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The 6 Best Airsoft Shotgun Reviews 

Best Airsoft Shotgun vector illustrationSince the shotgun is one of the most recommended weapons for home defense, it makes sense why there’s a growing number of airsoft combat enthusiasts who are looking for the best shotgun they can get.

After all, with some airsoft shotguns you don’t have to aim too carefully. With the spread of the several pellets it fires, you’re likely to hit the mark as long as you point the shotgun in the general direction of the target. Of course, it has to be in range.

An airsoft shotgun doesn’t have to have the traditional drawbacks of an authentic shotgun. There’s no powerful recoil that can put you down on your bottom if you’re not ready for it. You may have more rounds available as well before you take a time out to reload. Also, it’s certainly not as loud as a real shotgun!

Top 6 Airsoft Shotgun: Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick look on the more important features of the airsoft shotguns on our list of top picks. With this airsoft side by side shotgun comparison chart, you should have a better idea of how they’re different from one another:

Image Name Features Price
Mossberg Tactical Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun
  • FPS: 355
  • Clip round: 180
  • Pellets fired: 1
Check Price
UTG Sport Airsoft Multi-Shot Combat Shotgun
  • FPS: 350
  • Clip round: 10 (30 BBs)
  • Pellets fired: 3
Check Price
Double Eagle 350 FPS M401 Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun
  • FPS: 350-400
  • Clip round: 17
  • Pellets fired: Depends on the number of pumps
Check Price
BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun
  • FPS: 375-400
  • Clip round: 14
  • Pellets fired: 1 or more
Check Price
Double Eagle M58A Tactical Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun
  • FPS: 330-420
  • Clip round: 15
  • Pellets fired: 1
Check Price
Lancer Tactical LT-7352 Airsoft Shotgun
  • FPS: 300-350
  • Clip round: 30
  • Pellets fired: 3
Check Price

 Best Picks for Airsoft Shotgun

With quite a few airsoft shotguns available these days, it may not be all that easy to pick among them. You can start with less effort simply by choosing among our airsoft shotgun recommendations:

Mossberg Tactical Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun

[aawp box=”B00538TI3Y” ]

This is actually a set of airsoft weapons that will let you play close quarters battles right away. It’s a very affordable kit that’s great for newbies.

The set includes a shotgun and a pistol, which are both spring-powered. You also get 2500 BBs with different colors, plus a holster for the pistol.

The shotgun here shoots single shots, firing the 6mm rounds at a velocity of 355 fps. The range and accuracy also get a boost from the adjustable hop up system, which puts a backspin on the ammo to make it fly for longer ranges.

The mag for the shotgun carries 180 rounds, so you won’t have to keep reloading like you would with a real shotgun. This may be the best single shot airsoft shotgun for you if you’re worried about running out of ammo.

The shotgun itself weighs 4.2 pounds, and it’s made of tough ABS polymer. It’s easy enough to handle, with its length of 29.1 inches.

If an opponent gets too close, then the pistol works as your backup. Its mag carries 70 rounds, which you shoot at a velocity of 162 fps.

This is terrific for newbies, especially at this price point. It’s well-made enough that it doesn’t really jam or malfunction.

You can even have younger kids playing around with the pistol. The adults who are new to airsoft can get a feel for the sport with this shotgun.

Just remember that the shotgun doesn’t fire a spread of pellets. This one fires single shots, just like a rifle.

What I Like
  • Shotgun with pistol combo
  • Comes with pistol holster along with 2500 BB rounds
  • Lightweight at 4.2 pounds
  • Mag holds 180 rounds

UTG Sport Airsoft Multi-Shot Combat Shotgun

[aawp box=”B002GO05G2″ ]

This one doesn’t fire pellets one at a time. Instead, it fires 3 BB pellets at the same time, which makes it more like a shotgun than an ordinary rifle.

The authenticity is quite nice, especially if it’s the shotgun experience that you’re going for.

You even have shot shell cartridges, instead of magazines you’d find in airsoft rifles and pistols. Each magazine gives you 30 BBs, so that means you get 10 shots per shell cartridge.

Your purchase also has a spare shell and a speed loader.

This is spring-powered, and it gives your pellets a firing velocity of about 350 fps. This also with a precise hop-up adjustment switch.

The spread pattern is about the size of a dinner plate when you fire at a target 30 yards away. This seems very effective in combat, especially when you have moving targets to deal with.

This is easy enough to handle, with its length of 35.5 inches. It’s not really heavy at all, since it only weighs 3.1 pounds.

Using this is quite fun, especially with the sure-cocking forearm. It just feels dramatic when you’re using this in combat simulations.

It’s quite affordable too, though you do need to make sure you don’t bump it around too much. Also, you need more shell shot cartridges for actual airsoft combat, and those aren’t really all that cheap at all.

What I Like
  • It offers a nice spread so you don’t have to be very careful when you aim
  • The pellets travel at high velocity, boosting your range
  • It feels terrific to use, since you get the sense that you’re battling the Terminator
  • You have a speedloader, which is actually essential

Double Eagle 350 FPS M401 Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun

[aawp box=”B071HTQGX6″ ]

Now if you’re in the mood for a “sawed-off” shotgun, you may want to take a closer look at this spring-powered airsoft shotgun. This is only about 21.26 inches long, so you can carry it “concealed” as your backup weapon in an airsoft battle.

At least you’re able to fire BBs at a velocity of 350 to 400 fps.

You get a fast-cocking pump, for each time you need to fire. Each mag only contains 17 rounds, so don’t waste your rounds.

You can use this in single shot mode, simply by pumping once to be ready to shoot.

However, you can pump this twice and get 2 pellets ready, or pump it 3 times and you can fire 3 pellets at once. You can pump it 8 times in a row, and your next shot will fire 8 pellets at once.

It just feels bad-ass, especially when you’re hitting targets from 100 feet away. It’s also easy to reload.

It’s not “easy” to use, per se, when compared to fully automatic airsoft rifles that can spray an area instantaneously.

But the constant pumping per shot just feels more exciting and challenging. It’s a lot more fun especially for newbies, and isn’t fun the whole point of airsoft?

What I Like
  • You can pump a number of times and you can shoot that many bullets per shot
  • The pellet velocity is quite nice at a minimum of 350 fps
  • You can hit targets from a hundred feet away
  • It’s compact

BBTacAirsoft Pump Action Shotgun

[aawp box=”B002CK55JM” ]

This is another cool option, since for many airsoft players it’s just a lot different from the other weapons out there. The top part is made from metal alloy, and then you have hard ABS plastic for the rest.

What’s really nice here is that the velocity of the pellets can go at 375 to 400 fps. At this price range, that’s actually surprising.

Your purchase also comes with a mag with 14 rounds, a speed loader, and a sling.

It can fire a spread of pellets if you pump it a few times, but it’s not recommended. It’s better to just pump and shoot—and repeat.

Try this in your airsoft games, and it’s actually quite exciting to use. It’s especially challenging when you go against players using automatics, but that challenge is part of the fun.

Newbies can get a kick out of this too, and that’s most likely true with the younger set. It actually works as a starter weapon for airsoft beginners.

What I Like
  • The pellets can reach 400 fps
  • It’s simple to use, as you just have to pump and shoot
  • The top part is metal, making it look more real

Double Eagle M58A Tactical Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun

[aawp box=”B004HY1IFG” ]

Lots of airsoft shotguns are very lightweight, so they’re easy to handle.

But what if you want a more realistic feel to your airsoft shotgun? If that’s the case, then this one may catch you fancy.

This can give you the real look and feel of an authentic shotgun. That way, it feels more exciting to use.

There’s even a bit of heft to it, since it weighs more than 4 pounds. With heavy-duty metal combining with ABS plastic for its build, it’s quite durable.

The realistic look also works for film majors who need shotgun props for their student films. The pump action pulls back the spring that’s powering the shotgun.

You can even use this for actual airsoft battles as well. You can fire .20g BBs at a speed of 330 fps, and .12g pellets at a velocity of 420 fps.

The .12g pellets may be the best BBs for airsoft shotgun, so you get better range while your opponent doesn’t get hurt much.

The magazine only holds 15 rounds, so you better shoot wisely and not wildly.

What I Like
  • It’s simple with the 1 pump, 1 shot principle
  • It looks like a real shotgun
  • It even feels real
  • The velocity of the pellets can reach 420 fps

LancerTactical LT-7352 Airsoft Shotgun

[aawp box=”B07P76KFKV” ]

The unique feature of the LT-7352 is that it doesn’t just have a single shotgun barrel. No, instead it has 3 barrels.

That means it’s able to fire 3 shots simultaneously, and these pellets don’t have to go out of a single barrel. They’re able to shoot out unimpeded, which gives you better range.

It does help that the pellets are propelled by a double spring system, and you also have a hop-up that spins the pellets to make them travel farther. It’s powerful enough to shoot the pellets at a velocity of about 300 to 350 fps.

The power here makes it quite suitable for close quarters battles. The purchase comes with only a single shell containing 30 rounds (therefore 10 shots).

But you can always buy more. These shells are super-inexpensive.

It helps with CQB fights that it has a shorter barrel for easier handling. The folding stock also lets you switch from firing from the shoulder to firing from the hip instead.

Lots of people are impressed with its heft, so it feels substantial and realistic. It’s quite durable, though of course you should avoid bumping it on hard surfaces willy-nilly.

It shoots far and quite straight, which really makes it an asset. If you’re looking for the best tri shot airsoft shotgun, this may well be what you’re looking for.

What I Like
  • It feels solid
  • It fires 3 shots at once
  • You’re able to shoot at targets from farther away
  • The pellets shoot straight
  • The extra shells are cheap

What is the best airsoft shotgun?

This depends on what you want.

Shotguns isolated on whiteDo you want a replica that you can display? If that’s the case, your top priority will be how the airsoft shotgun looks. You’ll want one with the right dimensions and colors, along with the proper trademarks.

With accurate functions, you may even use an airsoft shotgun as a realistic movie prop.

If you’re in the mood for something different when it comes to airsoft battles, then you should be more concerned about accuracy and ease of use. You need to check the fps velocity of the pellets, and whether the pellets fire straight.

You may have to pump the shotgun each time you need to fire, but then that’s part of the challenge—and the fun.

Things to Consider Before Buying Airsoft Shotgun

You should read lots of product specs and airsoft shotgun review articles to give you a clear idea of what’s in store for you. When you check out the info, pay attention to the following factors.


Prevent business loss strategy Any responsible consumer needs to take the cost into account. However, you also need to remember that you get what you pay for. The more features you get with your airsoft shotgun, the more you have to pay.

It’s best that you match the cost with your skill level. The best airsoft shotgun for beginners can still be lots of fun for newbies, and they don’t have to cost all that much.

The best airsoft shotgun under $50 can give you the thrill you need if you’re new to the game. Once you get used to the basic weaponry, it will then be natural for you to want to get more sophisticated stuff.


Lots of airsoft weapons these days are AEGs (powered by a rechargeable battery) or gas-powered (like CO2). But on our list, we went with the best spring airsoft shotgun.

This is because spring-powered weapons are simpler and very affordable. That makes them more suited for newbies. The best gas shotgun airsoft may just be too expensive for you, and the battery-powered airsoft rifles may be even more expensive.


The higher the fps (feet per second), the greater the velocity you get for your pellets. That means you ger greater range and better accuracy.

If you’re planning to use this weapon for actual airsoft battles, this feature certainly matters.

Mag Capacity

For most people, the more rounds the better. That way, you can fire hundreds of pellets before you need to switch to another mag.

But for some others, it’s about the realism and authenticity of using a shotgun for battles. That means using a mag with a lower round capacity.

Number of Pellets Fired 

Bullets ammunitionSome airsoft shotguns are single shots, while others fire more pellets at once. Pick the version that suits your fancy.


Plenty of affordable airsoft shotguns are made primarily with ABS polymer plastic. These are tough, without the weight and expense of metal parts.

However, with metal parts you get greater durability. Also, having lots of metal parts tends to make the airsoft shotgun look like the real deal.

Airsoft Shotgun vs Pistol vs Rifle

Gun and automatic weapon vector Which one is best for you? Again, that will depend on how you plan to use this in your airsoft battles.

Just about everyone concedes that for maximum battle effectiveness, you need a rifle. That way, you get hundreds of rounds per mag. Some rifles can even fire 600 rounds per minute.

For your backup, you can then go for your pistol. A pistol is a great option because it’s compact and lightweight, and you can aim and fire with a single hand. You can take out the pistol if your opponents are too close, and you don’t have the opportunity to reload your rifle.

So where does the airsoft shotgun come in? The thing is that the shotgun can be used for both purposes. In some cases, players have used a shotgun to back up their rifle instead of using a pistol. After all, a shotgun is also quite compact.

Most people who go for the airsoft shotgun use it as their primary weapon instead of a rifle. It’s not as efficient as a rifle, but the challenges are part of the fun of it. It’s a new experience for most airsoft players, and besides it just feels cool.

Airsoft 3 vs 6 Shot Shotgun

For most airsoft shotgun users, firing 3 pellets simultaneously is more efficient than firing 6 shots. That’s because the spread tends to be the same for 3 shots as it is for 6 shots. You’re just as likely to hit your target either way.

With 3 shots, you’re then able to get more shots from your magazine than firing 6 shots at once. You actually double your effective mag capacity.

Airsoft Gas vs Spring Shotgun

Pneumatic (gas) gun, magazine, holster and balls for shooting at a wooden tableIn most cases, you’re actually better off with the spring airsoft shotgun than with the gas.

The spring version is certainly more affordable initially. Then you also save money because you don’t have to keep buying gas cartridges.

With the gas version, it’s certainly more effective in battle, since you tend to get a higher fps rating for your pellets. The gas-powered rifles are useful for semi or fully automatic mode.

But with a shotgun, you don’t really go for semi or fully automatic mode. To be realistic, you need to pump the action for each shot you take. That makes the spring power system a lot more suitable.

Tri shot vs Single Shot Airsoft Shotgun

Should you go with a 3-shot or a single-shot weapon? This depends on your personal preferences.

With a 3-shot, you can get a spread for your pellets. That means you’re more liable to hit your target from farther away, especially if your opponents are moving.

But a single-shot is more efficient with your ammo. You can get more shots out of your clip. A 30-round clip gives you only 10 rounds with a 3-shot airsoft shotgun before you need to reload.

In close range combat, you’re also just as likely to hit an enemy with a single pellet compared to firing 3 pellets at once.

Metal vs Plastic Shotgun Airsoft

An all-metal airsoft weapon is usually more expensive. But then again, you get a more realistic look and feel for your shotgun. The metal parts also tend to be more durable than their ABS polymer counterparts. You’re better off with metal for the moving parts of the weapon.

On the other hand, ABS polymer is still tough, but it’s a lot cheaper. You also cut down on the weight, which can make things hard for you when you’re simulating combat.

For a nice airsoft shotgun, you may want a combo build with both metal and plastic parts. Try one with metal moving parts, then go for the plastic for the rest.

Who Makes the Best Airsoft Shotgun?

With airsoft shotguns, you probably want something that’s realistic and hefty. That helps to simulate the real feel of a shotgun. You probably accept that you’re disadvantaged when it comes to rate of fire and available ammo, but that’s the challenge and the fun part.

Brands such as Lancer Tactical and BBTac offer these airsoft shotguns. They have enough metal in these weapons to make them feel realistic, which matches their genuine looks. What sets these brands apart is that they’re famous for offering affordable weapons that are great for newbies. You won’t need to spend much for BBTac and Lancer Tactical airsoft shotguns to have fun.

Final Verdicts

Go with the Double Eagle M58A Tactical Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun. It doesn’t matter if you plan to just display the airsoft shotgun or you want to use it for battles.

It looks and feels like the real shotguns that actual cops use. It combines metal and ABS polymer parts to give that heft you’ll like, and it’s one of the most durable airsoft weapons around. The pump action is also quite realistic.

At the same time, it gives you a little bit of a challenge. Sure, you get 420 fps for your .12g BBs. But you also only have 14 rounds in your mag, so you better think before you shoot.

We’re not the only ones who have had a lot of fun with this weapon. It’s also super-reliable, as it very rarely jams. If you want to get some authentic shotgun fun without spending too much, then this is the best airsoft shotgun for you.

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