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The 5 Best Airsoft Scopes and Optics for Snipers and Rifles Reviewed

Best Airsoft Scope on the street with blurry backgroundNormally, you don’t really scopes and other optics gear when you’re into airsoft close-quarter battles. But when you’re the designated sniper on your airsoft team, you owe it to your teammates to get the best airsoft scope you can use.

When you’re the sniper, you may be tasked to guard a particular area and pick off enemies that stray into your sight. You may also be needed to support a frontal assault on an enemy position, noting the position of the guards and maybe picking them off as well.

But when you’re farther than usual from your enemies, you increase the risk of missing your target. That’s where the best airsoft optics comes into play—with it, you’re better able to find and hit your enemies.

Top 5 Airsoft Scopes & Optics: Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick overview of our list of the best airsoft sniper scope options for your money.

UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope
  • Size: 26.4 x 4 x 5.3 cm
  • Weight: 658g
  • Reticle Type: 36 colors mil-dot
  • Magnification: 3-12 x 44
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CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope
  • Size: Length, 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 450g
  • Reticle Type: Illuminated crosshairs
  • Magnification: 4 x 32
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Ohuhu Red Green Dot Gun Sight Scope
  • Size: 4.7 x 3.7 x 1.4 inch
  • Weight: 115g
  • Reticle Type: Red or green dot
  • Magnification: 1 x 33
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Pinty Tactical 1x30mm Reflex Red Green Dot Sight Riflescope
  • Size: 5.6 inches long
  • Weight: 176g
  • Reticle Type: 4 MOA Illuminated Red and Green Dot
  • Magnification: 1 x 30
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CVLIFE 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope
  • Size: 7.48 inches long
  • Weight: 113g
  • Reticle Type: Crosshairs
  • Magnification: 4 x 32
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Best Picks of Airsoft Scopes

With so many scope options for airsoft rifles, where do you start your search? You may want to make sure you start with the best, by checking out our list of recommendations.

None of these best airsoft rifle optics are overly expensive, and we made sure to pick only the most durable scopes.

UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope

[aawp box=”B004KRA4YG”]

When you don’t want to spend a lot, but you still expect a lot, try this. It offers features you normally only see in the more expensive scopes.

This fits in with a Picatinny or Weaver rail, and it works with just about any airsoft rifle. This is easy enough to set up, which makes it entirely suitable for newbies.

With the magnification range, you can check out enemies when you’re acting as the lookout as your teammates go in for an assault. Go with 3x for sniper duty when picking out opponents, while the 12x magnification can let you find target locations that you can communicate to your assault team.

Its lenses with several emerald coatings are considered best in its class. With lots of colors available for your mil-dot reticle, you can pick the color that works best for the light conditions.

This comes with a nitrogen seal that makes it fog-proof and rainproof. If the sun is a problem, it has an angled sunshade to let you get a clear view of your target.

With the flip-open lens caps, you’re able to protect the lens when you’re not peering through it. you won’t have to worry about losing the caps either.

What I Like
  • It’s extremely tough, and it’s shockproof, too.
  • The focus knob lets you focus quickly.
  • It works with almost all airsoft rifles.
  • You can pick a reticle color that works best for the light conditions.
  • Just hit a button to change the reticle color at any time.

CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scopet

[aawp box=”B01GHSY0SQ”]

This is easy enough to zero in. We only needed 6 shots, and we were zeroed in to 25 yards.

We then used the lower crosshairs for distances beyond 25 yards, and it held true for farther distances as well. It even held true out to 100 yards, though for most airsoft battles that’s not a distance you want to try to hit.

The good news is that it holds zero even after a lot of shots afterwards. Because it’s a compact model, we were able to move around quickly and aiming didn’t take long either.

We also had our reticle color options with green, red, or blue. Each color had 3 brightness settings, so we were able to use the scope even under different lighting conditions.

This also comes with a fiber optic sight on top, which makes it easier to acquire targets at closer range.

This is also super-tough and shockproof, with its aluminum alloy build and durable black matte finish. As it is nitrogen-filled, it’s resistant to fog.

What I Like
  • It’s shockproof.
  • It holds true even after lots of recoil shocks.
  • It’s fog-resistant.
  • It matches with 20mm Weaver or Picatinny rails.
  • It’s only 5.5 inches long, so we were able to move fast with it.
  • We can adjust the brightness setting to match the lighting conditions.
  • The multicoated lens gave us bright and sharp images.

Ohuhu Red Green Dot Gun Sight Scope

[aawp box=”B00YRIHYIW”]

This doesn’t come with a zoom, which isn’t really a bad thing at all for some circumstances. It simply means you need to aim at targets you can actually see with your naked eye.

You can use this for any airsoft weapon that accommodates an integrated rail that fits dovetailed bases.

This also offers 4 types of reticles, so you can pick one that fits your fancy. You can go with a dot, a dot in a circle, a dot within crosshairs, or a dot in a circle with crosshairs.

You can go with a red or green reticle, to match your light conditions as well. If the red doesn’t work with the background color of your target, just switch to the green.

What’s really great about this scope is that it holds zero in just about all circumstances. Even if you keep unmounting and mounting the scope, it holds zero.

The same goes even if you drop this or bump it hard against rocks and trees.

What I Like
  • This is very lightweight, so it didn’t affect the balance of the rifle at all.
  • It’s shockproof, so I didn’t have to worry about bumping it around during fierce airsoft battles.
  • It’s also waterproof, so it didn’t matter to the scope if it rained.
  • The tubeless design lets me acquire targets very easily, because it basically offered a wide field of view.
  • This lets me go with rapid fire and still acquire targets.
  • I can switch to red or green reticles easily.
  • There are 4 reticle options to match your preference.

Pinty Tactical 1x30mm Reflex Red Green Dot Sight Riflescope

[aawp box=”B019MN7N5U”]

This is extremely affordable, so it’s understandable if you were expecting a cheap toy that didn’t last long. But at this price point, its performance level is shockingly fantastic.

You can put this in with weaver and picatinny rails. It’s compatible with all 20mm rails, actually.

First of all, it’s extremely tough owing to the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It also works in challenging weather conditions, as it is fog-proof and waterproof.

Then you have the red or green dot option. Use the green during the day, and go with the red for nighttime combat.

You even have 5 brightness levels for both the red and green dots. That means you can match the reticle to whatever lighting condition you’re in.

In bright daylight, we used the green dot with the lowest power setting, and it was perfectly visible. The large objective aperture gave us a great sight picture, and it was very easy to shoot with.

We zeroed this to 40 yards, and it held true afterwards. We even put it through 120 rounds, it was still zeroed in to 40 yards.

What I Like
  • It’s very affordable
  • It’s made with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy so that it’s very tough
  • The red dot sigh is great for nighttime, with the green better for daytime battles
  • For both green and red dots, you have 5 brightness levels to use to match the lighting
  • It holds true very well

CVLIFE 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope

[aawp box=”B01BBTS3JI”]

If you have a longer rifle, then you can use this 7.48-inch scope on it and not feel any sort of imbalance on it. It’s a good thing it weighs only 113 grams.

This actually mounts easily enough on your airsoft rifle. In fact, you can even use this for a real rifle for target practice or hunting.

The optics are clear and crisp, and it’s a pleasure to use. That’s actually surprising given how affordable this was, and its quality certainly isn’t cheap.

What really impressed us is how well it held its zero. We’ve been using this for months, and it still held true no matter what.

It does help that it’s a 1-piece scope made with premium-quality aluminum. It even has scratch-resistant coating.

It’s shockproof, so that you won’t need to worry about bumping it around during a battle. It’s also fog-proof and waterproof, so the rain and the cold won’t be problems for the scope, either.

You may find that you can even use this without your glasses even if you’re nearsighted or farsighted. The dioptric adjustment lens gives you a clear image no matter what.

With its 4x magnification, you also won’t have to fiddle around with a focus knob.

What I Like
  • This is scratch-resistant and super-tough.
  • It’s also shockproof, waterproof, and fog-resistant.
  • The coating offers a clear image with high contrast.
  • You can use this without glasses if you’re nearsighted or farsighted.
  • It holds zero even after a long time.


What is the Best Airsoft Scope?

Special forces, soldier assault rifle with silencer, optical sight. behind cover waiting in ambush This depends on your preferences, actually. But in general, a good scope for you is one that actually increases your shot accuracy.

Obviously, you should be able to afford it. It should also withstand the rigors of airsoft battle conditions, so you don’t have to replace it too frequently because it gets damaged easily.


Factors to Consider before Buying Airsoft Scopes and Optics

It can be annoying to find buying guide for scopes, filled with technical jargon. While these technical details may be of interest for many hunters, most airsoft fans aren’t exactly fond of the jargon.

So let’s break down the factors to consider in more basic ways. When you read an airsoft scope review, concentrate on the following factors:

How Much Does It Cost?

An assault rifle lies with an eye on a military briefcaseYou really don’t have to spend a lot for a scope for airsoft guns. A budget sniper scope should be fine, since you’re not using it for hunting or self-defense.

In fact, you may find that the cheap airsoft sniper scopes can offer a much better bang for the buck than most of the expensive ones. More often than not, the best airsoft scope under $50 dollars will be better for you than the pricier scopes (which may break down more easily in battle conditions).

The only time you should go with more expensive scopes is if you have one of those expensive, super-customized airsoft rifles. Only then are you justified in looking for the best scope for airsoft under $150.

Does It Go On Your Airsoft Rifle?

You have to make sure that your scope can mount on the airsoft rifle you have. The scope can mount on Weaver rails or Picatinny, and sometimes to both.

Does It Make Your Shots More Accurate?

This is the main reason why you want the best optics for long rifle airsoft in the first place. You should be able to find your target quickly, and then use the scope to hit them.

Ease of Use

Scope with sniper rifle on white backgroundWhat scope is best for beginner airsoft snipers? Something that’s not too complicated to use.

You really don’t want to fiddle around too much with your optics. Basically, you want something that works right off the bat.

If you do need to make adjustments on airsoft gun scopes, they better be quick and easy.

Size and Weight

The scope can’t be too big, because if it is then it might be awkward to carry around in the battlefield. It can take a longer while to aim, as well.

You also don’t want scope that’s too heavy, because it can throw off the balance of the rifle. The best airsoft scope for m4 replicas should be lightweight, or else you may end up missing your targets often.


The best scope for airsoft sniper rifle should be tough enough for airsoft battles, and for the rigors of firing your airsoft rifle. Some scopes for rifles are not tough enough for airsoft rifle shooting.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Scopes

Pretty girl in an airsoft uniform and headphones poses against a dark background with smoke in the backgroundTo make sure your scope lasts you a long while, you better take care of it properly.

  • Clean the scope lens using a microfiber cloth. Other materials, like tissue paper or your shirt, may scratch the lens coating.
  • Only clean the lens if you can’t see through it clearly. Overcleaning the scope increases the chances of scratching the lens.
  • Until you’re ready to take your shot, keep the cap on the lens.
  • Make sure you also clean the scope battery compartment regularly.

How to Zero In an Airsoft Scope

Realistic sniper scope sight with measurement marks collection setZeroing in your scope means you align it properly so the “x” mark is where your pellet hits when you’re at the right distance. The thing is, just because you put on the scope on your airsoft rifle doesn’t magically cause your pellet to hit the x-spot each time.

You’ve got to zero the scope first, and here’s how you do it.

  • Find a safe place to shoot. This can be indoors, so that you don’t have to worry about windage.
  • The distance to your target should be the same as your expected distance to airsoft battle targets. For example, if you’re going for a shot at 50 yards, then the scope should be zeroed for 50 yards.
  • Then you need to secure your shooting platform so human error won’t mess up the results. Try to shoot from a bench if you can.
  • Now shoot and note where your shots go in relation to the bull’s eye you’ve targeted.
  • If your shots are consistently hitting above (or below) the bull’s eye, adjust the crosshair elevation to match the level of your shots.
  • Do the same for the windage crosshairs (side to side).

Top Airsoft Scope Brands

Army ranger sniperOur list should give you a good idea of which brands to go for. Try UTG, CVLife, Ohuhu, and Pinty, as these brands tend to receive high airsoft optics review ratings. These are popular brands for good reasons.

For the most part, with the brands we’ve mentioned the key aspect is that the scopes they offer are all very reliable. They don’t break and wear down too quickly, and they’re typically shockproof.

They also tend to do very well despite the environmental conditions. They’re generally proofed against the rain and the fog.

Who Makes the Best Airsoft Scopes?

That’s a matter of opinion, and it depends on your preferences. However, do note that our list comes with 2 options from CVLife, which means we really like that brand.

Final Verdict

We’ve put in several scopes on our list with different features, including with 4x and 1x magnification. That way, you can go with what you like.

But we really like the UTG 3-12X44, partly because we can magnify the image further. It’s really helpful for scouting missions, so that I can see the enemy (but they can’t see me).

The focus knob here was also easy to use, and changing the magnification wasn’t any trouble at all.

We also liked the 36 different colors available. We were able to get a lot of options to pick a color that worked best with the lighting conditions and background colors.

Still, you’re the final judge of what’s the best airsoft scope for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of magnification do you need?

You shouldn’t go over 10x, since you don’t need to find targets that your rifle won’t be able to reach.

Try a 4x magnification, which should be fine for most airsoft rifles.

Another option is to go with a 3-9x magnification. The 9x magnification allows you to see targets from farther away, though you’ll need to come closer to hit them.

What’s the objective lens measurement?

Some experts recommend that you go with the 3-9×40. This means the magnification ranges from 3 to 9x, and the “40” refers to the diameter of the objective lens in mm.

The higher the number for this you get, the more light you admit into the scope so you get a brighter image. A 40 here is good enough for most battle conditions.

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