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The 5 Best Slingshot Ammo Reviews

A boy in a jacket on the sand shoots with best slingshot ammoIf you want the best, you’d have to invest in time and money to research for them. Fortunately, if you’re looking for the best slingshot ammo in the market, that research will pay off if you’re doing it right.

There are tons of factors that can make or break your decision in buying what’s best. From accuracy, manufacturer reputation, materials and hunting needs, these factors will define how long your slingshot will last.

There are deals to find online, too, that will depend on what kind of ammo you’re looking for. If your intention is for hunting, a few of the products may provide better advantage.

A lot of times the best slingshot will depend on the type of ammo material used. For maximum performance, it’s better for you to check whether a particular ammo type fits your slingshot design.

Explore this article to learn more about them and the criteria to pick on what makes a hunting slingshot ammo the best in the market.

The 5 Best Slingshot Ammo : Comparison Chart

Based on specs, features, value for money and maximum compatibility, we have chosen these slingshot pellets as the top choices you can judge:

3/8″ Inch Steel Shot Slingshot Ammo Balls
  • Diameter: 0.38″
  • Volume: 26 fluid ounces
  • Material Type: Carbon steel
Check Price
3/8″ Slingshot Ammo Biodegradable Hard Clay Ball
  • Diameter: 3/8″
  • Volume: 1500 pieces
  • Material Type: Pottery Clay
Check Price
Daisy Outdoor Products Slingshot Ammo
  • Diameter: 3/8″
  • Volume: 70 per pack
  • Material Type: Zinc-plated steel
Check Price
BARNETT Slingshot Ammo
  • Diameter: 0.38″
  • Volume: 140 quality slingshot
  • Material Type: Made of steel
Check Price
TOPRADE Professional Slingshot Ammo
  • Diameter: 3/8″
  • Volume: 300 pcs per pack
  • Material Type: Clay pellets
Check Price

Best Picks of Slingshot Ammo

These are the best size slingshot ammo for hunting that you may want to explore for your quest in finding the best. They’re probably not easy to compare against each other, but you have to admit: these choices have core similarities.

3/8″ Inch Steel Shot Slingshot Ammo Balls

[aawp box=”B00JZ18KNY”]

If you’re planning to get the best slingshot ammo for hunting, you can start by exploring what the 3/8″ Inch Steel Shot Slingshot Ammo Balls can give you.

For starters, you’d be into this for its carbon steel material. That’s a better, more powerful impact with higher ballistic coefficient for a powerful kill or damage.

The smooth shape and feel you get with this one is just so alluring. It may even be a conversation starter in its own right.

I recommend you to get this one if you want extreme damage and maximize your slingshot reach. This is suitable for hunters who want to inflict a lot of damage to small game.

This is not just for playing. This is truly a serious piece of slingshot ammo, and the carbon steel it has is the special addition that elevates its hitting power.

The weight of this one is about 55 grains. That’s a lot of power already in itself, but using that to a powerful slingshot and what you will have is a truly outstanding self-defense weapon.

I also recommend this to you if you want this to pair with a blow gun. If you have a .40 cal, then this should definitely fit without a hitch.

You can expect these, too, to be really reliable and as hard as solid bearings. Don’t think about using these as punching bag fillings, though, or you’ll be in serious harm.

These are also ideal ammo you can use to hit pesky vermin and to terminate unwanted pests from your backyard or neighbor’s house.

  • Powerful carbon steel material to elevate damage
  • Perfect to hit small game and cause serious damage
  • Smooth and easily handled
  • Irregularities are almost unseen
  • Price is right for the quality and quantity per pack
  • Not ideal for just playing as the damage power is high
  • Too heavy and strong for just trying to shoo away pesky raccoons

3/8″ Slingshot Ammo Biodegradable Hard Clay Ball

[aawp box=”B07DCJHT38″]

You can make most out of your money without leaving a lot of carbon footprint by using these 3/8″ Slingshot Clay-material balls. No wonder many rave about this as the best slingshots on the market.

I recommend this to you if you’re trying an eco-friendly decision in your hunting activities. With its clay pot material that’s also biodegrable, you probably can’t be more eco-friendly than this choice.

Just because it’s made of clay doesn’t mean it can’t do the job. It’s easy to assemble and won’t disintegrate when placed in the slingshot.

Don’t worry about compatibility. These clay balls can easily be retrofitted with any type of slingshot; probably almost all can fit.

The pottery clay material you get with this type makes you feel less guilt when practicing. Plus, you can carry more of these and hit more without worrying that you’re piling up a lot of trash.

In fact, you may need to bring more of these as they can break easily as you travel around. Don’t forget to back up some extra ammo when hunting with this one.

Another great thing about this type of ammo is that you can use these for target practice. You’re not gonna hurt your wallet by stockpiling with these because they come cheaper than the rest.

More practice time means you hit more accurately, so before going for competitions using steel ammo, go for this one first. Improving your skillshot skills will never have been easier.

  • Eco friendly makes you feel less guilt in using a lot of them
  • These are made of clay so you can carry more
  • No carbon footprint issue
  • You feel you’re saving money because you get a lot a pack
  • Organic and raw and makes for an authentic tribal experience.
  • Not as powerful in damage as carbon steel
  • You can’t store these since they will disintegrate when not it use

Daisy Outdoor Products Slingshot Ammo

[aawp box=”B00419HO3M”]

Many Slingshot Ammo reviews would put the Daisy Slingshot ammo refills as their top choice mainly for the features it has relative to the price and pellets per pack. It’s not a lot of brands that create these steel types.

Being a great alternative to a glass ammo, these Daisy Outdoor steel pellets are just at medium weight. This allows them to go for a higher and excellent flight attributes.

Target penetration is important for hunting, and if that’s the case for you, I might be able to  only recommend this one to you. It’s a topnotch choice, too, because it’s a really affordable option to boot.

You get more quality with this one even at a diameter of just 3/8 inches. The rounded shape makes for familiar holding when refilling your slingshot.

Extra weight can be a disadvantage when you’re hunting, so you should be able to carry a lot with this type because this Daisy Outdoor packs so lightly, it’s almost like air.

This is perfect for those who are still beginning to explore the world of slingshot, since this gives the ideal heft and familiar ball ring feel in each refill.

Another thing I like you to enjoy with this one is that it is contained in a convenient, spill-free box attached to a belt clip. That’s a fantastic feature to keep when you just want to keep all your reloads organized and clean.

There’s a slight issue with this one, though, in terms of rebounds when hitting objects. This is a red flag when you don’t want to get hit back when you’re target shooting for practice.

  • Familiar looking circular sphere shape for beginners
  • Hardcore deep penetration in its damage
  • Convenient pack and anti-spill container with a belt pack
  • Lightweight so you can carry more
  • You may experience rebound issues because it’s made of steel
  • Not available in some areas or countries
  • Belt clip can only carry probably one pack

BARNETT Slingshot Ammo- 38 Caliber 

[aawp box=”B001V4TPQY”]

Here’s another best slingshot ammo for squirrels you may like to consider: the Barnett Slingshot ammo. What this new release offers is a rather familiar, spherical shape and size of slingshot ammo, but it packs more than that.

The good thing about this one in making it as your go-to reserve ammo is that it’s made of steel. You will be using less of these because one pellet may be good enough.

This gives you a perfect mix of velocity speed and high ballistic force that makes it a perfect hunting companion.

The 140 rounds you have for each pack gets you far. You will be honing your hunting skills to a higher degree at a rather lower cost because of higher quantity per pack.

It’s ideal for you, though, to only go with this using the Barnett slingshots you have. Of course, you can still use this for other slingshot types, but it’s better compatibility if you’re brand loyal.

Just be careful with these pellet types because they inflict a rather considerably high damage that puts your target at a higher risk.

A disadvantage though is that you may not be able to get this type in some parts in the U.S. Some countries may not be able to even offer this for sale.

At 1.1 pound, you can carry a lot of these, too. That’s such a small weight size for the packed power it has. You probably already know that Barnett is known for crossbows, but trust that this pellet also retains such good brand reputation.

  • Perfect for hunting small game because it’s made of steel
  • 1 pound of weight is so lightweight for long use
  • You only need to carry less for hunting since each pellet is a powerful hit
  • High ballistic coefficient score
  • Barnett is a reliable trusted brand
  • May not be available in some areas in the United States
  • Could be too powerful for target shooting
  • Not as eco-friendly as the clay pot balls

TOPRADE Professional Slingshot Ammo

[aawp box=”B01N0H8PDB”]

These days, it’s fair to say that the best ammo for slingshot hunting could be those that are eco-friendly or at least factor in the environment as part of the decision. Fortunately, the TOPRADE Ammo, Profession Series is eco-friendly enough for you.

Whether you’re just practicing your hunting skills or you’re using the slingshot for hunting game, this may well be already more than what you need.

You leave a clear mark though when you hit a target with this one, since this is made of clay. That’s a good thing, since if you’re target shooting, you can measure your last hit versus the current hit you did.

At 10mm diameter it’s a slingshot that’s so light that you can’t help but just boost your accuracy and stability levels by using these. The more you practice, the better you can hunt game for food, and so this is ideal for you.

The weird thing about this one is that it has a mix of light and heavy in its material. What this allows you to do is shoot it as a pocket shot or use it as a slingshot.

All in all, you have to give it Toprade for developing this product that entails discipline in prioritizing the environment. Not many slingshots can make such a choice.

Although it adds to the tribal, organic and even raw appeal of the slingshot experience now that you’re using clay. You’d very well feel like you’re a tribesman, hunting for food.

At 300 pcs per pack, it’s not already bad. It’s more affordable in many ways than spending for steel pellets.

  • Clear mark on targets hit make for great training for accuracy
  • Organic and good for the environment, less time and energy spent for production
  • Still powerful, even if made of clay
  • Authentic tribal experience because it is made of clay
  • Packs 300, so you can get more out of your money
  • Not great for bulk storage since the clay disintegrates faster than steel
  • Clay can’t hit as much as steel


What Are the Best Slingshot Ammo?

I could say with confidence that the best slingshot ammo are the spherical types. These are the projectiles many people are familiar with, and that’s not for nothing.

The good thing with spherical projectiles is that you can reload your slingshot with them in an instant. You get faster recoil because of the shape advantage.

It also makes sense to get the steel balls or lead balls. Yes, they’re not as eco-efficient than clay ones or marbles, but they sure can be the best ones to use when hunting game.

When doing target practice, go for the slingshot ammo that costs cheap, and that’s usually the clay balls.

Things to Consider Before Buying Slingshot Ammo

The first thing to bear in mind when buying your slingshot ammo is your intention. However, consider the following attributes or factors, too, in your decision.

Pellet Type

Set of steel or silver balls with shadowsYou can get pellets that are shaped in spheres and ones that are made of clay or marbles. These are all good, if your intention fits the type of pellet.

Pellets that are made of steel have a higher ballistic coefficient. They are great for hunting game and for making sure that when you hit your target, you knock them down.

Steel pellets may be costlier, though, so when you’re doing target practice, this may not be the one to get. Go for clay balls instead.

The Clay Balls, other than for target practice, are best for just hitting targets you just want to shoo away. These may not be enough when you want to kill or hunt a rabbit or squirrel.


Weight is another factor to weigh in, no pun intended. The great ammo for slingshots are balanced between weight and light.

You want good weight so you can knock down targets, but the light factor is what you want to carry more of these when out for a hunting streak.

When you hit the right balance between the two, what you get is the right velocity to strike. The weight of these balls will also make for how precise your hits can be.

You also have to make sure that the size is adjusted well to the weight. The ideal size should be, well, sizable and easily picked by your fingers and contain in a safe bag.


Another pro tip here is choosing neon or shiny colors for you. When you want to reuse ammo, those neon and silver-colored pellets will be easy to track down on the floor for faster re-usage.

Different Types of Slingshot Ammo

Here are the major types of slingshot ammo right now: steel, glass marbles, clay balls and tungsten carbide. This is how they differ:


The best thing about steel slingshot pellets is that they have the best ballistic strength. They can rather more effectively kill the target object better than clay or marble types.

Glass Marbles

Many colorful transparent marbles on white background The good thing about these glass marbles is that they’re easy to acquire. Even the toy marbles of your childhood can well be suited for this.

You can’t get as much ballistic or force with this type, though, so what you want is to elevate your choice to steel if you’re planning to hunt.

Glass marbles are well adjusted or fitted to those times when you just want to hit targets to hone your skills.

Clay Balls

These ones are good when you want to go eco friendly, but they easily disintegrate when stored for long.

Tungsten Carbide

This is the one to get when you want the heaviest type of pellet to use to inflict a lot of impactful damage. Ideal scenario for this pellet type is hunting a rather bigger game.

Understandably, the tungsten type are more expensive since they underwent a lot of rigorous, long-standing process to get made.

3/8 vs 1/4 slingshot ammo

It’s understandable for newbies to ask whether 3/8 pellets are better than 1/4 types.  It’s really just a matter of preference, but those who go for the 1/4 are those who want a heavier impact in the damage.

If you go for 3/8 then what you are slightly lighter and less impactful, but they cost a bit less than the counterpart.

Slingshot Ammo vs Ball Bearing

All you need to know when in dilemma between the two is this: a slingshot ammo is optimized for velocity, speed and impact. A ball bearing doesn’t have that much advantage.

You could use either of the two, though. You could go serious with slingshot ammo, as they are more optimized for going pro.

Glass Vs Clay Slingshot Ammo

You could consider going for glass pellets if you want better impact and damage to projectiles. If you’re just practicing and you want more value for money then the clay slingshot ammo would be the one to get.

Clay balls, on the other hand, are hardly effective in hitting slightly larger game. So it really depends on your goal, intention or purpose.

Top Slingshot Ammo Brands

Slingshot AmmoThe brands  to consider when you want to maximize your investment in your slingshot game are: Trumark, MAG and Daisy Outdoor Products.

A stand out among these is the MAG 500 glass marble pellets. At just 1/2 inch, they already can pack a lot of hitting power that can knock down even game that are not that small.

You get zinc-plated steel with a Daisy Outdoor brand, though, so you can be sure that they’re packed and made under a lot of rigorous, industrial processes.

If you go for clay balls, understand first how they differ from glass pellets or marble types.

Also, if you’re scouting for brands, look for nice round shape pellets if you’re just starting.

The familiar type of pellets can make you adapt quickly if you no longer have pellets. The ball bearings you find in your garage can be a good alternative.

However, your zip code can be a limiting factor. Other pellet types may not be easily available in your country or area, so go with what is available and be resourceful.

Who Makes the Best Slingshot Ammo

The maker of the best slingshot ammo is a brand that can put the needs of a customer first. One brand that can do this is Daisy Outdoors.

The Daisy Outdoor Products undergo a lot of rigorous standardized tests, so you get higher quality when you go to them for your slingshot needs.

What Size Slingshot Ammo To Use?

Small white ball held in handYou want a good heft for your slingshot ammo, so a good size may well be around 5/15 inch, but this still depends on your purpose.

If you’re just going for a target practice activity, going for this size is already good enough. Lighter sizes or weight are ideal when you want to pack a lot.

The extra weight will not be an issue when you’re not out hunting. If you’re just honing your hunting skills at home, then you’re already good with the clay pots that you can buy in the cheap.

The best size of slingshot still ultimately depends on your true purpose for them.

Final Verdicts

So what among these pellet types and brands should you pick? Well, go for all of them if you can.

However, if you’re to just pick a single one, then my clear winner would be the: BARNETT Slingshot, the 38 Caliber release. It’s the best one for me because it is the perfect mix of size and heft, giving you hunting power for small game and yet it’s still good for target practice.

At 1.1 pound of weight,it’s so lightweight that you can carry lots of them in your hunting trail. That alone is a good reason why it’s the best slingshot ammo I can think of today.

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