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What is the Difference Between AEG Entry Level, High Grade Entry Level and High Grade AEGs

What is the Difference Between AEG Entry LevelThe difference between AEGs in entry-level, high-grade entry-level, and high-grade categories have a lot to do with quality.

Entry-level options, of course, are more basic and tend to be lower in power than the other two. High-grade entry-level options promise to be more robust and ready for action. High-end AEGs promise to have top-notch materials and construction. Some are also more capable of handling upgrades that will amp up its firepower.

Quick Introduction

How do you get started in airsoft? If you’re planning on giving airsoft a try, the first thing you need to do is to get the right equipment. And among the top items that you should get are the actual airsoft guns to arm yourself for the fight.

There are a few different kinds of airsoft guns that you can get. AEGs or airsoft electric guns are some of the more popular varieties that you can get. As the name suggests, these are battery-powered non-firearms, using different kinds of batteries depending on the gun’s design and requirements.

Like with other products, there are also different kinds of AEGs in the market today. Entry-level options, of course, are readily available, allowing newbies to join in on the fun without a fuss. They’re usually very affordable but the quality can greatly vary.

Higher grade options are, of course, also available. Those who want something sturdy and will not wear out right away can invest on their picks so they can get better quality AEGs.  Those who are quite handy can also tweak and upgrade their own airsoft guns to beef them up further.

Choosing between the different kinds of AEGs can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re a beginner since you might not know yet which one would be the best match for you. So to help you out, allow this quick guide to differentiate them so you can better distinguish which one suits your needs best.

What is the Difference Between AEG Entry Level, High-Grade Entry Level and High-Grade AEGs?

To be able to tell the different kinds of AEGs apart, let’s break down their qualities for easy comparison.

Entry-level AEGs

Man with airsoftEntry-level airsoft electric guns are often characterized by affordable price tags and basic features. They’re not always the most powerful options out there so they’re great for those who need to get the hang of handling such equipment first.

These kinds of airsoft guns don’t usually have a lot of bells and whistles. While they can be available in ultra-realistic styles, they’re not loaded with fancy features. Depending on the price, they also might use materials that won’t guarantee long use.

In short, entry-level AEGs are mostly for getting players started with their own gear. Rented stuff can have lots of issues during gameplay so it’s more ideal to play with your own equipment. For this, getting a good entry-level airsoft weapon will do the trick.

High-grade entry-level AEGs

High-grade entry-level AEGs need to be set apart from the run-of-the-mill entry-level AEGs since they pretty much are of different breed. As the name suggests, these kinds of non-firearms promise of higher quality and make than other entry-level options.

Like with other kinds of products, entry-level AEGs can be made cheaply that they can fall apart with heavy use. However, there are also some entry-level AEGs that are of better-quality and higher-caliber. Despite being better made, they’re still considered as entry-level options because of their simplicity.

What really sets high-grade entry-level AEGs apart is their choice of materials. These items are usually primarily made of steel or tougher plastic so they’re a lot less resistant to regular wear and tear. In most cases, their moving parts are not made of flimsy plastic so they can better withstand regular use.

The prices of high-grade entry-level electric airsoft rifles tend to be a bit higher than other options in their category. This is easily justified by the quality of the materials, so it shouldn’t be a big issue. With the durability they promise, they can be worth the extra cost in the long run.

High-grade AEGs

Those who are ready to splurge and get the finest airsoft guns available should look into high-grade AEGs. These are quite different from the other two because they’re not necessarily geared towards new players.

Usually, these AEGs are high-powered and with more features that will allow users to do more. But what really sets them apart are their build quality. These products are not to be scoffed at as they promise serious durability. They can handle heavy use, perfect for the avid airsoft player.

What Makes a Good Beginner AEG

Now that the differences between AEGs are covered, as a beginner, you might want to know what you need to get started in the game. For this, here’s a quick rundown of the top things that makes a great airsoft gun for beginners:

  • Field-legal straight out of the box because you might not be able to use it otherwise.
  • Ease of use so you can operate it without sacrificing your good time. AEGs with lots of bells and whistles may seem tempting but they can be too complicated to use for newbies.
  • Quality materials and construction so you can be sure of safe use and that it won’t fall apart while you’re having fun. They should be able to handle heavy use as well.
  • Good range and accuracy so you don’t have to struggle too much when trying to hit your target. This will also save you some bbs.
  • Appealing aesthetics so you’ll feel great brandishing it around other airsoft players.


The difference between AEGs in entry-level, high-grade entry-level, and high-grade categories are quite pronounced and notable that it can be hard not to spot them right away. This makes it easy to narrow down your options, especially if you’re trying to buy your first airsoft weapon.

Which one should you choose? It’s really up to you. Your preferences, skill levels, and budget should help you make a choice but if you’re a serious beginner, you might want to take a look at high-grade entry-level AEGs more closely. They promise a good run for your money, so they might just have what you’re looking for.

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