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The 11 Best Cheap Airsoft Guns for the money

Airsoft military gameAirsoft enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best value for their money. Looking for the best cheap airsoft gun is easier thanks to the wonders of the internet. The problem is, all these results get littered with non-specific reviews. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive 11-item list for you to check out.

We’ve gone over some of these products one by one. One of these is the impressive Double Eagle. It’s a bolt-action spring airsoft sniper rifle. The airsoft products we’ve included pass the criteria on price-to performance ratio. We recommend that these be mainline additions to a collectors set of airsoft equipment. At least in the cheap budget segment.

Top 11 Cheap Airsoft Guns: Comparison Chart

The chart below shows the top 11 picks for inexpensive airsoft guns. We’ve included the pricing, snapshots, name, and links.

Daisy Powerline 340 BB Spring Repeater PistolDaisy Powerline 340 BB Spring Repeater Pistol
  • Plastic
  • Spring Piston
  • 13-round
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Game Face Stinger P311 Airsoft PistolGame Face Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol
  • Plastic
  • Spring Piston
  • 12-round
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Desert Eagle Spring Powered Airsoft PistolDesert Eagle Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol
  • Plastic
  • Spring Piston
  • 28-round
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HK Heckler & Koch HK416 AEG 6mm BB Rifle Airsoft GunHK Heckler & Koch HK416 AEG 6mm BB Rifle Airsoft Gun
  • Plastic
  • AEG
  • 250-round
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Lancer Tactical AK-47 RIS AEG Airsoft RifleLancer Tactical AK-47 RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle
  • Reinforced polymer
  • AEG
  • 600-round
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GameFace GF76 Electric Full/Semi-Auto Tactical-Style Carbine Airsoft RifleGameFace GF76 Electric Full/Semi-Auto Tactical-Style Carbine Airsoft Rifle
  • Plastic
  • AEG
  • 375-round
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Double Eagle Field Marksman Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper RifleDouble Eagle Field Marksman Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  • Hybrid
  • Spring Piston
  • 27-round
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ASG McMillian Sportline M40A3 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Airsoft RifleASG McMillian Sportline M40A3 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle
  • Polymer
  • Spring Piston
  • 20-round
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Wellfire VSR-10 urban combat full metal bolt action sniper rifleWellfire VSR-10 urban combat full metal bolt action sniper rifle
  • Metal and Polymer Parts
  • Bolt Action
  • 25-round
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Double Eagle 350 FPS M401 Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft ShotgunDouble Eagle 350 FPS M401 Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun
  • Plastic
  • Spring Piston
  • 17-shell mag capacity
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GameFace ASGM47 VooDoo Spring-Powered Single-Shot Pump Action Airsoft ShotgunGameFace ASGM47 VooDoo Spring-Powered Single-Shot Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun
  • Plastic
  • Spring Piston
  • 19-shell mag capacity
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Best Picks of cheap airsoft guns

We’ve handpicked, literally, cheap but good airsoft guns you can add to your collectibles. Whether it’s for a summertime shootout, or winter pistol olympics in your backyard, these guns do the job. The price isn’t bad either and you’re paying less for an almost similar experience. This is our opinion on what beginners or collectors should aim for.

#1: Daisy Powerline 340 BB Spring Repeater Pistol

Daisy Powerline 340 BB Spring Repeater Pistol

Quick Specification
  • Caliber: .177 BB
  • Velocity: 240 feet per second (fps).
  • Powerplant: Spring.
  • Barrel: Smooth Bore Steel.
  • Maximum Shooting Distance: 100 Yards
  • Recommended Age: 16 Years
  • Length: 8.5 Inches
  • Safety: Manual Trigger Block

This sidearm airsoft measures 8.5 inches long and should fit comfortably in your hands. Participants of an airsoft game with small hands can rely on a quick draw from knee height. It works just as well if it’s holstered on the hip.

This BB spring repeater has a plastic frame. Its lightweight adds a level of stability while shooting plastic BB rounds.

This BB airsoft pistol has a max firing distance of a hundred yards. Shooting targets at max distance is not an issue with the metal gearbox. Travel time for the bullet maxes out due to a smooth transition from the smooth bore steel barrel.

Out of the first three airsoft pistols on the list, it’s the best one and the price tag reflects that.

Running out of bullets isn’t an issue either because of the 13-round clip. Making weapon switches are faster on the airsoft battlefield. You can now emulate speed reloading from a first-person shooter in your favorite game.

What I Like
  • It has iron sight optics for shooting precision
  • The manual trigger block prevents accidents, even if it’s just plastic bullets.
  • Rounds can travel at an amazing 240 FPS.
  • Spring action simulates real sidearms.
  • Plenty of time before the bullets run out with a max BB clip capacity of 200, replaceable with other rounds.

#2: Game Face Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol

[aawp box=”B004V95EE8″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Item Weight: 0.5 Pounds
  • Caliber: 6
  • Air Gun Power Type: Spring-Piston
  • Barrel Material Type: No
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Delivers Velocities Up To 275-fps
  • Shoots up to 325 FPS

The Stinger features an orange-tipped barrel and a crosshatch texture on the grip. Stinger P311 by Crosman is an airsoft gun under 50 dollars worth buying.

That’s not the only thing that stands out from this BB sidearm. A safety level sticks out the rear which works well when holding this using both hands. At 0.5 lbs, the Stinger P311 is extremely lightweight compared to the two other pistols on our list.

It’s slightly longer than the Daisy Powerline at 9 inches. Individuals should have no problem drawing it out of the holster. The framing is similar with plastic exteriors. It’s equipped with a metal gearbox that can send BB pellets flying at 325 FPS.

Scoring a bull’s eye is easier with the front and rear ends. The Stinger has a fixed blade and a fixed notch on these ends. This BB gun can achieve fast reloads with a drop-out clip with a max ammo capacity of 12 rounds.

What I Like
  • Lightweight at half a pound for easy carrying
  • Longer barrel makes bullets travel farther
  • Spring piston action is reminiscent of real guns. It’s ideal for both airsoft and gun enthusiasts.
  • 6 mm calibers will not add much weight to the whole package
  • Safety guaranteed with the accessible safety on beside the rear notch sight.

#3: Desert Eagle Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol

[aawp box=”B0189GUS5I” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Item Weight: 1.1 Pounds
  • Rounds: 28
  • Caliber: 0.24
  • Air Gun Power Type: Spring-Piston
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Powerful Spring: 170-175 FPS with 6mm ammo

We can’t reference an exact document for the airsoft. But the Desert Eagle by Kalashnikov is close to the real Desert Eagle IWI Model. It’s a look-alike with the difference in build material.

As with other airsoft sidearms on this list, it’s made with a plastic frame and has the same metal gearbox setup. The gearbox delivers 6mm BB rounds at max velocity of 175 fps which is still impressive.

The clip can have 28 rounds at the most so reloading will be less often. This is in comparison to the Daisy Powerline or the Stinger. Because of this, it’s also the one with the heaviest and most comfortable in-hand experience.

Despite being a heavy sidearm, the handle has a rubberized exterior to give a better grip. The weight, if the handle with the magazine locked in, is akin to the real Desert Eagle IWI. It would make sense for the manufacturers to give it a crosshatch texture for the handle.

What I Like
  • Different material, replica of the original
  • Cheapest airsoft BB sidearm with the best magazine capacity
  • Rubberized handle to give extra grip
  • Less reloading with 28-round magazine
  • Powerful gearbox can send 6 mms at 175 fps, sometimes MORE
  • Slide action and pull-back hammer reset by pulling the trigger; satisfying double-clicking noises

#4: HK Heckler & Koch HK416 AEG 6mm BB Rifle Airsoft Gun

[aawp box=”B00BLQZZDY” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Item Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Caliber: 6
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • AEG powered airsoft rifle
  • Semi-auto and full-auto shooting
  • High capacity 250-round mag capacity
  • Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at up to 340 fps

Umarex always impresses with the best airsoft guns. This time, they went with an excellent all-rounder. The HK Heckler & Koch is powerful. LiPo batteries give this an edge over the next two competitors under our airsoft rifle list.

Rifles need good stocks for stability and the HK416 comes with a retractable stock. Weighing at 6.7 lbs with a 35 inch length, this airsoft is lightweight. The stock contains the battery and to avoid accidental detachment, it’s equipped with a lock.

The HK416 can fire plastic BB’s at impressive speeds of 340 FPS. The gearbox allows the HK416 to give the bullets a max travel distance of 220 meters. That’s enough coverage for two separate buildings in an airsoft game.

Since the firing mechanism is reliant on the batteries, make sure to not use it when it’s not charged. If this happens, we can recommend visiting a repair shop. They should be able to restore the malfunctioning gear box.

What I Like
  • Powerful LiPo batteries to power the AEG, also rechargeable
  • 200 yard bullet travel distance
  • Secure lock for the stock – also retractable
  • High magazine capacity holds 200 rounds of BB pellets
  • Picatinny-rail design on the barrel imitates real-life manufactured rifle
  • Front and rear sights are flippable, prevents it from breaking when not in use

#5: Lancer Tactical AK-47 RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle

Lancer Tactical AK-47 RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle

Quick Specification
  • Full metal gearbox and internals
  • 380 FPS with 0.20g BBs,
  • 660 BBs per minute rate of fire
  • Over 100 foot range
  • Tactical RIS for adding aftermarket accessories such as lights, lasers, grips, and more
  • Complete with 8.4v battery

AK-47’s leave an impression, both on the user and the target. It’s a high-powered rifle and it is worthy of having an airsoft variant. Its equivalent in the airsoft world is the AK-47 RIS AEG.

The firing rate of the Lancer Tactical is 380 FPS, surpassing the HK416. It has a cheaper price tag too, but the difference may be due to the sheer size of the HK416. CYMA decided to replace LiPo with 8.4 NiMH batteries to let the 455 mm barrels shoot BB’s at high speed. Its large stock allows battery placement to contribute to the heft in the whole unit.

To keep up with the speed of firing, the magazine has a max capacity of 600 BB pellets so you don’t have to reload often. In comparison to BB pellets, components of the Lancer Tactical are  reinforced polymer. This makes it a cheap airsoft gun for the money.

What I Like
  • Highest ammo capacity out of the three rifles on this list
  • NiMH powered gearbox sends BB pellets at fast speeds of 380 FPS
  • Accurate firing provided with the 45 cm barrel
  • LIghtweight and durable with reinforced polymer components
  • RIS rail system allows for clip on accessories for lights, grips, and lasers

#6: GameFace GF76 Electric Full/Semi-Auto Tactical-Style Carbine Airsoft Rifle with Battery Charger, Black

[aawp box=”B00C87XZ5U” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Item Weight: 3.49 Pounds
  • Rounds: 375
  • Caliber: 6
  • Barrel Material Type: Metal
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Full Size, Dual Action – Durable synthetic design and up to 700 rounds per minute
  • Electric-powered – Delivers speeds up to 375 fps
  • Adjustable Stock
  • 375-round Magazine

The GF76 lies as the middle ground option in our pick for the best budget airsoft gun. It should be ideal for fast-paced airsoft warfare since it only weighs close to 3.5 pounds. Material build-wise, the GF76 is plastic. The gearbox has full metal working parts.

It’s also known as the Crosman Pulse R76. It’s the most balanced out of the three. If you pay the extra 5 dollars over the previous AK-47, you’re paying for better overall build quality. It’s close to achieving the same bullet speed as the previous rifle. The GF76’s gearbox can send ammunition at 375 fps.

We recommend using 6mm caliber to maximize the bullet’s travel time in the barrel. It’s excellent for close combat. The clip can accommodate 375 plastic BB’s and should provide enough burst for encounters.

What got our attention was the folding stock. This means it’s the most portable out of the 3 and you can equip two GF76’s, if you’re into double purchases.

What I Like
  • Folding stock for easy carrying
  • Can rival Lancer Tactical AK-47 in terms of firing power
  • Better material quality for 5 dollar increase only
  • Lightest airsoft rifle at 3.49 kgs
  • Hop-up adjustment cover helps limit air resistance to make pellets travel faster
  • Rear and front sights align closely, ideal for close-quarter combat

#7: Double Eagle Field Marksman Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

[aawp box=”B071Z8XTF5″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Air Gun Power Type: Spring-Piston
  • Barrel Material Type: Stainless Steel
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • High strength ABS polymer stock
  • Full metal barrel, bolt and trigger
  • Velocity: 400-420 FPS with .20g BBs
  • Adjustable hop up system

This spring piston-powered sniper rifle is one of affordable airsoft guns you can buy. It’s perfect for beginners looking to engage in airsoft games but don’t like close combat.

Housing the metal gearbox is a plastic frame with some components made of metal. Resting your fingers against the metallic trigger is as close as you can get to a real sniper rifle. The metal gearbox lets the Double Eagle M62 fire shots up to top speeds of 490 FPS.

It’s a 1:1 size ratio and collectors will be happy to add this to their Double Eagle lineups. With the long barrel, the M62 has a range of at least 300 feet. Good thing it comes with a scope as a bundle accessory.

Using a sniper rifle requires stability. That’s why in addition to the scope, people who purchase this product also have a mount. It works best if the sniper rifle uses 0.25 mm ammunition for bullet speeds of over 400 FPS.

What I Like
  • Best AEG rifle under $100 (in the sniper rifle category)
  • Full plastic frame, lightweight and durable with metal components
  • Extremely fast bullet travel time, tops at 490 FPS
  • Scale model with  with real-life performance – can shoot a minimum of 300 yards
  • Less reload due to 20 clips magazine capacity

#8: ASG McMillian Sportline M40A3 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle

[aawp box=”B01N5WQY46″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Air Gun Power Type: Spring-Piston
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • ASG M40A3 Sportline No Scope
  • Length: 1130mm
  • Inner Barrel: 475mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 20rds
  • Muzzle Velocity: 410-420 (0.20g BBs)
  • Fire Modes: Single shot, safety
  • Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
  • Manufacturer: ASG

The ASG McMillian is one of the best picks for cheap high-quality airsoft guns. At first, it looks like the whole weapon is metal, but it’s actually plastic.

The ASG M40A3’s stock has a uniquely-shaped cutout on the bottom part. The manual says it’s an assistive feature to make firing more stable and we couldn’t agree more. Sniper rifles are all about stability – aiming at a target requires patience and a steady hand.

What enforces this stability is the heavily-textured surface at the butt of the stock. The ASG McMillian has a plastic frame surrounding the gearbox.

It also has a magazine capacity of 20 rounds. This should be an ample amount for a cheap cool airsoft gun collectible. If wind conditions are good, we’re looking at a shooting range of at least 250 feet. Some sellers will include a bipod for added stability.

What I Like
  • Added grip with the unique cutout and texture on the handle
  • Excellent bullet speed at 480 fps
  • Smooth and “quiet” shots, provided the ammunitions are of good quality
  • Rails along the main body allow additions for lights and laser guides
  • Impressive 50mm scope for more accuracy
  • Cheaper option out of the two sniper rifles on the list

#9: Wellfire VSR-10 urban combat full metal bolt action sniper rifle

[aawp box=”B005FNHGSG” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Item Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Air Gun Power Type: Spring-Piston
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Includes Bi-Pod & Scope
  • M700 Style Stock & Trigger
  • Fluted Outer Barrel
  • FPS: 480-510

VSR-10’s are famous for being upgradeable. It’s also true for the Wellfire VSR-10 airsoft. This bolt-action sniper rifle can fire bullets up to 510 fps. We can attribute it to the combination of the metal gear box and the barrel. The gearbox employs a spring bolt mechanism.

The frame for the VSR-10 is plastic and with key components made of metal. It’s comfortable to carry at 10 lbs. The magazine can carry 25 ammo but modifications to the clip and other parts are possible.

Spending the extra $20 will give you a bipod mount and a scope. To help you win airsoft and shoot like a true sniper, the fluted outer barrel further reduces the weight. You can shoot and run across the field quickly.

There’s no suppressor for this firearm but target range is at 60 yards. The package will come in with a different setup for the receiver. If you want to shoot more than 60 yards, the springs need replacing and upgrades.

What I Like
  • More bullets for more targets, with 25 max ammo capacity
  • 510 fps rate of firing helps you hit targets instantly
  • Durable polymer plastic frame and metal for the barrel and receiver
  • Equipped with M700 stock for stability
  • Powerful spring loaded into the bolt, needs good hand strength to pull it back

#10: Double Eagle 350 FPS M401 Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun

[aawp box=”B071HTQGX6″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Item Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Rounds: 20
  • Caliber: 6
  • Barrel Material Type: Aluminum
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • FPS: 350-400 w .12mm BB’s
  • Length: ~ 21.25 Inches Long
  • Range of around 100 Feet
  • Firing Mode: Pump Action

We have two entries for airsoft shotguns and first on the list for the cheapest is the M401 by Double Eagle. It measures up to 25 in long and 2.5 pounds. The plastic frame makes this possible. Reinforced polymer makes sure it doesn’t break on the first, second or third drop.

The DE M401 shoots up to 400 fps and has a minimum of 20 yards firing distance. The clip can hold up to 17 shells of 6mm BB’s. As in real-life shotguns, the DE M401 works by a pumping action.

Most of the surfaces on the DE M401 have texture. From the crosshatches on the handle, down to the ridges on the pump below the barrel. This product also includes a loading tube perfect for quick reloads and a sample pack for the BB pellets.

The DE M401 uses spring coil action so there’s no need to recharge. You can bring this to the field and shoot as many BB’s as you want without worrying about power.

What I Like
  • Powerful spring coil action allows rounds to travel at 400 FPS.
  • Reloading is easy – the magazine is detachable
  • Extremely lightweight and does not weigh more than a kilogram
  • Textured pump below the barrel helps give grip even to weak-armed individuals
  • Longer airsoft play times as it doesn’t rely on batteries

#11: GameFace ASGM47 VooDoo Spring-Powered Single-Shot Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun

[aawp box=”B01DMJLDV0″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Weight: 3.25 Pounds
  • Holds 250 air soft BBs
  • Shoots up to 390 FPS
  • Hooded front sight and rear peep sight

The finalist on our list is the ASGM47 pump action shotgun by Crosman. We can see it looks better than the previous shotgun and this firearm comes with a stock. The stock is also adjustable. Most of the frame is synthetic polymer. It uses metal for the barrel but only weighs 1.96 pounds.

It’s a better version of the DE M401 and it’s still portable. If you prefer a heavier shotgun, the picatinny rails give space for attachments. The hop up is also adjustable and the gearbox is completely metallic. It comes equipped with a clip that can house 19 shells at once.

Pumping this shotgun is easy thanks to the generous ridges on the fore-end. Readying it this way gives the pellets speeds of up to 390 fps. This is achievable if the BB’s are 6mm in circumference.

Like the former shotgun, it doesn’t rely on any electrical or battery-powered parts. You can keep pumping the shotgun on an airsoft game.

What I Like
  • Very similar design to the original pump-action shotgun.
  • Holds 19 BB pellets, the additional two ammo should give an edge over other players.
  • Equipped with a stock for the powerful rebound!
  • Spring piston gives extra speed to the bullets.
  • Picatinny rail allows you to attach sights and a shoulder sling for portability.

Things to consider before buying cheap airsoft guns

Beautiful girl in military uniform with an airsoft gunThe amount of money you’re paying for these products equates to cheaper materials. That doesn’t mean you can’t get good ones. With respect to the amount of money you’re spending, there has to be standards. Here are some of the things you can look at prior to buying affordable airsoft guns.

Weight, wait, what?

This might surprise you. The first thing we would recommend looking into is the weight of the airsoft firearm. We have a reason for this. If your basis is pictures from cheap airsoft gun reviews, checking the weight gives clues. If the item is too lightweight for its appearance, chances are you’re buying something subpar.

Better airsoft guns have complete metallic gearboxes. If they are battery-powered, they will naturally be heavier. This doesn’t apply to certain airsoft gear like the Crosman ASGM47. So far, it’s only useful for sniper rifles, rifles, and sidearms.

This also means manufacturers have taken assembly into account.  Heavier components will need stronger screws to hold them together. The final product is compact, secure, and less prone to breaking.

Firing Speed

Or more commonly known as FPS. Again, not all firearms necessarily have to be extreme in this category (we’re looking at you shotguns). FPS stands for feet per second and is a result of the type of mechanism used in releasing the bullets. It stands as an indication on how powerful the gearbox is.

A higher firing speed will also mean more distance covered. Because, you know, physics. Guns with high FPS like sniper rifles will have tightened coils that store a lot of potential energy. That’s why bolt action sniper rifles require some strength to pull them back prior. For semi-automatic rifles, achieving higher FPS becomes more difficult. This is because the rate of fire increases workload on the gearbox.

Gun manufacturers, like airsoft manufacturers, work around this by using smaller ammo. Using ammo with smaller circumferences  make it easy on the gear box. There are several types of airsoft guns if based on the mechanism alone.

Ammunition Capacity

An airsoft gun is as useful as long as it has enough BB’s in the clip. Let’s take shotguns, for example. The ideal clip size or max ammunition is in the 20’s. There are mods available for magazines that can carry 30 shells at once and that is a good number.

For real-life pistols, 9mm’s will have a clip size of 10-15. Taking that into consideration, the ideal number of rounds is around those numbers. It’s possible to go over that number. One example is the Desert Eagle Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol.

Type-specific considerations

Most of the features collectors are looking for depend on what they want. Most of it will be very specific to the type of guns they want to add to their libraries. For sniper rifles, the FPS is very important as BB pellets can only travel so far. Some states may have laws that prevent certain airsoft guns to go over an FPS threshold. Most sniper rifles will have lengthy barrels so it’s not that big of a deal.

Airsoft pistols, on the other hand, tend to max and balance out three things. These are FPS, accuracy, and available number of ammunition. Good airsoft pistols will always prioritize FPS over ammunition. A good magazine capacity is a second consideration. If you want more bullets, then moving to airsoft rifles is a better option.

Lastly, airsoft shotguns are better if they have high FPS. Magazine capacity is not an issue either. The rate of fire is solely dependent on how many pumps you can do on the fore-end. Unfortunately, shotguns have seen a decline in real-life firearms. This is also true in the airsoft community. They work well as backups. They also don’t require a power source.


The best cheap airsoft gun on the list is the AK-47 by Lancer Tactical. The joy in airsoft is the ability to rain BB’s on your opponents. Lancer Tactical’s AK-47 fits the requirement as it has a 600 BB capacity.

It’s also an AEG. AEG’s don’t exactly have friendly price tags but the AK-47 is affordable. It’s the lightest AEG on the list. The performance doesn’t disappoint either as it has 375 fps.

There are two other noteworthy competitors on the list. Double Eagle Sniper Rifle and Desert Eagle Spring Pistol. Both are cheap cool airsoft guns. The Double Eagle Sniper Rifle wins over its competitor because of its $80 price tag. The Desert Eagle has more ammo capacity than the other two airsoft guns under 50.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are airsoft guns cheap?

Airsoft guns are generally cheap. Most airsoft equipment are plastic which helps bring the cost down. The size of the airsoft equipment is relative to the price. I.e. pistols cost cheaper than rifles, shotguns are cheaper than sniper rifles, and etc.

Manufacturers may have different price points for the same model. It’s a good rule of thumb to buy airsoft guns from stores who have inventory direct from manufacturers. Scouting one or two online stores also gives you an idea of how high or low they’re priced

How much is a decent airsoft gun?

Most airsoft guns lie somewhere between $50 to $200. Pistols usually are the cheapest and AEG rifles closer to the $200 range. To label an airsoft gun decent, the gearbox should at least be metal. Plastic doesn’t possess the necessary hardness to hit BB pellets efficiently.

A decent airsoft gun will usually be in the $100 dollar range. Most of them will have a combination of reinforced polymer and metal components. The metal components are usually the barrel and the trigger. For rifles, they will have adjustable stocks and picatinny rails. The latter makes airsoft equipment more expensive.

What are the big differences between expensive airsoft rifles and cheap airsoft rifles?

You’d expect the features have something to do with the pricing and you’re not wrong. But the main reason why airsoft is expensive is because of how it’s made. Generally, airsoft is an expensive hobby. BUT there is always the perfect cheap airsoft gun for the money.

A lot has to do with material quality and features. We mean features, as in the additional accessories. We’re not referring to the individual components of the airsoft equipment. The barrel, gearlock, magazines, hop-ups are all components. Accessories include scopes, laser guides, and slings.

If there’s batteries involved, this would always guarantee a higher price tag. That’s why the best AEG rifles under $100 are steals.

Can you find a quality rifle for under $100?

It’s still possible to find a quality rifle for under a hundred dollars. Depending on what you’re exactly looking for, it’s a mix-match scenario. Unless, that is, factories have started replacing manual assembly with robots and conveyors. That’s the only time the pricing will drop.

If you have fourteen dollars to spare, consider buying the Lancer Tactical. Better known as the AK-47 RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle. It’s the best AEG rifle we can recommend. It has an impressive 600-round magazine capacity and runs on batteries. It’s one of the cheap high-fps airsoft guns.

Sniper rifles also go above the $100 range but we’d go for rifles. We live for the sheer thrill of pressing the trigger and watching BB pellets fly. That’s why we’d choose the Lancer Tactical AK-47.

Where to buy a cheap airsoft gun?

Most manufacturers rely on distributing companies and online stores. Right now, the pandemic isn’t friendly with store operations. There’s no one retailer that has all the cheapest airsoft guns. Stores like Evike, AirsoftGI, and Airsoft Atlanta are a few good stores. They may offer cheap high quality airsoft guns.

Canvassing for prices on online selling platforms like Ebay or Amazon are also worth a go. You can compare and contrast prices and the available accessories. You can then proceed to see which ones are worth purchasing. There are disadvantages though. Checking the items online is not as good as getting a feel and a first-hand experience with the airsoft guns.

Who sells budget friendly airsoft guns?

We are basing this on our list alone. Manufacturers like Double Eagle, Crosman, Lancer Tactical, and Wellfire offer the cheapest options. All of them have airsoft guns under 100 dollars. Expect that this price will mostly include pistols and shotguns.

Double Eagle is the equivalent of Chinese phone brands – they’re good starter airsoft guns. They rank as the best when it comes to pricing. We’ve included two of their airsoft guns for the amount of money you save on purchasing them. They’re not collectors’ items, but can pass off for regular plastic BB plinking.

It’s only a matter of time until DE improves their products with reasonably low price points. They’ve set themselves as the best when it comes to pricing

What is the cheapest airsoft gun in the world?

Here’s what we can tell you – the longest airsoft shot target made is 81.1 meters or 266 feet. The man behind the trigger is Nico Saccocci. He accomplished this on the 6th of March this year. There’s no Guinness record yet for the cheapest airsoft gun in the world. We recommend taking a look at Game Face’s Stinger P311 as it’s only priced at $19.02.

A close competitor to the Stinger P311 is the Desert Eagle Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol. It’s priced at $20 and has better ammo capacity than the Stinger P311. It also sports a flashy chrome-silver that looks premium.

What are some cheap high quality airsoft brands?

Crosman comes to mind when thinking of cheap high-quality airsoft brands. Some other cheap high quality airsoft brands include GameFace and Desert Eagle. Do not confuse this for Double Eagle as they sit in entirely different categories.

These brands have consistently made airsoft guns with very affordable prices. Beginners should at least own one of these to have a basis for comparison. If they decide to move on to more premium airsoft guns, they can add these equipment to their collection. It’s better than throwing them away.

If you’re looking for airsoft guns under 100 dollars, check out airsoft pistols.

Can you say that airsoft spring powered guns are cheap guns?

Spring powered guns are generally cheap guns. This is when they are in the pistol and shotgun category. This isn’t always true for high-powered rifles. High-powered rifles need an external power source to rapid-fire ammo. Rifles also have more attachments and larger frames. This means there’s more components to assemble.

It would be a bad generalization to say all airsoft spring powered guns are cheap. It all depends on what’s included in the package. The more components involved, the difficulty becomes higher in manual assembly. It’s the small parts that cause problems. These small parts are collectively what makes airsoft guns or AEG expensive.

Where can I buy cheap airsoft pistols that are used?

Sites like Amazon or Ebay are common platforms for selling ANYTHING used. Even social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can be good tools for reselling. From the buyer perspective, these platforms are usually transparent with their listings.

There’s also reliable feedback from the comment section. You’re in back luck if there’s no commenting enabled on the post or listing. The first thing you want to do prior to sending payments to the seller is to ask how long it has been in their possession. Airsoft guns depreciate in value, too.

There are also cheap airsoft guns that are no longer in production. These items will be more pricey in the long run. Collectors can add them to their repertoire of used airsoft pistols. These will  have increased in pricing due to rarity. These might be the only cheap high-fps airsoft guns.

Where can I get a cheap battery and charger for an airsoft gun?

The very same listings you find on Facebook or even Craigslist will most likely have spare parts. Airsoft gear like eye shields or visors are available in bundles with these listings. You can directly ask the seller if they have the item in question. A referral from these sellers is also possible.

Airsoft gun stores may have to order from the manufacturers to get the items. This would mean waiting for a few days, or possibly up to a week, to have the items delivered. It’s not the most practical, but searching for airsoft gun forums or online communities can be an option.

To find the exact product you’re looking for, you have to put the information out. Starting with the name and model number of the airsoft equipment is a good way.

Why do cheap airsoft guns smell bad?

You’ve probably smelled something was off with your airsoft gun. Not all airsoft guns will have this kind of smell. This scent comes from propane. It’s a gas used for airsoft guns that use a pneumatic mechanism. These types of airsoft guns use compressed air, and propane is common in pneumatic guns.

If you hate the smell of rotten cabbages, then go for spring loaded airsoft guns or AEG’s. These types of airsoft guns don’t rely on compressed air. Imagine yourself having to hold your breath every time you hold a pneumatic.

Another option is to find airsoft guns that rely on HFC’s. HFC’s are the safer and more environmentally-friendly version of freon. Fun fact: the first pneumatic guns made use of the substance that’s used in cooling systems.

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