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How much space do you need for laser tag?

Laser Tag Guns of 4 with Spray Function and LED Display Screen for KidsIt’s true that you need some sort of space reserved for laser tag if you want the game to be enjoyable. But how much space do you really need?

It’s true that your two kids can probably use your home as their laser tag venue, but that’s hardly ideal. You may end up with lots of broken things at home, and plenty of injuries besides. Also, it can get a lot annoying for the rest of the household.

But what happens when you have more players? With more players, you’ll need more space. It won’t take too many players to make your home truly unsuitable for laser tag games.

And what about if you actually want to start your own laser tag business. You will want to have a family entertainment center that should be able to offer just about everything your potential customers will want. and for that, you’ll need ample space.

To give you a better idea of the space you need, we’ve identified crucial parts of your facility that you should make sure are part of your layout.

The Lobby

A Laser Tag Arena gunThis is the first room that everyone sees when they’re thinking about playing laser tag. Here’s where people can go to learn more about your attractions, to wait for players, to have snacks and rest, or to even check out the action in the arena.

You need enough space for the following;

  • Front counter
  • Redemption counter
  • Laser tag scoreboards
  • Closed-circuit TVs for watching the laser tag action
  • Various chairs and tables

It’s also a good idea to have arcade games in the lobby. When kids are waiting for laser tag games to finish, they can spend time playing arcade games to increase your revenues. You should reserve about 45 square feet for each arcade game you have in your lobby.

The Briefing Room

This is where players hear about the rules and learn to use the equipment. You will need about 8 or 9 square feet per player, on average.

Vesting Area

This area is usually set between the briefing room and the actual playing arena. It’s where players don their vests after the briefing to prepare for playing the game. You’ll need enough space for your vest racks, and also for the players. With 32 vests ready, you can separate the racks from each other by about 16 inches.

Laser Tag Arena

The recommendation is that you should have about 10 to 15 square meters (or 107 to 161 square feet) for each player. It’s better to have a larger space than a cramped area, since cramped spaces won’t be too fun at all.

You can opt for a multi-level arena, but that depends on the height of the ceiling. You need at least 16-feet high ceilings for a second arena level to work. But you can also set up some elevated areas without going too high. With these “half-levels” you can add an extra dimension to your laser tag games so that things don’t get too boring.

Tech Room

This is the space near the vesting room where you can do your equipment maintenance. This is where you also store your various peripherals, spare parts, and tools.

Your tech room should be able to accommodate a work bench that measures 8 feet by 3.2 feet. Then you need lots of storage shelves for the various gear. You may also want a backup battery charging area.

This room doesn’t really have to be all that big, however. A room that measures maybe 15 by 10 feet can do fine, though a bit more space would be nicer.

Observation Deck

This is where you can show off your laser tag attractions to potential players and worried parents. You can let people watch the games in action, so they know for sure that they’re getting their money’s worth.

In some places, you have a room with some tinted glass used for the wall to let people see the action. By these days, the lobby can function as the observation deck, with cameras in the arena and TV screens in the lobby.

Party Rooms

Lots of families hold birthday parties with laser tag to entertain the kids. So, you can have a party room where the kids have the snacks and birthday cake, then from there they can play laser tag.

A room that measures 18 feet by 13 feet (5.5 meters by 4 meters) is good for a party with about 10 to 14 guests.


You don’t absolutely need to have this, especially if you have other restaurants nearby. But it’s a great source of revenues for your laser tag facility. Here you need space for your fridges, ovens, and fryers. You can then serve snacks and drinks in the lobby.

This time, you should check with local authorities regarding regulations when you have a kitchen in your facility.

Your Office Space

These is where the management works, doing administrative tasks and handling phone inquiries. It should be set away from the gaming action. You don’t really need a large office, but you need enough spaced for your work desk and chair, and some shelves and filing cabinets.

Break Room

This is where your employees hang out, where they can have short breaks and store their personal items. You may enough space for a mini fridge and a water cooler, and perhaps a mini sink.

Storage Rooms

Try to get as much storage space as you can, as you’ll have need for it! You’ll need the space for these:

  • cleaning chemicals
  • restaurant supplies
  • tools
  • extra lights
  • maintenance equipment
  • computer and other IT equipment
  • party supplies
  • employee supplies
  • seasonal items
  • redemption prizes

Rest Rooms

For the area you need, talk to your local fire marshal.


You can still make do with 4,500 square feet, but you may have to limit the number of players even more. You’ll also have to do without many potential sources of profits, like snacks or arcade games.

If you’re able to secure about 7,000 square feet for your laser tag attractions, then you’re good to go!

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