVQ” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Adjustable: M/L/XL Size: 53-61 cm.
  • Weight:  770g
  • Side Rails: Yes
  • High Quality Construction for Head Protection.

Of course ATAIRSOFT won’t get left behind by the LOOGU in terms of protective potential. They ramped up their product with  the introduction of the Maritime Helmet. It’s still made with ABS plastic.

What sets it apart from its siblings and the LOOGU is its weight. Ideally, lightweight helmets give more advantage. This is if it comes to speed in the playing field. An additional 200 grams on the Maritime version means the build quality is better. This helmet is highly-accessorized with its set of velcro patches and side rails.

This allows it more flexibility and practical uses. For nerf games or competitive sports, this means you get lights, camera, and action. You can add a GoPro camera on either side rails or on the velcro straps.

You can also install laser lights for accuracy of shooting for indoor airsoft. There’s even a wide space upfront allocated for name tags. This should make it easier for players to identify each other in a team-versus-team game.

At its weight, the Maritime by ATAIRSOFT can fit on anyone with a head circumference of 21 inches. Two sizes are available to accommodate more airsoft and nerf gun enthusiasts. The smaller one has a max internal circumference of 22.5 inches and the bigger variant, 24 inches.

What I Like
  • Only MH type-helmet on this list that has a low-price
  • Made with temperature-resistant ABS plastic
  • Heavy duty helmet weighing 770 grams
  • Has a chin strap to help minimize-jaw related injuries on the playing field
  • Rails located on the front, side, and back
  • All mounts are secure in place with screws
  • Maritime helmets are not cheap, this one is
  • Feels comfortable to wear despite the weight
  • Black color scheme gives camouflage at night
  • Available in two sizes
  • All the straps can adjust to fit the wearer
  • Secondary internal frame to accommodate smaller heads
  • Second internal frame acts as counterbalance, more stable camera shots
  • Looks bulky
  • No visor installed

#5: LOOGU Tactical Helmet, Adjustable Fast MH Bump Protective Gear for Airsoft

[aawp box=”B0832TL8V6″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Weight: 560g
  • Size: Fit head circumference: 22.5in-24in(58cm-61cm).
  • Material: Made of High quality ABS

The first LOOGU product impressed us with the addition of vents. This time they’re breaking industry standards. They do this by implementing a 4-mm thickness on the helmet. Most helmets usually have 3-mm thickness. The addition of 1 mm should increase the overall weight of the LOOGU tactical helmet but its only 557 grams.

The manufacturers haven’t forgotten the design choices they implemented.  Like what they did with the first LOOGU product on the list. Even though this product does not have the same number of vents, it provides good protection. The protection has more focus on the upper half of the head. There’s more to see as the field of vision is not interrupted.

What’s preventing this 550-gram helmet from falling off is the polyester straps. The straps have a plastic lock mechanism. We think this works well for sniper positions in competitive airsoft. The camo design will not give away the shooter’s position. It’s not the best helmet for airsoft militia battles. This should provide good protection from other sniper players.

The LOOGU tactical helmet is best worn by individuals with a head circumference of 22.5 to 24 inches. There’s mounts for flashlights and optics. Other kinds of attachments like GoPro cameras or name tags can are mountable. There’s enough space for modifications and accessories for the helmet.

What I Like
  • Low price tag for premium-looking product
  • Best design texture among the six products
  • Will pass off for military type use, if based on appearance alone.
  • Velcro patches on top and side for attachments
  • Rails and mounts on front and sides
  • Has the same high-cut fast design from OpsCore
  • Will not interfere with hearing
  • Looks like a service-issue helmet for the military
  • Works good in keeping you camouflaged
  • Foams located in the interior of the helmet keeps things less bumpy
  • Straps help this securely on your head
  • Made with “high-quality” ABS plastic that can resist acclimate weather
  • Only a portion of the strap is adjustable
  • No visor installed

#6: HYOUT Fast Base Jump Helmet MH Style Airsoft Helmets

[aawp box=”B01L6GFAKQ” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Size: 22.04-24.00 inch
  • Inner Material: EPS
  • Outer Material: ABS
  • Weight: 680g

We thought the HYOUT helmet was going to be expensive because it’s the only one different. But what truly sets this apart from the other two brands is the material used for construction.

The HYOUT is still made with ABS plastic. The other components have engineered plastic. Expanded polystyrene cushions the internal part of the helmet. EPS also allows air to circulate inside.

It’s still lightweight despite the variety of materials used in its construction. It weighs just a little over 650 grams. We’d love to have it in a different color, though. The space gray works well if the field is mostly concrete and buildings. For more camouflage, the other products have better color schemes and designs.

Because of the design alone, the HYOUT helmet also works good as cycling gear. It also works well for other outdoor activities. ABS plastic also does fine in wet environments. The HYOUT can also be good headgear for white-water rafting or canoeing. There are side rails for mounts to place so it may be ideal for spelunking where flashlights are useful.

Velcro straps located on the top section of the helmet make it easy to attach accessories. This is aside from the already existing side rails. The HYOUT helmet is comfortable to wear due to the vents placed on the helmet. There are a total of 8 holes where air can flow freely.

What I Like
  • Cheap price for heavy-duty performance
  • Uses a 4-mm thick shell
  • All straps are adjustable
  • Front mount secure with additional wires/bungees – stabilizes cameras
  • Good camo design, beats previous entry
  • ABS plastic resists most pellets and will not break when hit with hard objects
  • Side rails for additional accessories
  • More stable camera mounts compared to other helmets on the list
  • Extra protection provided by the thicker shell
  • Each strap can adjust to fit the wearer
  • Lots of space for additional lights, camera, and identifiers
  • Airtight and no holes on helmet
  • Will not fit large heads
  • Doesn’t have a visor

What is the Best Airsoft Helmet?

Portrait of airsoft player in professional equipment with helmetsIf money is not a problem, the best airsoft helmet has the best materials and the most number of features. Pricing is also taken into consideration. Cheap airsoft helmets have a good reputation for their price. Unfortunately their underperformance is also something else to take care of. That’s why it’s always a good idea to read reviews and do a test run on any item.

The best airsoft helmet should average itself in terms of pricing and build quality. Available features are also one thing. There are a good number of winners on this list when it comes to pricing. If we were being generous, we’d recommend each of these products based on the pricing alone.

Types of Airsoft Helmets

airsoft player in professional equipment with helmetsAirsoft helmets have a strong basis on military designs. Even ballistic helmets borrow designs from previous iterations (Hambling, 2019). Manufacturers don’t share a common checklist for the categories of helmets they make.

Manufacturers usually designate helmets with either PJ, BJ, or MH. They can also have the MICH or FAST descriptors.

FAST, or Future Assault Shell Technology is a helmet design made by the company OpsCore. The identifying characteristic of this helmet is its weight (, 2018). It’s also made with various engineered plastics.

In contrast to advanced combat helmets, FAST helmets don’t offer ballistic protection. It gives a better field of vision and uses less amount of materials

MICH (or Modular Integrated Communications Helmet ) borrows its design from advanced combat helmets. LIke its namesake, the design revolves around its ability to have several accessories. Extra accessories could be a requirement for missions. MICH helmets have designs to improve vision and the shape doesn’t obstruct hearing. (, 2011)

Airsoft helmets have a variety of designations available. These are merely for product differentiation. If we collected all the helmets from manufacturers, we’d know what we’re looking at. Using the BJ, PJ, or MH designations, we can find differences among the three.

BJ helmets are polymer-based while PJ helmets have an additional layer for carbon. BJ helmets also have non-removable night vision goggle mounts. The M in MH stands for maritime. It can also stand for Marine-Type. The MH is a variant of the enhanced combat helmet. ECH and ACH are basically the same, with the ECH having a thicker shell. .

So far, there’s no specific classification for airsoft head protection gear. Manufacturers simply borrow the categorization from real-life combat equipment.

**ACH (Advanced combat helmets), ECH (Enhanced Combat Helmets)

Things to Consider Before Buying Airsoft Helmet

advanced combat helmetsBuying airsoft tactical helmets should be easy. Here are some things you can consider before pressing the checkout button.

Shell Thickness

Helmets should follow the standard 3mm thickness for helmets. Using any less would compromise the safety of players. Workers using airsoft helmets as personal protective equipment can get injured. The risk is higher if the thickness is lacking.

There’s a heavy correlation on helmet weight being equivalent to better protection. Or that “more helmet weight equals thicker helmet.” Most of the time, this is true. In military applications, helmets offering ballistic protection have denser and more resistant materials. Technology has allowed manufacturers to use lighter materials. These new materials perform just as well as the heavy ones.

Helmet thickness gives a protective barrier against BB pellets. BB pellets can fly 250 to 500 feet per second. The latter speed may be on the ban list in airsoft and paintball games. headgear is important when anyone is at risk of getting injuries.


Straps play an important role in making sure you’re safe. Even if the best airsoft bump helmet is 4 or 5mm thick, it’s not as useful if it falls a lot. This is also true in times where the enemy team is aiming for your head.

Straps should ideally have sturdy material. They should also have an easy locking mechanism. It’s a bonus if these straps have premium materials. Any kind of polyester mix should be enough to help secure it in place.

Locking mechanisms can vary from simple velcro straps to complex ones. We recommend getting straps with more complex locks. Velcro is notorious for losing its effectiveness in the long run.


How the helmets were  cast play an important role in how they provide protection. MICH’s, for example, have a shape where it maximizes the use of eyes and ears. The sides of MICH’s don’t block incoming sounds. Sounds are good indicators of an approaching enemy in airsoft competitions.

In airsoft, how deep your head goes into the helmet matters. If you have more material covering your skull, then your chances of getting injured falls. Most airsoft helmets are rigid. The internal diameter is what dictates who will be using the equipment.

Most helmets on this list fit people whose head circumference are 22 inches to 24 inches max. Using a tape measure, you can determine whether what you’re shopping for is a good fit for you or not.

More advanced airsoft helmets have an interior mesh. This acts to keep a distance between the head and the inner surface of the helmet. It also provides ventilation in humid environments. Air insulation also keeps it warm during cold seasons.

In any case helmets are too big for the users they’re intended for, an interior mesh acts as the layer the head can fit to. Wearers with small heads can still use these bigger helmets. (Webster, 2017)

Other important features to remember are the mounts. These can either be specially designed for specific equipment. Accessories like night vision goggles, or something as simple as a mount for a camera are not spared. Visors should be standard inclusions in airsoft helmets. If visors aren’t available, players can opt for goggles

Top Airsoft Helmet brands

Airsoft Helmet brandsIf you ask us what makes a good airsoft helmet, we’ll present you instead with the best airsoft helmet brands. Top rated airsoft helmets will usually have a balance of price and performance.


ATAIRSOFT products are popular for their cheap products. Don’t get fooled by the price tag because most of their products work well. Three products on our list are from ATAIRSOFT and the third one has good value for its price.

ATAIRSOFT helmets are lightweight – most of their products weigh less than two pounds. This makes it comfortable to wear. They also take design into account. Their color choices are optimum for camouflaging in certain environments.


We have two products on the list and the first LOOGU left quite the impression. We’d deem it the best airsoft fast helmet in its price range if given the chance. There are other helmet brands that make better FAST helmets. If you’re looking to save money, look to LOOGU instead.

Other top airsoft brands that aren’t on the list are Raptors, Airsoft, and Tigris. Some honorable mentions include Emersion and a few select products from Evike. We’d reduce the scope to airsoft helmets. Seeing that the products we’ve listed can have its uses in other sports, we’ve included Evike.

Who Makes the Best Airsoft Helmet?

Makes the Best Airsoft HelmetThe best airsoft helmet doesn’t exist yet. But if we’re talking military-grade helmets, OpScore manufactures the best helmets. Their products are on soldiers on the field because of multiple reasons. One of these is the protection it offers. OpScore helmets act as the basis for making quality airsoft equipment.

Many products model their helmets based on OpScore. Take ATAIRSOFT for example. Some of their helmets have designs close to that of OpScore FAST High Cut helmets. The disadvantage of OpScore is that it’s expensive. It’s not really the best equipment for airsoft, at least price-wise.

We recommend looking for a brand that makes a good airsoft helmet for the money. The best ones will always be affordable and provide features as close as premium brands. Most airsoft helmets meeting this criteria use engineered ABS plastic. Engineered ABS plastic is cheap to manufacture. It’s cheap but is durable enough with regular use.


We based our verdict for the best full helmet airsoft based on the price and features. The winner is ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet with Visor Goggles. It has a low starting price and is the only one with a visor among the rest of the products we’ve listed.

It has several mounts – both velcro and hard plastic – for attachments like flashlights and name tags. Night vision goggles and cameras are also mountable. Priced at only $37.98, it’s the best airsoft helmet you can buy at the “less than $50” price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a decent helmet for cheap?

Websites like Amazon and eBay are good platforms for finding decent airsoft helmets. They’re priced reasonably and are always in demand. There are times that these products are out-of-stock. What you can do is find second-hand gear in other platforms. Craigslist is one place to look for used airsoft helmets.

Make sure to go over several airsoft helmet reviews on the internet. There are also reviews located on the bottom of the listing. Airsoft helmets listed on Amazon have star ratings. This makes it easier to judge whether a product fits your needs or not.

Why Airsoft Helmet Is Important?

Airsoft helmets are important. In airsoft games, plastic BB’s may not seem harmful on their own. Load them into an airsoft gun and they’ll get enough power to fly at speeds reaching hundred of feet per second. Airsoft helmets protect against potential eye injuries, skull injuries, and facial damage.

If you don’t believe airsoft guns can’t injure you, laws implemented by several countries should be proof. There are a lot of  injuries related to the sport. Some states in the US prohibit the purchase of airsoft guns to anyone under 18 years old.

Some countries in Europe, like the Netherlands have a threshold for airsoft gun fps. Even a bill went under review in the US restricting people to get a license to sell toys that look like firearms.

Is it illegal to play airsoft without a helmet?

There’s no statute that says it’s illegal to play airsoft without a helmet. These are more of guidelines that exist in an airsoft facility. Most advocates for a bill barring airsoft guns either work in the medical field or child safety.

Laws related to airsoft gear and not the airsoft gun itself are non-existent. For safety purposes, we highly recommend using airsoft helmets. This will reduce the risk of injuring someone or yourself.

The closest to law where airsoft helmet policy violations is when they’re fined. Indoor or outdoor airsoft operators encourage players to use the proper equipment. For people who don’t want to follow rules, a waiver is an option. The waiver states that the operator is free from liability.

Can the pellets from the airsoft guns hurt the head?

Definitely. The type of pellet affects how much damage airsoft guns can inflict on the target. High-FPS airsoft can actually kill small animals. Do not attempt to shoot your cat or dogs (or any animal for that matter).

With 0.20 plastic BB pellets, you’re left with a reddish welt instead. Higher FPS means more force applied, but it should not pierce the skin. There are rare instances where the skin might break but the injury isn’t fatal enough.

What you want to avoid is a bullet damaging your eye. That’s why it’s very important to wear goggles or an airsoft helmet that can shield your face.

Can I use a motorbike helmet while playing Airsoft?

Motorbike helmets may have the same or even better material than an airsoft helmet. The only disadvantage is the restricted field of view. Most motorbike helmets have several layers of plastic and foam. It doesn’t offer the same comfort airsoft helmets give.

In addition to the restricted field of view, motorbike helmets are heavier by a few pounds. They’re not ideal for fast-paced action and may interfere instead of assisting. This is not the best scenario players would want to be in their airsoft games.

Motorbikes do offer the added protection. They’re built to withstand direct impact with concrete. Plastic pellets will not leave a dent on motorbike helmets. Most motorbike helmets have visors that repel projectiles going to the face.

Can I use a ski helmet for Airsoft?

You can use a ski helmet for Airsoft. They have roughly the same design and structure. As for ski helmets with visors, opt for better eyewear instead. Ski helmet visors may shatter even if they’re semi-flexible. The man in this video tests which types of airsoft guns and what types of bullets will break the goggles.

At the second attempt where he shoots at the goggles with a rifle, the pellets leave a hole. This was at 390 FPS. We will recommend ski helmets as good substitutes for the HELMET. If it’s protective eyewear, opt for ANSI-certified products.

ANSI has ratings for different kinds of materials. This includes eyewear or visors for helmets. These should meet the minimum criteria for it to be protective.

Should I get a helmet with a visor for airsoft?

You should always opt for airsoft helmets with visors. If we weren’t focused on the pricing, we’d list down airsoft head protection products that only come with a visor. We do have one from ATAIRSOFT on the list though..

Visors not only work to repel stray or intentional pellets. They also work as protection against debris like dust and bugs. It keeps out  foreign objects that may cause eye irritation.

Who makes the thickest airsoft helmet?

The thickest airsoft helmet we have on the list is by LOOGU. LOOGU’s tactical helmet has a shell 4 mm thick. If we’re talking about other manufacturers, the thickest airsoft helmet is by FMA. They have products of up to 8mm thickness.

The disadvantage it has over the other products on the list is that it weighs more than a kilo. Even military grade helmets don’t weigh that much. Adding accessories even makes it more difficult to keep it stable.

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