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The 4 Best Airsoft SMG Reviews

Camouflage soldier with Best Airsoft SMG and painted face playing airsoft outdoors in the forest If you’re an airsoft fan, close-quarters combat is one of those pleasures that you really have to experience. Of course, the best feeling comes when you win, and for that you may want to go with a submachine gun instead of a bulky rifle or a puny pistol. With the best airsoft SMG in your hands, you get a rifle’s firepower with the maneuverability of a pistol.

It’s not a coincidence that just about every Special Forces military group around the world use submachineguns. You can feel like you’re in one of those elite squads, using the best airsoft SMG to mow down your opponents.

But that leads to a natural question: which is the best airsoft submachinegun? You can determine which one is best-suited for your needs, and you’ll get the knowledge that can lead to an informed choice.

Top 4 Airsoft SMG: Comparison Chart

Image Airsoft SMG Features Price
GameFace ASRGTH Electric Full/Semi-Auto Airsoft Submachine Gun
  • Rails: Picatinny rail
  • Free mag: Drum magazine
  • Fps: 320 fps
Check Price
Evike USA Licensed Krytac Kriss Vector – Airsoft AEG SMG Rifle
  • Rails: Picatinny rails at the top and bottom
  • Free mag: Mid-cap stick magazine
  • Fps: 320 to 350 fps
Check Price
KRISS Vector LE KRISS USA Licensed Kriss Vector Airsoft AEG SMG Rifle
  • Rails: Picatinny rails at the top and bottom
  • Free mag: None
  • Fps: 320 to 350 fps
Check Price
Well D98 M1A1 WWII Submachine Gun AEG
  • Rails: None
  • Free mag: Drum and stick mag
  • Fps: About 300 fps
Check Price

Best Picks of Airsoft SMG

Check out these AEG airsoft SMGs that ought to be part of your arsenal. We went with a wide range of options, from faithful WWII replicas to seemingly futuristic weapons based on real guns.

#1: GameFace ASRGTH Electric Full/Semi-Auto Airsoft Submachine Gun

[aawp box=”B00IVKAY3Y” template=”image”]
  • Length: 625mm
  • Weight: 1052g
  • Inner Barrel: ~260mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 800 rounds hi capacity
  • Gearbox: Proprietary, ABS
  • Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
  • Synthetic foregrip and stock
  • Historical look
  • Adjustable hop up
  • 320 fps
  • 300 rounds per minute
  • Comes with battery and charger
  • Features picatinny rail

The Game Face brand may be new, as it was launched recently in 2009. But it’s simply a new division of the Crosman Airsoft company, which was founded as the Crosman Arms company way back in 1923.

This SMG is a lot of fun, starting with the reasonable 320 fps. That means it easily passes under just about all the max fps limitations in whichever airsoft arena we tried this in.

What really sets this apart is the drum magazine, which holds up to 800 yards. That should hold a while, though you’re still able to fire up to 300 rounds a minute in full automatic mode.

Its durability is amazing, as it holds up well enough even after 10,000 rounds fired. We played with it all day and it worked fine. We even tried it outdoors in the rain, and it still functioned flawlessly. It’s very easy to move around, with its lightweight synthetic design.

Maybe the only complaint we have is that it didn’t come with free BBs, though it came with an 8.4v small type stick battery and charger. We tried out the 0.25g 6mm BBs with this, and we were able to hit targets up to 200 feet away. It comes with an adjustable hop up. It also comes with a picatinny rail for accessories.

  • Looks great
  • Impressive firepower
  • Very tough and durable
  • Lots of fun to play with
  • Allowed for just about all airsoft arenas
  • Using 0.20g BBs may not be the best for outdoor battles
  • You really don’t want to overcharge the battery

#2: Evike USA Licensed Krytac Kriss Vector – Airsoft AEG SMG Rifle

[aawp box=”B07WDD18M6″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Inner Barrel: 155mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 95 round Mid-Cap
  • Thread Direction: 14mm Negative
  • Gearbox: 8mm VECTOR proprietary
  • Fire Modes: Semi/Two-round burst/Full-Auto, Safety
  • Battery: 11.1v 1400mAh
  • Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
  • Manufacturer: Krytac / Licensed by KRISS USA
  • Ambidextrous safety and fire selector
  • Picatinny top and bottom rails
  • Integrated Krytac FET system
  • Electronic trigger
  • Quick-change spring
  • Up to 350 fps at the most

At first glance, this may seem like a very strange airsoft SMG. But it’s actually based on a real SMG called the KRISS Vector. This airsoft version sure looks like the real thing, which adds to its appeal. It gives you that sci-fi vibe, to be sure. Some student directors even use this as props for their amateur films.

Its performance even matches its futuristic design. Using the standard 0.20g 6mm BBs, you’re able to fire your pellets at a velocity of about 320 to 350 fps. That should allow you to use this in most airsoft arenas.

It’s very easy to use, starting with its folding stock and ambidextrous fire selector and safety. You’re not limited to just either semi or full auto mode. You also have the option of firing a 2-round burst. You’re limited 95 rounds with the mid-capacity magazine that comes with this, so that 2-round burst make a lot of sense.

You can buy high-cap magazines instead, of course. In fact, you can get yourself a lot of different accessories with this thing. You have picatinny rails at the top and bottom.

All in all, this is really fun to tote around. It has lots of advanced features aside from the adjustable hop up that gives you reliable accuracy. It folds, so the length can go from 26.2 inches down to 17.5 inches. It’s not too heavy at 5.73 pounds.

This doesn’t come with a battery, though, so you’ll need to get the 11.1v 1400mAh battery on your own. You can also go with a LiPo, but the length can’t go past 116mm and the output should not go over 30 amps.

  • Looks futuristic
  • Ample fps but not too high for local arenas
  • Very accurate
  • Feels great and easy to use
  • Top and bottom rails
  • Doesn’t come with battery and charger
  • A bit expensive

#3: KRISS USA Licensed Kriss Vector Airsoft AEG SMG Rifle

Quick Specification
  • Thread Direction: 14mm Negative
  • Gearbox: 8mm VECTOR proprietary gearbox
  • Motor: Short Type
  • Fire Modes: Semi/Two-round burst/Full-Auto, Safety
  • Battery: 11.1v 1400mAh or lower LiPo battery length cannot exceed 116mm
  • Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
  • Package Includes: Gun, Magazine
  • Manufacturer: Krytac / Licensed by KRISS USA

No, this isn’t the same as the earlier KRISS Vector, though this looks futuristic as well. In fact, it shares many features, such as:

  • The same length (folded and overall)
  • The same weight at 5.73 pounds
  • The same 95 round VECTOR Mid-Cap
  • The same firing modes (full, semi, and 2-round bursts)
  • The same gearbox
  • An adjustable hop up
  • Even the same picatinny rails on the top and bottom.

So, what’s different? What you have to understand is that is the limited edition, and it’s limited to just 3,000 units. You even get a unique serial number along with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Let’s start with the stock, which here is the new ambidextrous folding stock. This time it can fold either to the left or right. It’s telescopic, and you’re able to adjust it to 3 positions.
  • Add to the new stock you also get the GEN II 2017 1-piece upper receiver.
  • It also features a sling loop along with 2 quick-detach sling swivel points.
  • There’s a new extended battery cover adding 14 cubic centimeters.
  • The extended barrel allows for a 280mm inner barrel.
  • A new modular handguard surrounds the longer barrel.

This may be a new brand, as it was established only in 2013. But it’s actually just a new division of the KRISS group, which manufacturers the real KRISS Vector. You can be sure as heck they put all the bells and whistles here!

  • High quality build
  • Familiar KRISS Vector specs
  • You’re able to fit an 11v battery here
  • Easily adjustable stock
  • You need to buy the magazine.
  • You’ll have to buy the battery and charger as well.
  • It’s a limited edition of a beast, so it’s not cheap at all.

#4: Well D98 M1A1 WWII Submachine Gun AEG

[aawp box=”B07D39CKBG” template=”image”]
  • Material: Abs Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Firing Modes: Semi-auto, Full-auto, Safety
  • Muzzle Velocity: 240-250 Fps (W/.20g Bbs)
  • Gearbox: Plastic
  • Comes with free battery and charger
  • Also comes with drum and stick mag
  • About 300 fps
  • Very realistic design
  • Semi and full-auto firing modes
  • Plastic parts

If you’ve watched a lot of WWII movies like Saving Private Ryan or TV shows like Band of Brothers, then this particular version will look familiar. You may want to add it to your collection, especially as it’s so affordable.

The listed fps rating here is 250 fps, but the manufacturer actually underestimated its capabilities. We tested it with 0.25g BBs, and we still get close to 300 fps. That means the range isn’t all that bad, even while it’s certainly well under most airsoft arena fps limits.

With this tommy gun, you’re limited to either semi or full auto, aside from setting it on safe. But it’s a lot of fun, and you even get 2 magazines with your purchase. You get the drum magazine and the stick mag too.

It also comes with a battery and charger, but you may want to replace those with better ones. After that, have fun trying to beat the Nazis!

  • Great for WWII student films
  • Acceptable (and safe) fps rates
  • Comes with adjustable hop up for greater accuracy
  • Comes with magazines and battery (with charger)
  • No rails for accessories
  • May not be the best option for outdoors
  • Doesn’t come with BBs

What’s an SMG?

Rifle with a drum magazine closeupThe acronym “SMG” refers to a submachinegun. It’s actually a very old design, as it was developed during World War I. The concept was that it was an automatic weapon that didn’t have as much power as a full-sized machine gun. It didn’t fire rifle cartridges, but instead fired handgun cartridges.

Did you watch the first Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot? That movie showed us about trench warfare, and it foolish it was to charge trenches without superpowers. But the SMG was more compact, and it was a better option to use when troops decided to raid the trenches at night.

SMGs became much more popular during World War II, as millions of these things were given out to regular troops. They were particularly favored by both commandos and partisans.

Nowadays, many military Special Forces still use SMGs, along with police SWAT teams. They’re particularly favored for close-quarters combat.

What Classifies a SMG?

How do you know whether a particular weapon is a submachinegun or not? To qualify as an SMG, the weapon must possess the following characteristics:

It fires handgun cartridges.

This is one of the main features of a submachinegun. In fact, it’s more accurate to say that SMGs are more handguns on steroids than they are miniaturized rifles.

Handgun bullets tend to be short and fat, and thus isn’t as likely to over-penetrate your target. That’s a good thing in some cases when you don’t want to hit people beyond the “bad guys”.

You’re able to fire on full automatic.

This is the other crucial feature of an SMG. The ability to fire your rounds continuously is what makes the SMG very different from the AR-15, which is another popular weapon. With the AR-15, you’re limited to the semi-auto mode, meaning you have to press the trigger for every shot.

Section 6: What are the Most Important Attributes of a SMG?

Why do some experts (most notably police SWAT team members) still use SMGs, despite the age of the design and the emergence of compact assault rifles? Here are some attributes that these experts really like:

Full-auto mode

This is perhaps the most crucial difference with a pistol, or even an AR-15. You’re able to spray an area, where there may be a large group of bad guys hanging around. Or else the shots force them to take cover, letting your other team members move into better positions.

With just the semi-auto mode, there’s no spraying option. You can’t fire bursts to increase the chances of hitting the bad guy at all.

Use of handgun cartridges

Handgun cartridges are generally affordable and easier to come by. If you already have pistols, then adding an SMG to your arsenal let’s you use the same rounds.

These handgun bullets are also generally slow and fat. These aren’t major drawbacks in CQB firefights, since you really don’t need an extended range. But these rounds don’t go through your bad guys, so you don’t hit people you didn’t really want to hit.

You also get less recoil too. That saves you from a lot of fatigue in the long run.

What Are Some Handy Features For a SMG?

girl in military uniform with an airsoft gun standing on the roadWhile the following features aren’t absolutely necessary for an SMG, they sure are nice:

Compact and lightweight

As a general rule, SMGs are smaller than full-sized rifles like the M16. They’re then easier to maneuver in cramped settings, such as indoors when running around in houses. You may even be able to fire them using a single-hand.


These can be made to use with suppressors, to reduce the noise when firing. This works when using subsonic rounds. In fact, some SMG have been made with built-in suppressors. They’re great when you’re doing sneaky raids and you don’t want to alarm the whole neighborhood.

Accommodates other accessories

You should look for a rail system that lets you attach accessories like a tactical flashlight or a red-dot laser. You’ll be able to improve your performance while fighting in a dark setting while being able to target the bad guys more accurately.

What is the Best Airsoft SMG?

The military website offers this list of the top SMGs in the world:

  1. H&K MP5. It’s known for its accuracy and reliability, and it’s used all over the world.
  2. Uzi. The Uzi is perhaps the first famous SMG, and even today it’s quite well-known. It’s famous for how easy it is to use and maintain.
  3. FN P90. This first came out as a personal defense weapon, but it later evolved to suit offensive close combat operations. This is a compact weapon with great penetration and range, along with high-capacity magazines. It’s also easy to use and maintain, and the low recoil allows for single-hand firing.
  4. H&K MP7. Actually, this was developed to compete with the FN P90 as a personal defense weapon. While it weighs and looks like a typical SMG, its penetration power and range at close combat can compare to that of an assault rifle.
  5. H&K UMP. Actually, this was meant to be the successor to the famous MP5. It was basically meant to be a more affordable MP5, with the low weight and great power of a good SMG.

How Does an Airsoft DMR Compare to an SMG?

The DMR refers to the designated marksman rifle, and it is very different to a submachine gun. True, both of these weapons are used by experts in the military and police, and they both have larger magazine capacities.


With the DMR, the range is much farther than what you’d get with the regular assault rifle. That’s why you often find a scope attached to the DMR. It hits targets with consistent precision from father away. But it doesn’t reach the range performance of a true sniper rifle.

With the SMG, you pretty much have the same range as that of a pistol. It’s meant for close-quarters combat for the most part. Even ordinary assault rifles generally have a longer range than an SMG.

Firing Modes

The SMG lets you fire in full auto or semi-auto. That means that you can spray an area with bullets if you want.

That’s not an option with the DMR, which is typically in semi-auto mode only. That means you need to press the trigger every time you want to shoot. But that’s still faster than a dedicated sniper rifle, which is usually bolt-action.

Things to Consider Before Buying the best Airsoft SMG

Portrait of troubled young asian guy trying think up plan or idea,It’s very tempting to just look at the price when you wish to buy an airsoft SMG. But the price isn’t everything, even if it’s important that you stay within a reasonable budget. Buying a cheap airsoft gun may just get you a substandard weapon. But just because an airsoft SMG is expensive doesn’t always mean it’s also terrific.

Here are some factors you should check out instead:

Brand Name

If you’re a newbie to airsoft, simply google the manufacturer brand name to get some background. The best brands have lasted in the business by proving their reliability and quality over the years. Don’t go with an unknown brand, as generally they offer poor quality control and almost non-existent customer support.


What are you getting for your money? Having extra accessories as part of the purchase can reduce your total expenses. It’s great if the purchase at least includes a battery and charger, free BBs, and perhaps an extra magazine. Some kits even come with extra stocks.

If it doesn’t have a battery and charger, then the price should be lower. You’ll also get the best battery you can get, plus a smart charger too.

Compact Size

You may want a replica that faithfully copies the original measurements of the SMG it’s based on. The practical reason for this is that the SMG is just the right size for operating indoors. It’s not too big and bulky like assault rifles.

In addition, you get that special feeling when you hold a faithful replica in your hands. It’s as if you transport yourself into a “real” battlefield, when your airsoft SMG feels so real. At the same time, this also helps if you’re training with the airsoft version to familiarize yourself with a real SMG.


While it feels reassuring to have something solid and hefty in your hands, it’s always best to go with a lightweight weapon. It’s easier to move around, and it’s not as tiring. That’s why you may want to go with an airsoft SMG made with tough polymer for the body.


The FPS rating helps to determine the range and accuracy of your weapon. For outdoor use (and maybe even vermin control), you’ll want as high an FPS rating as you can get. But indoors arenas generally impose a maximum fps limit for safety. Your airsoft SMG may not be all that useful if you’re not able to get the fps to within the allowed limits.

Magazine Capacity

Air soft gun with protective glasses and lot of bulletsHow many rounds does your magazine contain? The more BBs you have per magazine, the better. You won’t have to replace the magazine too frequently. It’s during these times that you’re at your most vulnerable.

Rate of Fire

Your weapon should be able to switch between automatic and semi-automatic mode. You should check out the rate of fire as well, as that’s useful when dealing with large groups of enemies. Also, the more BBs you fire the more likely you’ll hit your target.


You’ll need to check the accessory rail system to see what kind of accessories you’re able to attach to your weapon.


There’s no real way to know the accuracy of the weapon beforehand until you actually test it. But be sure that it at least has an adjustable hop up.


How well does the airsoft SMG work over time? It should still work nicely even if you bump the weapon around, or even if it rains.

You may want to check out long-term customer reviews and see how well the weapon holds up after extended use.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Airsoft SMG

Your airsoft AMG will only work properly for so long if you don’t use it the right way, and do proper maintenance. Here are some tips that should help:

Use Only Branded BBs

These are generally a bit more expensive, but they’re worth every penny. That’s because cheaper BBs have a higher chance of damaging your airsoft SMG barrel. Don’t reuse fired BBs either, because they’re likely deformed after being fired.

Clean the Barrel Regularly

You don’t want any dirt or debris inside that can cause the BBs to damage the barrel. In fact, you’re better off cleaning the barrel thoroughly of any sort of grease once you take your airsoft SMG out of the box. Then clean it again after you’ve fired several magazines.

Clean the barrel after every use, to be on the safe side. Make sure the hop up is set to off when you do the cleaning.

Use Silicone Oil

When cleaning your airsoft SMG, always use silicone oil. You can use just a bit of silicone oil in the magazine and the hop up. Don’t use WD40 or any other cleaning oil that’s not silicone-based.

Charge Your Battery Correctly

First off, start with the most powerful battery that’s recommended for your airsoft SMG. Then it’s best if you use a smart charger for this battery. You don’t really want to overcharge your battery, and the smart charger can keep your battery safe.

But what if you don’t have a smart charger? In that case, you better monitor the charging to make sure you only charge the battery for the allotted time. The right length of charging time is to get the battery capacity in “mAh”, divide it by the charger output, and then multiply the result by 1.4.

Who Makes the Best Airsoft SMG?

That depends on what kind of SMG you’re looking for.

Now if you’re looking for a realistic copy of a WWII SMG, then Well is a terrific brand. Their SMGs even come at very reasonable prices.

But if you want a modern SMG with a futuristic look, then stick to the Krystac brand. That’s the division set up by the actual manufacturer of the real KRISS Vector.

Basically, the best airsoft SMGs are the ones that faithfully copy the specs of the original SMGs. Usually, if you get a licensed copy, it’s a safe bet.


Do you like to reenact WWII battles as a way to battle the evil Nazis? Then you’ll like the Well version of the WWII SMG. It’s not advanced at all, and it even comes with a reasonable price.

But for sheer fun, nothing beats the KRISS Vector airsoft SMGs. Get the limited edition if you can afford it, as it’s durable and advanced. You’ll reign the local indoor arenas with it, and even use it for your amateur sci-fi movie productions!

Frequently Fsked Questions

Here are some questions that you may be pondering, and the answers you’re looking for:

What is the most powerful SMG?

That depends on what kind of power the question is referring too. In practical terms, the question generally refers to the penetrative power. It’s often mentioned that too many SMGs aren’t able to penetrate typical body armor at extended ranges.

But with the MP7, you may get the kind of power you’re looking for. The MP7 fires the 4.6×30 mm high-velocity ammunition, and its power is between the power of pistol rounds and regular rifle rounds. H&K claims that their MP7 can go through a standard CRISAT body armor at 200 meters.

Which is better SMG or AR?

For regular infantry, the standard AR (assault rifle) is simply better. It offers a much better range and penetrative power than the submachinegun.

But plenty of commandos and SWAT teams still go with SMGs because of the advantages these weapons bring. They’re easier to maneuver and maintain, which is great when operating in buildings instead of fields.

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