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The 4 Best Airsoft MP5 Reviews

Best Airsoft MP5 rifles in the forestIt’s not really surprising if you’re looking for the best airsoft MP5 for indoor airsoft battles. After all, the real MP5 is just about the most popular submachinegun in the world.

It’s used in more than 40 countries, and you’ll find it used by the German Army, the UK Special Forces (which includes the SAS), SOCOM (the US command that includes the Navy Seals) and even the Swiss Guards at the Vatican.

Plenty of gamers are also familiar with it due to such video games like Call of Duty. But it’s a different matter to have even a replica in your hands, rather than just on-screen. It’s a lot more fun, and obviously, a great deal easier to just go with even a cheap airsoft MP5 than just on a video game.

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll get all the data you need so you can make an informed decision regarding the best airsoft MP5 for your money. Of course, you also get a list of top choices to pick from.

Top 4 Airsoft MP5: Comparison Chart

Image MP5 Features Price
Elite Force MP5 SD6
  • Stock: Retractable
  • FPS: 340 fps
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Length: 31.75 inches
Check Price
Elite Force MP5K
  • Stock: None
  • FPS: 280-310 fps
  • Weight: 4.7 pounds
  • Length: 13.6 inches
Check Price
Elite Force MP5 A4 Elite
  • Stock: Fixed
  • FPS: 370-390 fps
  • Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Length: 26.8 inches
Check Price
Elite Force H&K Competition Kit MP5 A4/A5 SMG
  • Stock: Collapsible and fixed stocks
  • FPS: 320-330 fps
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Length: 28 inches
Check Price

Best Picks of Airsoft MP5

Take note that all these listed picks look very realistic, except for one thing: that orange tip. While it’s technically possible that you can take this off (which you might have to do if you’re thinking about putting in a suppressor), we really recommend that you hold off on that. It’s really for your safety, because you will definitely alarm cops if they see you holding any of these options out in public.

Keep in mind that the real MP5 has more than a hundred variants, and in airsoft you won’t run out of options, either. Keeping this list down to just 5 airsoft MP5s was tough!

#1: Elite Force BB Rifle Airsoft Gun, MP5 SD6, Multi

[aawp box=”B07B4HM87N” template=”image”]
  • Air Gun Power Type: Electric
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Magazine :High Capacity 200 Round
  • Fires 6mm Plastic Airsoft BBs
  • Full metal gearbox with polymer body and retractable stock
  • 75 inches long
  • 340 fps
  • Ambidextrous switch
  • Weighs 4.4 pounds
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Fixed front sight with adjustable rear sight

With this option, you’re actually getting an entire kit. Aside from the MP5 SD6, you also get the 2 interchangeable stocks along with the 2 high-capacity metal magazines. Each mag gives you 200 rounds.

This needs a 9.6V battery, but you’ll have to buy that and the charger separately. At least the battery generally lasts for quite a long time when you use this MP5, when we went with a 9.6v Nunchuck 1600mAh NiMH battery.

On the outside, the injection-molded polymer for the body is quite tough. But its use cuts down on the unnecessary weight for easier handling, as this weapon only weighs 4.4 pounds.

You still get the right measurements here, with the retracting stock (also made of polymer) giving you an overall length of 31.75 inches. The barrel measures 8.5 inches. The front sight is fixed, while the rear sight is adjustable. You’re able to pick between full and semi-auto, with ambidextrous switches.

Here you get a full metal gearbox, along with easy hop-up adjustments. All in all, you’re able to fire your 6mm 0.20g pellets at a rate of about 340 fps. That’s great for indoor close-quarters combat.

Try this out, and you’ll like its accuracy right out of the box. You may not even need a red-dot laser sight to use this, since it pretty much hits where you aim at. It’s very accurate at 45 feet, and even at 60 feet you should be able to hit your targets with some careful aiming. The hop-up offers a terrific setup, with easy adjustments in the field.

You’ll want to stay with the semi-auto mode with this weapon, to better preserve your ammo. At full auto, your mag won’t last more than 6 seconds.

  • FPS velocity is generally under local arena limits
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to adjust the hop-up
  • Accurate right out of the box
  • Battery and charger sold separately
  • Pellet velocity may not be enough for vermin control

#2: Elite Force BB Rifle Airsoft Gun, MP5K, Multi

[aawp box=”B0831V1HDC” template=”image”]
  • Barrel Material Type: Metal
  • 6 inches length
  • Weighs about 4.7 pounds
  • 280 to 310 fps
  • Vertical grip
  • Metal gearbox and upper receiver
  • Adjustable rear sight

If you use a pistol as a backup to your rifle as your primary weapon, you may want to consider switching to this version of the MP5. The MP5K is compact, with an overall length of just 345mm (about 13.6 inches). It does feel hefty, though, with its weight of 2.14 kilos (or about 4.7 pounds).

Part of the weight is due to how it uses heavy metal for the upper receiver and the barrel assembly. You also have full metal for the version 3 gearbox. However, you do have nylon polymer for the lower receiver.

This is compact enough that you can use it with one hand, if you want. But it’s also good for 2-handed use, with the vertical grip in front of the banana magazine. The vertical grip is also made with polymer, though the magazine is metal.

You only get 1 free magazine, and that’s it for your freebies. Of course, that will always depend on the seller. You’ll need a good battery and charger, and then several more extra magazines for good measure. The magazines all have a 200-round capacity. At least it also works with magazines made by other brands like G&G and Tokyo Maui. You can also get the optional folding PDW stock for this weapon.

The fps range is from 280 to 310 fps. The manual lists 280 fps, and that’s probably the only useful nugget from the damned thing. On product advertisements, they say 310 fps. This also features the version 3 full metal gearbox, and it’s also upgradeable.

When we tried this out after putting in a 9.6v Small Stick Type battery. Even on just semi-auto mode, it fires quite rapidly. We adjusted the rear sights windage first, and the hop needed a bit of adjustment too. But it shoots exactly where we were aiming at.

The BBs are also forceful enough that they’re able to go through one of the cardboard boxes we had. When we switched to 0.25g pellets, those were able to go through 2 of those cardboard boxes stacked together!

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Safe fps rating
  • Very accurate
  • Only comes with 1 magazine
  • Inadequate instructions
  • Relatively expensive

#3: Elite Force MP5 A4 Elite Series, Multi

[aawp box=”B07T865QSJ” template=”image”]
  • Manufacturer: VFC
  • Model: H&K MP5A4
  • Muzzle Velocity: 370-380 FPS
  • Magazine Capacity: 200 rds
  • Color: Black
  • Package Includes: Gun, Magazine
  • Full metal for the upper receiver and barrel assembly
  • Polymer for the stock, lower receiver, and handguard
  • New-style Avalon gen2 gearbox
  • Fixed stock
  • Adjustable rear sight and hopup

If you really want a truly impressive weapon for CQB, then this may be your best bet. One of its main advantages is that it’s able to fire pellets at a rate of 375 fps. In general, we were able to get fps ratings ranging from 370 up to 390 fps.

That increases the range significantly, even while it should still be below many arena fps limitations. That should help with vermin control, too.

You’re also able to optimize its range with the adjustable hop up. We were able to consistently hit targets up to 100 feet away, and up to 150 feet in some cases.

This works in both full and semi-auto, though you’re best served with just the semi-auto. This comes with a high-cap mag with 200 rounds, so you’ll need to buy extra mags along with the required battery and charger.

This really looks very impressive, with the polymer fixed stock and the overall length of 680mm (26.8 inches). It’s quite hefty at 2.8 kilos (about 6.2 pounds), but not too heavy at all. The heft is due to the use of metal for the upper receiver and barrel assembly, though the lower receiver, handguard, and stock are all polymer.

This also features the full metal version 2 gearbox. In fact, it has the new VFC Avalon gen 2 design for the gearbox. It really fires fast and accurately. You can even pull back and slap the bolt, as this component is very durable.

There’s only the minor issue of the somewhat wobbly magazine. The good news is that you can get other magazines that fit better with this MP5 variant.

  • Great range
  • Metal and plastic where they’re supposed to be
  • Feels authentic
  • Fast and accurate
  • Wobbly magazine
  • No free battery

#4: MP5 A4/A5 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun by Umarex

[aawp box=”B07B4G9N48″ template=”image”]
  • FPS Range: 320-330
  • Length: 710mm – 50mm
  • Inner Barrel: ~210mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 200rd Hi-Capacity
  • Thread Direction: H&K 3-lug Design
  • Gearbox: Ver 2 Full MetaL
  • Motor: Long Type
  • Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
  • Battery: 7.4v Small Type recommended
  • Package Includes: Gun, 2x Magazine, A4 stock and A5 stock
  • Ambidextrous selector switch
  • Adjustable hop up
  • Polymer receiver and stocks

This is the AEG-UX-2275052, which is really a kit when you consider all the freebies. You get 2 high-capacity magazines (200 rounds each), along with 2 stocks. There’s a fixed -style stock to go with the collapsible stock (the A4 and A5 stocks).

Now you won’t have to read through debates about whether the A4 or the A5 stock is better. You can try each one for yourself, so you can decide.

It doesn’t have a battery and charger, though. It’s recommended that you get the 7.4v Small Type battery for this, and it should be wired to the front with a small Tamiya connector.

The length depends on the stock, but at its longest this is 710mm (almost 28 inches long). It weighs about 2 kilos, which feels solid without feeling too cumbersome.

This features a metal alloy for the outer barrel, to go with the polymer receiver and stock. You have ambidextrous selector switches here, just like in the original H&K, with full metal for the version 2 gearbox.

This comes with an adjustable hopup, with the charging handle locks opening for easy adjustment. You’ll get up to 320 or even 330 fps with this weapon, which is safe for most arenas. This should be allowed in most local airsoft indoor arenas.

Overall, this offers great value for your money. It’s reasonably priced, and it’s among the most affordable options on this list. But you also get 2 magazines and even 2 stocks to try out.

Maybe the lower fps also lowers the price, but that’s not always a bad thing. The lower fps makes things safer, and it makes your weapon almost always legal to use in whatever airsoft arena you play in.

  • Very solid
  • Your choice of stock
  • Fires quickly and accurately
  • Fps rating allowed for almost all airsoft arenas
  • Low fps for vermin control
  • Works with just 7.4v battery
  • No battery included


What is the Best Airsoft MP5?

Airsoft military game With more than a hundred variants, even experts aren’t unanimous as to which variant is the best. That means it’s solely up to you. Pick the one variant that you find best suited for the situations you find yourself in.

But basically, the best airsoft MP5 is the one that’s faithful to the real thing, at least with the measurements. That way, you’re able to enjoy the comfy maneuverability and easy handling for which the MP5 is known.

It will be up to you as to which design is to your liking, and deciding that is part of the fun!

Type of MP5?

With more than 100 variants of the real MP5 out there, it can get confusing as to which one you should go for. Here are some quick primers on several popular variants:


This is a classic variant introduced way back in 1974. It features a fixed stock, and the pistol grips are straight instead having the contoured grip and the thumb groove. The fire selector allows for 2 or 3-shot bursts aside from full auto. You also have the selector lever on both sides of the trigger housing, so it’s ambidextrous. The grip is terrific, while the accuracy is quite astounding.


The J in the name is due to how this variant was customized for Japanese use. It’s been assigned to the Japanese riot police since 2002. It’s collapsible and very compact, and you may even be able to fire it with just one hand.

MP5-K (or MP5-PDW)

This is very compact, since it doesn’t have a stock or even a long barrel. In fact, you can probably use this like a pistol. While it doesn’t give you as much power or even accuracy as in other variants, it’s easy enough to fire this with one hand.

Advantages of Owning an Airsoft MP5

Security forces all over the world favor the real MP5 due to its utmost reliability, utter safety (at least for the user), terrific accuracy, ease of handling and control, and modularity.

But what about the airsoft MP5? Well, you still enjoy the following benefits:

Lots of Options

As the real thing is modular and can be customized easily, you’ll find the same advantage with the airsoft versions. That means you can set up or get a particular MP5 variant that works best to suit your preferences or the situation you find yourself in.

Extremely Easy to Handle

While the real MP5 is already much easier to use than a full-sized rifle, the airsoft version is even easier. That’s usually because many airsoft versions use tough polymer for the body, cutting down on the weight while remaining durable. The size and shape of the MP5 is also compact, so indoor maneuvers are easier.

High-Cap Magazines

The main problem with the real MP5 is that you get only 50 rounds at the most with the detachable box magazine. But with airsoft MP5, you can use magazines that offer up to 200 rounds. That means you won’t run out of ammo quickly.

Full/Semi Auto

You can rock and roll with full auto if you want. But you can also go with bursts of several rounds every time you press the trigger. This obviously increases the chances of hitting a moving target in a high-stress situation, while you don’t run out of ammo quickly.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Airsoft MP5

Portrait of troubled young asian guy trying think up plan or idea,When you read reviews and check out product descriptions, focus on the following factors:

Airsoft MP5 Brand

Here’s a quick tip: if you see that the airsoft MP5 bears the Umarex or Elite Force name, it’s great. They have the official license from H&K to make these airsoft MP5 replicas, so you know that they will be faithful to the specs of the original copy.

Not to mention that the Umarex brand has proven itself for almost 50 years now. You really don’t want to go with an unknown brand, because you may get substandard performance instead. Even other copies from reputable brands may not be as good, since they don’t have the official H&K license.

Airsoft MP5 Price

Wouldn’t it be great if we are all billionaires who can afford to buy airsoft weapons without worrying about the cost? Sadly, that’s not the case, and we all have to live with budget limitations.

The problem is that good MP5 replicas can cost a pretty penny, and that’s not even counting the prices for accessories. You may have to be ready to set aside maybe $300, though some pretty good airsoft MP5 replicas may go for under $200.

Included Accessories

It’s great if you have freebies to go with your airsoft MP5. Sadly, very few options come with a free battery and charger. You generally have to get those things separately.

See if the purchase comes with extra high-capacity magazines, as they will help. Spare stocks can be nice as well. The more freebies you have, the fewer accessories you have to buy.

Airsoft MP5 Power

Basically, is it an AEG? That’s the type we recommend. You may want to check the battery type needed, and it’s always best to go with the more powerful battery. A more powerful battery may be more expensive, but you get a lot more fun and you’re able to play for a longer period of time.

Gas-powered and spring-powered options are simply not good enough when you’re rocking a full/semi-auto submachinegun with a magazine that holds hundreds of rounds.

Airsoft MP5 FPS

In general, you’ll want a higher fps rating so that you have greater range and accuracy. The greater the velocity of your pellets, the more useful your airsoft weapon will be for backyard plinking and vermin control.

The main problem is that the fps can be too high, when you play indoors at local arenas. Most of these places have some sort of fps limitation to ensure the safety of the players.

You may want to check the maximum fps allowed in your local arenas before you get an airsoft MP5. That way, you won’t end up with an airsoft MP5 that you can’t use for your local CQB games.

Material used in Airsoft MP5

If you’re buying an airsoft MP5 for training, or to simply get a feel for the real thing, then you need something that’s mostly made out of metal. Real MP5 guns only have forearms and the pistol grip which are made of polymer. The other parts are all made of metal.

With airsoft MP5 replicas, you should only make sure that the barrel and the gearbox (and the magazine) are all made with metal. The metal gives you the durability and performance you need.

With the rest of the frame, you may want to go with durable plastic. You cut down on the weight for easier handling, plus this also makes the weapon more affordable.

Reliability of Airsoft MP5

How do you know that the airsoft weapon will perform reliably? The only way to know for sure is to try it and see for yourself.

But you can check the brand reputation, and see if there’s an official license for the airsoft MP5. Also, you may want to check out other customer reviews for any reports regarding the reliability of the weapon.

Ease of Use

This is a crucial factor, especially if you’re a beginner. It’s best if you have accessible switches, and these should be ambidextrous as well in case a southpaw uses the weapon. Hop up adjustments should be easy to do in the field.

How to Use Airsoft MP5

It’s not really difficult to figure out how to use your MP5 airsoft replica.

Get Your Accessories

Airsoft gun magazines and airsoft balls on wooden surfaceOnce you buy your airsoft MP5, it doesn’t mean you can go have fun right away. Most likely, you’ll have to buy the battery and charger separately.

Get extra high-cap magazines too, even if your purchase already includes 1 or 2 free magazines. It’s better to have more magazines and not need them, rather than need them and not have them.

While you’re at it, think about getting a red-dot laser as well. That makes for easier targeting in close quarters combat.

Getting Ready

Plug in your battery, and make sure it’s fully charged. Check your magazines and confirm that they’re full. Attach your other accessories as well.

Start with semi-auto mode, and fire a few bursts. Zero your sights properly. Adjust your hop up so your shots go where you’re aiming at. Practice making hop up adjustments on the fly.

Actual Play

Once you’re zeroed in, get ready to rock and roll! Keep to the semi-automatic mode, so you don’t run out of ammo quickly. If the MP5 is your backup weapon, just keep it on your person securely.

Who Makes the Best Airsoft MP5?

In case our list of recommended MP5 options doesn’t make it clear yet, we really think that Umarex is your best bet. Elite Force isn’t a different brand at all, in case you were wondering about that. Elite Force is simply the brand name for the airsoft division of Umarex USA.

Umarex has been around since 1972, and the fact that they’re still a fairly famous brand attests to their reputation for reliability. What’s more, they have an official license from H&K to make these MP5 replicas. They’re very faithful to the specs, and Umarex does well in translating the MP5 rate of fire and accuracy in their replicas.


So, which one should you choose? If you’re a newbie, then you should consider the Elite Force H&K Competition Kit MP5 A4/A5 SMG. While the 2 magazines are great, what really sets this apart is the inclusion of 2 different stocks. That gives you the chance to see whether you’ll like the fixed stock, or you prefer the collapsible stock.

With this lower fps rating, it’s also very safe to use. You won’t have to fiddle with it to get within the fps limits of your local airsoft arena.

But if you have a larger budget and you have more experience under your belt, go with the more powerful Elite Force MP5 A4 Elite. It’s a bit heavier, but that just makes it more realistic. You’ll also like the higher fps rating, which can help with vermin control. Hopefully, you’ll know how to get the fps rating down if it’s too high for local airsoft arenas.

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