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Effective Tricks to Win at Laser Tag

Backyard Laser Tag, Lazer Tag IndoorLet’s assume that you’re aware of how laser tag is fun and safe to play. By now, you should also know all about the rules, especially when it comes to special variations of the game. That way, everyone plays fair.

But do you know how to win? While playing laser tag is always fun even when you lose, it’s actually a lot more fun when you win. Let’s face it—lots of us are very competitive. Playing to win maximizes the enjoyment, and the following tips should boost your chances of victory.

Wear the Right Clothes

Effective Tricks to Win at Laser TagThat starts with wearing something comfy while you have perfect mobility. You need to keep in mind that you’ll be running around often, and you need your freedom of movement.

Also, you need dark clothes. Most of the time, laser tag games are conducted in the dark, and the dark clothes can make it harder for your enemies to see you.

Finally, take special care with your vest. It has to be tight and snug.

There are certain issues with loose vests that can make it harder for you to win:

  • When your sensors wobble around, you’re making it easier for the enemy to hit you.
  • Loose vests may make noise when you move, which will betray your position to your opponents.
  • Sometimes the sensors may even go off accidentally if they’re too loose.

Tighten your vests by first pushing it all the way up on your body. Then tighten the side straps and shoulder straps.

Study the Map

In warfare, knowledge of the battle terrain is crucial. It’s great if you can check up on the place so you can look for spots that can help your team. Find places where you have good cover, where you can lay an ambush, and paths that allow you to flank your opponents.

If you can’t check out the place personally, see if you can get a map of the combat area. Some indoor arenas offer maps in their brochures.

Let Your Team Make Plans

Now that you have an idea of the combat area, your team should meet and make up a plan for the upcoming battle. The specific plan, obviously, will depend on the terrain and also on the particular skills of your teammates.

  • Agree on hand signals that let you communicate silently. You can even do some online research on what hand signals the military uses.
  • Have a chain of command, so everyone knows who gives the orders. If the leader “dies” permanently, then the second in command can smoothly take charge.
  • You may want to think about separating your large team into smaller platoons, with commanders for the various sub-teams. Maybe one sub-team can focus on offense while the other team takes defense.

Practice Your Tactics

Target the NewbiesThere are some tactics that you should practice with the team that can help. Perhaps the most basic tactic is to work in pairs, even with sub-teams. When you’re all bunched together, it’s actually easier for the opponents to hit one of you. Also, if you’re in a small bunch, then it’s easier for the enemy to pin you down.

Practice the basic tactic of laying covering fire while a teammate moves to flank your enemy. Or, you can hide for an ambush while a teammate moves to lure out the enemy.

Practice Your Situational Awareness

That means be mindful of everything around you. Look left and right, and up and down too. Also, try to make sure that there’s no enemy behind you. As the soldiers keep saying: check your six.

There’s always a natural tendency in lots of people to act in 2D. As in, they check in all directions but forget to look up. That’s why when you’re playing, try to get the “upper hand” by having the high ground.

Obi-wan Kenobi was right—having the high ground really helps. You’re able to look down and have a better idea of what’s going on below you. It’s also harder to take cover when someone high up is taking potshots at you.

Additional Tips

Here are some more tricks that can really help you out:

Target the Newbies

Sure, it doesn’t seem fair. But everything fair in love and war. Just as you focus on the weakest defender when you play basketball, you also concentrate first on the kids and beginners.

Don’t Stop Shooting Right Away

In most games, you don’t really have limits on your laser tag ammo. That means you can fire at will, and that’s what you ought to do. When you keep firing, you increase your chances of hitting an enemy even when you don’t have perfect aim.

Just fire in the general direction of your enemy. This is actually a tactic in real battles, which is why automatic weapons are more effective than single-shot weapons.

Keep Moving

Stay in one area for too long, and you’ll die there. You should keep moving, so that no one sneaks up behind you. Also, you may chance upon your enemy, which is great if you’re coming from an unexpected direction.

Just stay low, and take advantage of any cover along the way. If you need to look around a corner, then you should kneel down and take a quick peek. Your enemy will be less likely to notice you this way, rather than if you take a look at regular eye-level.

When you walk, try to walk with your side facing forward. Do this also when you fire. This limits how big of a target you are, plus you’re also able to get a better aim.

When you fire, you should also move your laser tag weapon in an arc. You may end up hitting more than one target, and you also increase the chances of hitting at least one of your opponents.


You don’t have to cheat in order to win at laser tag. Read up on basic military tactics, and practice them. With these tips, you boost your chances of winning, and you’ll certainly enjoy laser tag a lot more!

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