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The 5 Best CO2 Airsoft Pistol Reviews

Best CO2 Airsoft PistolIf you’re serious about airsoft battles, then you may want to get the best CO2 airsoft pistol as your sidearm. It’ll do as your backup for your airsoft rifle, which ought to be an AEG if you have any sense.

Even the best budget CO2 airsoft pistol will shoot pellets with a faster velocity than a pistol powered by green gas. You can use the pistol for backyard plinking as well.

With some practice with the most accurate airsoft pistol you can find, you should be able to hit your target even at a considerable distance.

In some cases, the size of the airsoft pistol can let you practice your holster draws. With the right weight and feel, you can also familiarize yourself with how the authentic firearm counterpart feels.

Some gas-powered airsoft pistol models even offer the blowback feature. With the best blowback air pistol, you may even be able to approximate the real feel of firing the authentic gun the pistol was modeled after.

Of course, it all depends on which CO2 airsoft pistol you get.

Top 5 CO2 Airsoft Pistol Comparison Chart

Here’s a handy guide to help you see at a glance which ones will better suit your airsoft needs. Check out the specs regarding pellet velocity, mag capacity, and realistic recoil:

Smith & Wesson M&P 40 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol
  • Action: Fixed slide
  • Mag Rounds: 19 rounds
  • Velocity: 410 to 480 fps
Check Price
Elite Force Glock 19 Gen3 6mm BB Pistol
  • Action: Fixed slide
  • Mag Rounds: 11 rounds
  • Velocity: 350 fps
Check Price
Walther P99 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun
  • Action: Blowback
  • Mag Rounds: 15 rounds
  • Velocity: 320 fps
Check Price
WG Airsoft Metal M9 Beretta Blowback Gas CO2 Hand Gun Pistol
  • Action: Blowback
  • Mag Round: 15 rounds
  • Velocity: 450 to 500 fps
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Black Ops BR45 Airsoft Pistol
  • Action: Fixed slide
  • Mag Round: 20 rounds
  • Velocity: 400 fps
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Best Picks for CO2 Airsoft Pistol

If you’re going on an online search blind, then you may be overwhelmed with the sheer number of CO2 airsoft pistols available. How can you pick the best among so many?

The good news is we’ve done the initial work for you. Spare yourself from wasting too much time and effort by simply beginning your search with the list we’ve compiled. Any of these options should work out just fine for you.

Smith & Wesson M&P 40 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol

[aawp box=”B001BS3Y5I” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • 480 FPS

If you’re going for a fun pistol that works for plinking targets in your backyard, you may want to go with this CO2 airsoft pistol. But if you’re also looking for a safe way to train for your real firearm, you may also want to consider this.

This is a physically accurate replica, and Umarex manufactured this under an official license. It comes with a 7.5-inch overall length, along with a 4.25-inch smooth bore barrel. That means you can practice drawing this from your holster, because it will fit in the same way as the real thing will. The only difference here is that the slide is stationary.

You can also use this for target practice out to a distance of about 25 feet. It shoots your .117-caliber pellets at a velocity of 410 to 480 feet per second. It comes with a manual safety, too. The metal magazine carries 19 rounds, and you can just push a button to drop it free from the grip bottom.

It’s also nicely accurate, which makes backyard plinking a lot of fun. That’s because of the fiber optics, with 2 very clear dots at the back post. You aim just by centering the white dot at the front post between the 2 green dots. That’s just quick and easy when it comes to target acquisition.

If you want to make it even more accurate, then you can add a tactical laser without any difficulty. The pistol comes with an accessory rail under the muzzle. You can put in a tactical flashlight too, if you want.

If you want the best CO2 airsoft pistol under $100, then this’ll likely work for you.

What I Like
  • It works as a practice weapon for the S&W M&P 40.
  • It’s accurate up to 25 feet.
  • It has a manual safety.
  • It can accommodate a tactical flashlight or laser.
  • It already has fiber optics for sights.
  • At least 410 fps
  • 19 rounds in the drop-free mag
  • Very realistic feel and functions
  • Works for plinking or practice
  • Fits holsters for S&W M&P 40
  • The finger safeties are different from the original
  • The S&W and M&P logos are reversed
  • Stationary slide

Elite Force Glock 19 Gen3 6mm BB Pistol

[aawp box=”B07KKMHZ4Z” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Shoots 6mm Airsoft BBs
  • Non blowback design efficiently uses CO2
  • Drop Free 11 Shot Magazine
  • CO2 compartment in the grip
  • Double action only
  • 350 FPS with .20 gram 6mm airsoft BBs
  • GLOCK G19 GEN 3 Replica

This is another officially licensed replica, and it’s great for those with somewhat smaller hands. That’s because the Glock 19 is a small pistol. It’s actually a compact version of the Glock 17. The slide and the grip are all shorter.

It almost looks the same, except for the rather unmistakable orange plug at the end of the barrel. This denotes that it’s a replica and not the real firearm. Hopefully, the cops see this first if you ever make the foolish mistake of brandishing this with the cops around.

The smaller size does make it easy to carry, and you should be able to handle this more quickly. This actually offers the same feel, shape, and function of the real G19. Even the weight is similar (though not exactly the same).

What this means is that you can use this for holster practice if you have (or planning to get) the Glock 19. You can practice drawing it from your holster quickly, using this instead of the actual firearm. That’s just inherently safer.

In addition, you can use this as your sidearm for airsoft gun battles. This uses a drop-free mag with 11 rounds. You can just drop the magazine when it’s empty while your free hand gets the spare mag.

You’ll need a 12-gram CO2 cartridge to power this, and that should give your pellets 350 fps. With the familiar fixed sights, you should be able to improve your accuracy through practice

What I Like
  • This airsoft pistol feels like the genuine article, which works for familiarization and holster drawing practice.
  • The small size makes it easy to carry, and handling it isn’t a problem.
  • The drop-free mag allows for quick reloads.
  • The slide is metal, making it a lot more durable.
  • Authentic ergonomics
  • 350 fps
  • Easy to carry
  • Good for holster practice
  • Accurate to within 15 yards indoors
  • Only 11 rounds
  • The trigger action is different from the real thing

Walther P99 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun

[aawp box=”B002H9RZM8″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Power : 12g CO2 cartridges
  • Capacity : 15
  • Safety Type : Manual
  • Ammo Type : 0.20 6mm Airsoft BB
  • Total Length in Inches : 7.25
  • Velocity- FPS : 380 FPS
  • Manufacture: Walther / Umarex USA

The real Walther P99 is a pretty famous pistol, as it’s used by plenty of police officers all over the world. It’s not hard to understand why you’d want to get an airsoft replica of this, especially if you’re using it for training. If you’re looking for cheap gas airsoft pistols that won’t embarrass you, check this one out.

You do have the orange plug at the end of the barrel, to distinguish this from the actual P99. That way, police officers may hesitate to shoot you (and you probably should just avoid showing this around cops in the first place).

This works for plinking away at targets in your backyard, or even as your support sidearm when you’re playing your airsoft combat games. It fires 6mm .20g BBs at a speed of 320 fps, so that works well enough for close combat.

You have a drop-out mag here that allows for quick reloads, and each mag contains 15 rounds. The magazine has a notch to lock the follower down, which makes it easier to load.

You can also use this to familiarize yourself with the real P99. This works authentically enough, with a functional slide release and a realistic blowback. This measures 7.25 inches long, and weighs only 1.76 pounds.

What I Like
  • It offers a realistic kick.
  • It’s accurate for a CO2 pistol.
  • It fits nicely in your vest holster.
  • The CO2 mileage is terrific, with no wastage.
  • Good weight
  • Nice kick
  • Features a metal slide
  • Easy to load
  • Good size
  • Somewhat hard to change the CO2 cartridge
  • The blowback slide may be bad during a firefight

WG Airsoft Metal M9 Beretta Blowback Gas CO2 Hand Gun Pistol

[aawp box=”B01N0DSBAY” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Weight: 788g (2 Pounds)
  • Dimension: 219mm
  • Caliber / BB: 6mm
  • Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Action: Gas Blowback / Semi-Automatic
  • Muzzle Velocity: 420~500 FPS
  • Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds

Yes, the M9 Beretta is another famous pistol, so it makes sense to include its replica on this list. It looks very much like its real counterpart, except for the orange plug at the tip of the barrel to denote its replica status.

Its real claim to fame, and the main reason why it’s on this list, is its performance in the field. This comes with a huge range, owing to how it can fire pellets at a velocity of at least 450 fps. Some say it’s even at 500 fps, which is a big deal.

That kind of velocity boosts the range and accuracy of the pistol. You can probably hit targets 50 yards out, or perhaps even to 75 yards. It does help that it has integrated glow sights and an adjustable rear sight.

This also comes with a rail system that can accommodate accessories. Put in a laser sight if you want, or maybe a tactical flashlight.

All these reasons are why some people even say they’ve used this not as their support sidearm, but as their primary weapon in airsoft CQB. Some have even used this against veterans using ARs, and emerged victorious.

If you want, you can also use this for training, to get you used to handling and firing the real M9 Beretta. You get the same texture in the M9 military-style grip, and even some realistic blowback action.

This may well be the best CO2 airsoft pistol under $100, whether you want to use it for training or for your battle sidearm.

What I Like
  • It can fire up to 500 fps.
  • It’s absolutely terrific as a sidearm.
  • It takes in a laser or a flashlight.
  • It works well for backyard plinking too, and also with training.
  • Extremely efficient CO2 system
  • Adjustable rear sight with fiber optics
  • Realistic blowback action
  • Ergonomic
  • 15 rounds per mag
  • Rather difficult to take out the CO2 cartridge
  • Needs to tighten a screw to activate the CO2

Black Ops BR45 Airsoft Pistol

[aawp box=”B079Q9SN1L” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Velocity: 400 FPS with premium .12g BBs
  • Simple Design For Maximum Efficiency
  • Pistols are lightweight with a low profile 20 round magazine,
  • C02 fits into grip separate from the magazine

Which is the best beginner co2 airsoft pistol that’s cheap? For many airsoft combat players, it’s this one. Lots of people say that this is the best co2 airsoft pistol under $70 even if its price is actually well below that price limit.

This pistol isn’t about realism when it comes to shooting familiarization, since there’s no gas blowback or working slide. It’s not about holster training, or about letting you get a faithful replica of a famous pistol model.

It’s pretty much all about practical use, because this is designed to function as your nice, handy sidearm to support your airsoft rifle in your combat games.

First, it’s built to be tough. But it’s all done with durable plastic, to minimize the weight you need to handle in an actual gunfight.

Then you have the terrific accuracy, that’s good for at least 50 feet even if you just point and shoot in the general direction. With its 400-fps velocity for the pellets, some have reported hitting targets consistently at distances of 150 feet and beyond.

This doesn’t leak CO2 at all, and your low-profile mag comes with a nice set of 20 rounds for lots of action before you need to reload.

This also has a built-in picatinny rail to accommodate any accessory you may want to attach to the pistol. Put in a laser or a tactical flashlight for even greater effectiveness in the field.

What I Like
  • The simple design minimizes complications.
  • It’s extremely lightweight for easy handling.
  • The accuracy is terrific even at considerable distances.
  • You get 20 rounds per magazine.
  • You’re able to attach a tactical flashlight with no trouble.
  • 400 fps
  • Uncomplicated design
  • Lightweight
  • Tough and durable
  • Picatinny rail for accessories
  • Not meant for realistic action


What is the CO2 Airsoft Pistol?

It’s simply a replica of an actual firearm, which uses CO2 to power the weapon as opposed to using a spring or battery system.

Some use it for actual airsoft combat, while others use it to practice drawing the authentic counterpart from a holster. You may also want to familiarize yourself with a faithful replica first before you buy the real firearm.

In many cases, some people just buy them for their collection. It’s much easier to collect airsoft pistols than to collect real pistols.

Things to Consider Before Buying CO2 Airsoft Pistol

Your top priorities on what to look for in a CO2 pistol depends mainly on why you’re getting it in the first place. Here are some of the more common reasons to get a CO2 pistol, and the features you need to look for when you read a CO2 airsoft pistol review.

For Your Collection

Guy in the woods tests his weapons for shooting sportsSome people collect airsoft pistols just as some collect actual pistols. If this is your reason to buy one, then you most likely want the most faithful recreation of the pistol’s looks. That means you want the airsoft pistol to have the same measurements of the real pistol. The airsoft pistol should also have all the trademarks and logos found in the actual pistol.

In some cases, you may even be able to buy a truly faithful replica of a famous pistol without the orange plug at the tip of the barrel. If you have one of these pistols, don’t brandish it around in public. These pistols can look so real that cops might think you’re up to no good.

For Practice

You may want to get a replica pistol to practice speed-drawing from your holster. If that’s the case, you want that replica to sit in the holster in precisely the same way as the authentic pistol.

That means getting a replica with the very same measurements, preferably with a similar weight. To get the weight right, the pistol may feature a lot of metal in the build.

Some people actually use an airsoft replica pistol to familiarize themselves with the feel of the real thing. If that’s the case with you, then you also need exact measurements and weight for the pistol.

It would be nice if the trigger action is also similar, and there should be a blowback feature to simulate the recoil of an actual pistol.

For Combat

Serious man is standing in hangar and holding paintball gun in handsFor real games, you need a high-performance pistol. The good news is that the best CO2 airsoft pistols offer such performance levels.

Go with the higher fps rate—the best CO2 airsoft pistol under 300 fps just won’t do. Even for backyard plinking, this is crucial.

Also look for mags that contain plenty of rounds for airsoft combat. It’s best if you have a drop-free magazine so you can just get rid of the mag easily while your free hand goes for the spare mag.

Check that your sights are also useful, and you may want to go with adjustable sights. Try to look for a picatinny rail so you can attach a laser sight or a tactical flashlight.

Blowback vs Non-Blowback

Three pellets for airguns on the tableThe blowback feature in some CO2 pistols is meant to mimic the recoil of the authentic firearm counterparts. It helps users to become used to the feeling, so that it’s not as surprising to feel the recoil in the actual pistol.

However, the non-blowback version does have certain benefits, too. It’s more affordable. The blowback force also tends to add to the wear and tear, which is why you should look for a metal slide with a blowback airsoft pistol. Finally, having a non-blowback pistol makes shooting in the field a lot easier.

Who Makes the CO2 Airsoft Pistol?

There are dozens of CO2 airsoft pistol manufacturers in the world, though many of them are based in Asia. Some brands offer affordable models, while others offer premium-quality airsoft pistols built for collectors and serious airsoft combatants.

Some brands, such as Elite Force and Umarex, are renowned for having an official license to manufacture replicas of famous pistols.

Final Verdict

Yes, any one of the CO2 airsoft pistols on our list of recommendations should suit you. But if you can afford to go beyond a very limited budget, you should seriously consider the WG Airsoft Metal M9 Beretta Blowback Gas CO2 Hand Gun Pistol.

For training, it has the same texture in the military-style grip you’ll find in the real M9. The blowback action also simulates the recoil.

But this is best for actual airsoft battles, as its 450-fps velocity is hard to beat. Some pistols are good for 50 feet, but this is good for 50 yards.

This may well be the best CO2 airsoft pistol you can use to face off against opponents using ARs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use CO2 airsoft pistols for airsoft combat?

It’s mainly meant as your sidearm, since rifles will be more effective on the field.

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