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The 4 Best Anti-Fog Airsoft Goggles Reviews

Best Anti-Fog Airsoft GogglesIf you’re looking for the best anti-fog airsoft goggles, that’s either because you’ve done your research and you know you need a pair of those googles, and you’ve found out for yourself how bad it can get when you don’t have the right sort of goggles.

The thing with airsoft is that it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Unfortunately, that’s literally true with airsoft. You really don’t want a pellet traveling at 300 feet per second anywhere near your eyes.

The problem with regular googles, though, is that they can fog up. Since you don’t want to impede your vision in any way, you need comfy googles that won’t fog up. And we have just the right goggles for you.

Anti-Fog Goggles Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick look on the main features of each pair of goggles on our list:

XAegis Airsoft Goggles
  • Frame Material : Rubber
  • Lens Color: Clear, smoke, and yellow
  • Anti-Fog Features: Anti-fog coating, vents
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Lancer Tactical Ca-221B Clear Lens Vented Safety Airsoft Goggles
  • Lens Color: Clear
  • Anti-Fog Features: Angled vents
Check Price
Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles
  • Frame Material : Nylon
  • Lens Color: Amber
  • Anti-Fog Features: Anti-fog coating, vents
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Neiko 53875B Protective Safety Goggles
  • Frame Material:  Polyvinyl chloride
  • Lens Color: Clear
  • Anti-Fog Features: Anti-fog coating
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4 Best Picks for Anti-Fog Airsoft Goggles

We started our list with the following requirements: polycarbonate (PC) for the lenses, and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for the frame. The straps have to be adjustable, and of course there has to be some sort of anti-fog coating on the lens.

Here are some excellent options, with some reasons why each one may suit your needs.

XAegis Airsoft Goggles

[aawp box=”B07M9KXKGL”]

This is a bestselling pair of goggles for airsoft and paintball, and it’s easy to understand why when you take a closer look at it.

This comes with several color options for the frames. We went with the cool black, but you can go with the green or tan options if you like.

What you’ll really appreciate is that this comes with 3 lenses so you can go with the right lens color for the airsoft light conditions.

You have the clear lens for nighttime and playing in dark conditions, and the “smoke” lens for sunny days. There’s also the yellow lens for hazy days that can boost your depth perception.

The lenses all come with anti-fog coating, and they even block 99% of the UV rays. There are also vents on the frame to help prevent fogging.

The polycarbonate lenses measure 7.8 inches wide and 3.5 inches high.

These won’t impair your side vision, and they’re tough enough to take pellets on without a scratch.

You can fire BBs at it from 6 inches away, and there won’t even be a scratch.

The fit is nice and snug, too, while you have foam on the frame to absorb any moisture and to keep out any debris.

What I Like
  • It comes with 3 lens colors, and it’s easy enough to switch from one lens to another.
  • This doesn’t impede your side vision at all.
  • It’s very comfortable to wear, with a snug fit.
  • These lenses are super tough.
  • The lenses even block out UV rays.

Lancer Tactical Ca-221B Clear Lens Vented Safety Airsoft Goggles

[aawp box=”B00E00QLRM”]

Lancer Tactical has a reputation for offering affordable airsoft goggles that offer high quality features. If you’re looking for the best tactical goggles without having to spend too much, this is one option to consider.

This one comes with the requisite PC lens, and they’re clear so that you get nice clear vision and colors.

The lenses are extremely tough as well.

When we tried this out, it got hit by an M4 firing .28 BBs with a velocity of 440 fps. The lenses held up with no issues.

Like with most of the best airsoft goggles, the frame is made of TPU too, and again you see the vents that help prevent fogging.

With the comfy foam padding liner, you have full-seal protection so that you don’t have to worry about dust.

We were even able to use this while we wore prescription glasses, which should help lots of players who need to wear those eyeglasses.

The antifogging here isn’t as good as with the XAegis, but then you can always use measures like anti-fog spray or even a drop of baby shampoo.

This also comes in a soft bag, so you can transport the goggles without risking getting them scratched. Also, the cloth bag doubles as a cleaning cloth.

What I Like
  • It’s very affordable.
  • It’s tough yet comfy to wear.
  • The lenses can take shots from airsoft guns.
  • The vents help with preventing fogging.
  • It comes with a soft bag that works as a cleaning cloth.

Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles

[aawp box=”B006WPSELE”]

Now this one is really affordable. But the quality certainly isn’t cheap at all.

These come with the vaunted H2X anti-fog lenses with the dual pane design. That means you have premium-quality lenses, and the design gives you an outer and an inner lens working together.

The outside lens protects your eyes, and it’s tough enough that it’s scratch-resistant.

In fact, the lens is tough enough to pass the MIL-PRF 32432 High Velocity Impact Standards.

We even hit the lens pointblank with .20 -gram BBs, hitting at a rate of 380 fps. Even with several shots at that range, the lens held up with only a tiny mark to show for it.

This should protect you even when you’re shot in the eye with an airsoft pistol. Afterwards, you’re probably able to use the goggles again for another day.

This outside lens also has the anti-fog coating. That should allay any worries should you play in foggy conditions.

The inner acetate lens also has an anti-fogging design. It also helps that you have a vented foam carriage to keep your face cool, which then minimizes the fogging as well.

For best results, you may want to wipe the lens down first with some dish soap before your airsoft games. That way, you won’t have any fogging issues at all.

What I Like
  • Very affordable
  • Dual lens design, with both lenses having anti-fogging properties
  • Scratch-resistant, even after shots at pointblank range
  • Extremely tough

Neiko 53875B Protective Safety Goggles

[aawp box=”B000XYWZYW”]

This particular set of non-fogging safety glasses is a favorite for use in chemistry labs, since it doesn’t fog even after hours of use. It also offers a tight enough to keep out chemicals.

Some even use this for the kitchen, when they’re cutting onions. The goggles prevent you from getting teary-eyed while the vents still prevent the fogging.

But with the tough polycarbonate lens, it’s also apt for use in a woodworking shop. That makes it more than tough enough for airsoft battles, since the lens is designed to withstand the impact forces of flying projectiles.

The adjustable headband here is quite nice, because it uses an elastic band that doesn’t get caught in your hair. It’s very comfortable to wear for several hours, and it doesn’t take long for you to forget you’re even wearing the goggles.

There’s even enough space inside the goggles to let you wear your prescription glasses under the goggles while playing airsoft. Plenty of older folks tend to need glasses, but who’s to say they can’t enjoy airsoft battles too?

This is a great pair of goggles if you’re planning to use these for chemistry lab sessions and for your woodworking hobby. If you bought these goggles for any of those purposes, why not try airsoft battles as well?

What I Like
  • Very tight seal, best anti-fog safety glasses for the chem lab
  • Effective anti-fogging vents
  • Comfy elastic headband
  • Lens can withstand impact forces
  • Can be worn over prescription eyeglasses
  • Extremely affordable


What is the Best Anti-Fog Airsoft Goggles?

Modern soldier with gun Obviously, it shouldn’t fog up. That’s the main point of the guide, because most goggles have a fogging issue.

At the same time, it should be tough enough to block projectiles from hitting your eyes. Airsoft games can be terribly dangerous for your eyes, and you’d rather not find out for yourself just what damage a pellet can do at pointblank range when fired towards your eyes.

It should be comfortable to wear, since any discomfort can distract you from the battle. The straps should be adjustable for optimal comfort.

It should also allow for clear, unblocked vision. That it can’t blur your vision, while your peripheral vision should be clear so you’re able to notice your enemies approaching your flank.

Things to Consider Before Buying Anti-Fog Airsoft Goggles

You should read the goggles specs and various anti-fog airsoft goggles review articles to make sure you know what features you’re getting. The best airsoft goggles should have the following features:

Extremely Tough Lens

Modern soldier with rifleThis is the most crucial feature.You have to understand that you’re trying to protect your eyes from pellets that can travel beyond 400 feet per second. That kind of velocity can come with a lot of force.

That means you need polycarbonate lenses on your goggles, as this material has proven itself strong enough to withstand the impact of such forces. In fact, the best polycarbonate lenses are strong enough for use on woodworking shops.

Additional Lens Features

You may want to go with lenses that offer additional UV protection as well. This is especially true if you often play your airsoft battles outdoors.

Of course, you need a clear field of vision.You better make sure that the goggles don’t block your side vision. This is one requirement that makes regular swimming goggles unsuitable for airsoft.

Tinted lens can be very helpful, especially when you often play outdoors during the daytime. For cloudy days or indoor play, yellow lenses can help to improve your depth perception.


The military or soldier holding machine guns for ready to attackThere are 2 main features to look for here.One is the presence of vents around the goggle frames. These vents can help keep your face cool and also prevent fogging.

The other main feature is a layer of anti-fogging coating on the lens. Usually, these coatings are on the inside of the lens, to keep projectiles from damaging the coating.

Good Fit

The frame should be tough and lightweight, while still comfortable to wear. That usually means looking for TPU for the frame. The headband should be secure around the head, while still easy to adjust.

Advantages of Owning an Anti-Fog Airsoft Goggles

Eye Protection

Airsoft gun with glassesThe main advantage of having these goggles is that you’re very sure about protecting your eyes from fast-flying pellets. Those things can really mess up your eyes, and the prospect of getting hit in your eyes can make you timid and fearful in the airsoft battlefield.

Environmental Protection

The goggles can also protect your eyes from too much dust or smoke in the airsoft battlefield. Even sweat from your forehead can drip into your eyes, and this can be annoying and distracting. The goggles can keep the sweat (or raindrops) from getting into your eyes.

In some cases, lenses may also protect your eyes from UV rays.

Greater Accuracy

Sometimes lighting conditions may not be optimal for your weapons accuracy. But tinted or colored lenses can help.

Tinged lenses can protect your sight from glare, if you’re playing outdoors under the harsh sun.

For cloudy days, you may want to try yellow lenses that increase color contrast and improve depth perception. These benefits can boost the accuracy of your shots.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Anti-Fog Airsoft Goggles

  • Keep the goggles in a soft bag to protect it from dust. Dust may not seem like much of an issue, but the dust can end up scratching the goggles when you rub them off.
  • Don’t touch the lenses with your hands, especially the side with the anti-fog coating. Your hands may end up degrading the anti-fog coating.
  • Try putting a drop of baby shampoo on the lens. After 15 minutes, rinse it out so you can use it for airsoft battles. That should give you another layer of anti-fog protection for the inner side of the goggles.
  • You can also try toothpaste on the inside of the lens as well. Spread a bit on the lens, and then rinse out after 15 minutes. Many swimmers have found this useful for their swimming goggles, and it works for airsoft goggles as well.

Who Makes the Best Anti-Fog Airsoft Goggles?

Asian lady holding best bb gun for sportWe’ve already mentioned brands such as Lancer Optical, Pyramex, and Neiko. But you should really consider the goggles made by XAegis.

That’s because the XAegis goggles are extremely popular among fans of airsoft and paintball games. These goggles have proven themselves time and again, and they all match every requirement for airsoft goggles.

What’s more, you even get 3 different color lenses to match the ambient lighting conditions. That’s not an option with most other airsoft goggles.

Final Verdict

Protecting your eyes is probably your most important goal when you’re playing around with airsoft weapons. Even the fun of airsoft battles, however, isn’t worth risking the health of your eyes. The right goggles can give you the best airsoft eye protection you need.

But if you’re unsure, you should go with the XAegis no fog airsoft goggles. This is the bestseller in its class for lots of good reasons.

It’s very affordable, yet you get the comfy frame and 3 tough colored lenses to boot. The anti-fog design is also extremely effective.

This is the very best anti-fog airsoft goggles you can try, since you can pick the particular lens that fits the light conditions during your airsoft battles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do goggles fog up?

Your face area inside the goggles is warmer than the outside of the goggles, leading to condensation and fogging.

Why do some swimmers spit on their goggles?

This adds an extra layer of water to the goggles lens, which prevents condensation for at least a while.

Are yellow lenses good for airsoft goggles?

Some airsoft players and shooters like using a yellow lens because it blocks out the diffused haze on a cloudy day. It also brings out orange colors, which is what you normally find on targets. You get a more detailed line of vision and boosts your depth perception, which should then help with your shot accuracy.

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