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The 7 Best Airsoft Revolver Reviews (CO2, Spring, Gas)

Best Airsoft revolver isolated in white backgroundAn increasing number of enthusiasts these days are looking for the best airsoft revolver these days.

Finding an airsoft revolver isn’t actually all that hard now, since the demand has grown and manufacturers have produced lots of options for people like you who want one.

Find the right one for you, though, is a different matter. The good news is that we offer a nice list of recommended airsoft revolvers for you to look over. We also have a few tips that can help you pick the right one among them.

With the best airsoft revolver, you can complete your collection of famous pistols, use it for training or as a movie prop, or even give you a nice backup weapon for airsoft battles. It’s also fun to use for plinking in the backyard.

Top 7 Airsoft Revolver: Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick look at what’s in store for you if you get any of our recommended airsoft revolvers.

Image Revolver Features Price
Crosman SNR357
  • FPS: 350 to 500 fps
  • Power: CO2
  • Rounds: 6
Check Price
Umarex 2252109 Brodax Air Pistol
  • FPS: 375 fps
  • Power: CO2
  • Rounds: 10
  • Caliber: 0.5
Check Price
TSD PY-4480-8739 Zombie Killer .357 6″ Replica Spring Airsoft Revolver
  • FPS: 160 to 240 fps
  • Power: Spring
  • Rounds: 6
  • Caliber: 6mm
Check Price
Umarex Colt Peacemaker Revolver Single Action Army Six-Shooter
  • FPS: 380 fps
  • Power: CO2
  • Rounds: 6
  • Caliber: 0.18
Check Price
Black Ops Exterminator Revolver Hunting Air Pistol
  • FPS: 350 fps
  • Power: CO2
  • Rounds: 6
  • Caliber: 0.18
Check Price
HFC Gas Powered Airsoft Revolvers
  • FPS: 260 to 280 fps
  • Power: Green gas
  • Rounds: 6
Check Price
ASG Dan Wesson CO2 Powered Airsoft Revolver
  • FPS: 420 to 440 fps
  • Power: CO2
  • Rounds: 6
Check Price

Best Picks of Airsoft Revolver

There are quite a few more airsoft revolvers out there, but not every one is as good as another. Some are definitely better, and we picked the best of the lot.

With any choice here, you can be sure to get the full value for your money.

Crosman SNR357

[aawp box=”B07JRCMGVJ”]

The SNR in the model name of this CO2-powered gun stands for “snub nose revolver”. That’s a better term than ‘Saturday Night Special”, which is what this pistol really is.

The good news here is that it offers a very real feeling and weight, so it’s as if you’re holding the real pistol. That’s due to the all-metal body, with only the stock made from durable polymer.

You also get the classic swing-out cylinder with the 6 shots, and the cartridges are reusable.

It’s very easy to cock this, and the trigger can work in either single action or double action mode. It has a fixed blade front sight, while the rear sight is adjustable.

The fps rating also depends on what kind of .177 BBs you get for this gun. If you go with the lead pellets, then you get a respectable 350 fps rating.

But that jumps to 400 fps with steel BBs. Go with alloy pellets, and you can really boost your range with the 500-fps velocity.

With this, you have a nice pistol you can show off or hang on display. You can even use this for training, before you handle the real pistol.

It’s not just a prop either. With the right BBs or pellets, you should be able to have a lot of fun in your airsoft simulated battles.

Try this as your backup weapon, though be mindful that you only have 6 shots per cartridge. You can’t just blindly fire this at the general direction of your opponents.

Be careful about tucking this in your waistband, as well. Cops can be very nasty if they think your carrying a concealed weapon in public!

What I Like
  • You can use several different types of ammo for this.
  • It’s quite solid and hefty, and it doesn’t feel like a toy at all.
  • The loading process is realistic, which means you can practice with this to learn about handling real revolvers.
  • 350 to 500 fps
  • Realistic feel
  • Can be single or double action
  • Easy to cock
  • No rail system for accessories

Umarex 2252109 Brodax Air Pistol

[aawp box=”B01BU2ETGW”]

This doesn’t look like any classic pistol you know about.

Its thoroughly modern look is actually what makes this a favorite among younger players. It’s a pistol that looks at home in your science fiction film project, and when you use this it feels like you’re in a video game.

This is actually fun to bring along on airsoft battles, or maybe just for backyard plinking.

Let’s start with the lack of a 12-gram CO2 cartridge, which you need to buy separately. But once you do, you can have a lot of fun.

This comes with 2 rotary mags, and each one contains 10 rounds. That means you at least get a few shots more than an ordinary pistol, though it’s still a lot more challenging than a rifle with a 180-round mag.

This is designed to fire .177 steel BBs, at a respectable velocity of 375 fps. That should be good enough to comply with most airsoft fps battlefield limits.

This even comes with 2 picatinny rails, with the one at the top rear able to accommodate a dot sight for handy aiming. There’s another picatinny rail under the barrel, where you might want to put in a flashlight for night-time simulation.

Even with the accessories, this isn’t too heavy as the stock and the frame are all made with tough, scratch-resistant polymer. You do have metal for the internal parts, so that these components are more likely to work smoothly for a longer period of time.

What I Like
  • It has a modern, even futuristic look.
  • You can put in a dot sight along with a flashlight or laser under the barrel.
  • It offers 10 rounds instead of just 6 per rotary mag.
  • The weight distribution is nicely balanced.
  • 10 rounds per mag
  • Lightweight
  • 375 fps
  • Can accommodate 2 accessories at the same time
  • Metal for the internal parts
  • Doesn’t come with the CO2 cartridge it needs

TSD PY-4480-8739 Zombie Killer .357 6″ Replica Spring Airsoft Revolver

[aawp box=”B00KQX9LDI”]

If you like pretending you’re Rick Grimes in a world full of zombies, you need the huge .357 Magnum Colt Python he uses to blast the undead right in the head. This particular spring-powered gun is huge, with a 12-inch overall length and a barrel that’s 6 inches long.

This is the best airsoft spring revolver you can get for cosplay photos and videos, or for Halloween. Its gorgeous lethality comes with gun metal silver finish on the barrel, while you have the polymer grips that look like real rosewood.

The power here isn’t really much, and it’s thankfully not noisy to fire. You can’t put a scope here, but then again it fires 6mm BBs at a velocity of about 160 to 240 fps.

You also have a realistic 6-shot rotary mag, and the spring action means you don’t have to CO2 cartridges.

At least it’s not heavy at less than a pound in weight, and you can adjust the rear sight for elevation and windage. It also comes with a hop-up for greater range and accuracy.

You can fire this in single or double action, whichever you want. Lots of the internal parts are made of metal, so you have very few breakable components.

This can last a very long while, and you can rely on it too. When you have zombies (or CQB opponents) to worry about, you don’t want parts breaking so you basically have a paperweight to defend yourself.

What I Like
  • It the same exact gun that Sheriff Rick Grimes uses against zombies.
  • It’s fun for movies and cosplay.
  • It’s extremely durable and reliable.
  • Long-lasting
  • Quiet
  • Comes with hop-up
  • Single or double action option
  • Realistic
  • Low fps
  • No speed loader

Umarex Colt Peacemaker Revolver Single Action Army Six-Shooter

[aawp box=”B01B3OIA58″]

Do you like to challenge yourself while you enjoy realistic simulations of revolver weapons? If that’s the case, then you’d really like this realistic rendition of the 6-shooter Colt Peacemaker.

In case you don’t know, this single action airsoft revolver is the weapon you’d find in the frontier, where the landowners had to defend themselves on a constant basis.

This is a great weapon for an old-time cowboy movie, or if you’re going as a cowboy for a Halloween costume party. It’s also a must-own gun if you’re trying to set up a collection of historic firearms.

We went with the pellet gun version, which is only a few dollars more expensive than the BB gun version. Even young kids can figure out how to use this fairly quickly, while adults will appreciate the authenticity of the revolver shooting experience.

This comes with 6 cartridges that look much like the bullets you put in one by one in the cylinder. Each cartridge gives you a single shot with its .177-caliber pellet.

You better have a good aim, since you have only 6 shots and it takes a while to reload. At least you can practice your draw, while you also practice your shooting.

This is CO2-powered, and you need to get your CO2 for it. But once you do, you’re able to get a velocity of 380 fps. That’s powerful enough to extend the range of the revolver, while not too powerful that you exceed usual airsoft battlefield limits.

The action is very real, so it’s not hard to pretend that you’re in one of those movie scenes when your frontier home is being raided by outlaws. The weight is nice as well due to the all-metal frame, and the use of metal makes it a lot durable.

What I Like
  • It’s fun to shoot.
  • It’s great for practice for the real thing.
  • The weight is realistic.
  • It’s accurate out to 15 yards.
  • You can fire a hundred arounds and it will cost you only $1.50.
  • Looks great
  • Nice weight
  • Realistic shooting experience
  • Accurate
  • Inexpensive to use
  • No CO2 included
  • Its 6-shot capacity and slow reloading can get you “killed” in airsoft combat

Black Ops Exterminator Revolver Hunting Air Pistol

[aawp box=”B07NS2MQXN”]

Plenty of people may complain about revolver accuracy, especially revolvers like this with a 2.5-inch barrel. But this is extremely accurate, with 350 fps thanks to the 12g CO2 cartridges.

This also comes with adjustable optics, and if these aren’t enough then you can use the picatinny rails for a laser or a flashlight. There’s a top rail you can use for scopes, and a rail under the barrel too.

This is made with metal parts all-around, except for the polymer grip. It looks great (and perhaps a tad intimidating) with its chrome finish.

This looks completely real, so don’t you start bring this outside of your yard. There’s no orange plastic at the tip of the barrel to denote its airsoft replica status.

You can fire this with single or double action, and you can shoot BBs and pellets. you get better range with pellets, but you’ll have to buy those separately.

All in all, it’s a fun piece that shoots very accurately. Load it with pellets if you want to get rid of vermin like rats and squirrels around the house.

Just keep in mind that you only have 6 shots in the cylinder, so make each shot count.

What I Like
  • It looks realistic and somewhat intimidating
  • It has metal for the moving parts
  • It fires both BBs and pellets
  • You can go with single or double action
  • Great looks
  • Highly accurate
  • Accommodates accessories
  • Useful for rats
  • Pellets have to be bought separately
  • Only 6 shots per cylinder

HFC Gas Powered Airsoft Revolvers

[aawp box=”B07JFRB1QX”]

Now this is bigger, as you can go with either the 4-inch or 6-inch version. Either way, you get that orange plastic at the tip of the barrel that tells other people it’s not a real gun.

You just need to make sure you have a proper holster for this cheap airsoft revolver, so that it won’t flop around if you have to run with this on your belt.

This is quite an affordable gun, since it’s made of tough ABS polymer. There’s no blowback to worry about, and it’s super lightweight too.

That low weight and lack of blowback makes this a better choice for newbies, especially for kids.

You use green gas for this, which is also more affordable than buying CO2 cartridges separately. You do still need to buy the green gas, however.

This is fun to play with, since it fires .20g BBs at only 260 to 280 fps. That means it’s purely for close range action, but at least you’re less likely to hurt others with your ammo.

At least with the double action, you’re able to get a faster rate of fire. You may even take out 2 or 3 opponents quickly if you take them by surprise.

Firing faster does mean you’ll run out of ammo quickly, and you only have 6 shells to work with until you need to reload.

The good news is you can pop out the rotating cartridge cylinder, so at least reloading is easier.

Still, this may be too much of a challenge for actual airsoft games. It’s better for plinking or for display, as it does look great.

But it’s accurate enough and shoots well. With its low price, it’s great for kids and newbies.

Consider this if you’re looking for the best gas airsoft revolver that suits kids.

What I Like
  • It’s very affordable
  • It has a manageable weight even for kids
  • The double action allows for faster firing
  • Looks great
  • Inexpensive
  • Great starter gun
  • It’s a great tool to teach firearm safety
  • Still takes a while to reload
  • Low fps rating

ASG Dan Wesson CO2 Powered Airsoft Revolver

[aawp box=”B00E0S139U”]

This metal airsoft revolver looks real and feels real, aside of course from the orange plastic tip. But the markings are authentic so that it looks like the real thing.

This even has an individualized serial number, so that you’ll know which one’s yours if your buddy also has this revolver.

Everything here is metal, except for the textured grip made from ABS polymer.

For accuracy, the rear sights are adjustable and you also get a double action trigger system for faster firing.

This uses a 12g CO2 cartridge, which gives you an impressive 440 fps for your rounds.

You also get a speedloader, so that you’re able to chamber in the 6 cartridges (carrying one round each).

You even have an accessory rail here so you’re able to put in a red-dot or a flashlight for greater accuracy and combat efficiency.

With the weight at less than 2 pounds, it’s hefty and solid enough, but still easy to handle.

The Dan Wesson brand is also renowned for the quality of their airsoft guns, so you know you’re getting the full value for your money. Lots of people consider this the best CO2 airsoft revolver simply because it’s a Dan Wesson.

What I Like
  • The heft is remarkably like the genuine article
  • It fires single or double action
  • There’s a detachable Weaver rail
  • You get a speedloader with this
  • Authentic looks
  • Nice weight
  • Can accommodate accessories
  • Loads relatively quickly
  • High fps
  • Just 6 shots
  • May exceed airsoft club fps limits



What is the best airsoft revolver?

3d handgun on a grunge wooden textureThe “best” for you depends entirely on why you’re looking for an airsoft revolver in the first place.

For some, it’s all because they want replicas of famous revolvers for their collection. That means having an authentic look is the top priority.

You may want one to use a prop for a photo, which still makes authentic looks the most important factor.

But if you want one as a prop for a film project, then it ought to function realistically as well.

It’s super tough to use this as an actual backup weapon for real airsoft CQB simulations. But if you think you’re that good, then the challenge will be fun.

Just make sure it’s easy to reload. You have a very limited number of rounds ready, so you’ll run out of ammo more quickly. You better make sure that you don’t have to fumble your way through the reloading process.

Things to Consider Before Buying Airsoft Revolver

When you read airsoft revolver review articles, focus on the following factors:

Authentic Looks

Military girl in camouflage uniform with revolver gun at hand against army background on shooting rangePlenty of airsoft fans consider airsoft revolvers mainly for their collectability. If that’s the case with you, try to go with an officially licensed version so that it looks real.

Many of these revolvers come with the orange plastic on the tip. That’s there for safety reasons, because these revolvers may look too real otherwise.


You want accurate measurements if you want to train and practice with the airsoft replica, before you go with the real thing.

The size can vary, as some revolvers are 2 inches longer than others. That’s because of the longer barrel.

The shorter barrel makes it easier to carry concealed, so with the airsoft replica you can figure out how to carry the revolver comfortably.


It usually feels much better to have a hefty gun in your hand, as it feels more realistic. A lightweight revolver often feels like a toy in comparison.

For the right weight, you do need more metal in the frame and inner parts of the revolver. That also makes it more durable and more reliable.

Spring or Gas Power

With gas or CO2 cartridges, you generally get more range and power. It’s just that they’re an additional expense.

You can get good enough power from a spring system, and it’s more affordable. However, the spring can wear down over time.


Cowboy with gun fighting The higher the feet per second velocity of your bullets, the greater the range and accuracy. They’re great for backyard plinking.

However, you can hurt someone if you hit them with high velocity rounds at close range.

Some airsoft clubs even put limits on the fps rating of airsoft weapons, so make sure you can use your weapon at these clubs if you’re planning to use the revolver as a sidearm.

Number of Rounds

A real revolver has 6 bullets, but the airsoft versions may have up to 10 shots per cartridge. It’s not as realistic to have 10 bullets in the revolver, but then you’re more effective in airsoft battles.

Also check if you’re able to load your cartridges more quickly.


If you’re planning to use a flashlight or a red-dot laser, check if there’s a rail system that can accommodate your accessories.

Different Types of Airsoft Revolver

A man in a hat aimsYou can categorize airsoft revolvers in several ways. For us, the most useful grouping is categorizing the revolvers according to how you want to use it.


You may want to display the revolver on your wall, or perhaps in a glass case. Or maybe it a prop for a photoshoot.

In most cases, the crucial factor is to check how accurately the replica looks like the real thing. You should make sure the dimensions and colors are right, with the proper markings where they ought to be.


The dimensions have to be right, and if possible, the weight has to be right either. That way, you can practice drawing it from the holster. You may also want to figure out new ways of carrying it concealed, so you can then do that for your real revolver.

For CQB Games

Close up images of the gun in his hand ready to shootThe very nature of a revolver makes it more challenging for you than using a semi-automatic pistol. You have fewer rounds, and often you need to cock the hammer each time you fire. You can do that automatically in double-action mode, but the force you need to press the trigger can take a lot.

Still, sometimes the challenge is what makes it fun. However, if you’re really deadest on using a revolver as your backup weapon for your rifle, you need these features:

  • 10 rounds in the cylinder
  • A speed loader or a rotary cartridge
  • High fps (as near to 400 fps as you can)

Airsoft Revolver Spring vs Gas

With a spring-powered revolver, you do get several benefits. These guns are generally more affordable, and you won’t have to keep buying replacement gas cartridges after firing 60 rounds or so.

It’s just that the fps velocity for the pellets or BBs is much lower, even for the best spring powered airsoft pistol. And eventually, the spring you use to power the weapon can break down due to usual wear and tear.

With gas-powered revolvers, however, you usually get much higher fps.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Airsoft Revolvers

Here are some useful bits of advice on taking care of your airsoft revolver.

Don’t Brandish Your Weapon

Some airsoft revolvers look so realistic that even cops may mistake them for the real thing. So don’t take it out on the streets. Just use them for backyard plinking or in well-known airsoft battlefields.

You don’t want a cop or a civilian mistaking you for a gun-toting lunatic.

Man in far westBuy a Holster for the Weapon

It doesn’t matter if you got the airsoft version of a Saturday Night Special. Don’t just tuck it in the waistband of your trousers. That can lead to much badness.

Buy a holster for the revolver, so you can practice drawing it quickly and smoothly.

Don’t Bump It Around

It doesn’t matter if you think it’s tough enough that you can throw it at your couch or bed when you’re done with it. It might fall to the floor and get scratched or damaged.

Even if the weapon is supposed to be water-resistant, don’t get it wet if you can avoid it.

Caliber revolver pistol, revolver open ready to put bulletsClean the Weapon Regularly

You should make sure the inside of the barrel is always clean. Any dirt in the barrel can reduce your accuracy.

Get rid of the dust in various places, such as the cylinder, the hammer, and the trigger. The dust in these places can impeded the smooth operations of your revolver

How to Get Most Out of Airsoft Revolvers

The first thing is to take care of it properly. Don’t get it damaged, and clean it regularly.

Then what you have to keep in mind is that the revolver, by its very nature, is limited in its effectiveness for battle. It’s why in the real world, most shooters use semi-automatic pistols instead of revolvers. You have to accept that you won’t have as many bullets ready compared to having an automatic pistol.

Accepting that is the key to having the most fun out of your airsoft revolver. Don’t take it as a limitation. Regard it as the challenge you need to meet!

Top Airsoft Revolver Brands

We’ve mentioned the revolver brands on out list, actually. These include ASG, Crosman, and Umarex.

These brands are famous for offering engaging affordable, entry-level airsoft weapons for newbies. Their airsoft guns are good enough that their owners become even more interested in airsoft. They’re generally easy to use, and they’re not too fragile that they break down quickly.

When it comes to offering full value for your meager budget, these brands are terrific.

Who Makes the Best Airsoft Revolver?

This, again, is a matter of opinion.

However, just about everyone agrees with the high reputation for quality that the Dan Wesson brand has achieved. In fact, plenty of people go for the ASG Dan Wesson CO2 Powered Airsoft Revolver on this list due to the brand name only.

Of course, it does help that it uses mostly metal (aside from the polymer grip) and it accommodates accessories.

It works realistically and powerfully, just like a good pistol should work.

But it may be too realistic for airsoft battles, as it only carries 6 rounds at a time. It may also be too powerful right out of the box, exceeding the fps limits of local airsoft clubs.

Final Verdict

We really liked the Crosman SNR357, as it offers the authentic look and feel of a Saturday Night Special. You can use this for movies or for Halloween, and it looks great.

What really sets this apart is that you can control the fps rating simply by picking the right type of ammo. If there’s a 350-fps limit, you can go with lead pellets. Use steel BBs, and that jumps to 400 fps.

You can even get that to 500 fps with allow pellets, which is great for vermin like rats.

Try the Crosman SNR357, which may be the best airsoft revolver you can get regardless of whether you want one as a prop, for practice, or for actual airsoft combat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s fps?

That stands for “feet per second” and it denotes the speed of your pellet or BB as it fires from your gun barrel. The higher the fps, the greater the range of the weapon.

Why use an airsoft revolver for training?

It’s because it’s much safer. With a real revolver, you may end up with an accident while you’re practicing with it or cleaning it. You may think it’s unloaded, but it actually is.

With an airsoft revolver, there’s very little chance that someone will die while using the weapon. It’s actually a good way to teach younger players to regard all guns as “loaded” so they don’t think of them as toys.

For a realistic trigger action, how much force should be needed for the airsoft revolver trigger?

For double-action, most real revolvers require a force of about 12 to 15 pounds to pull the trigger.

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