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The 5 Best Airsoft 1911 Reviews

Best Airsoft 1911Plenty of airsoft fans who want a sidearm support weapon can be excused when they insist on getting the best airsoft 1911. After all, the 1911 pistol is one of the most famous pistols in the world even now. Sure, its airsoft replica will be fine as well.

The good news is that there’s no shortage in the industry when it comes to 1911 airsoft pistols. The main issue is identifying the good airsoft versions from the not-so-good, but this guide helps with that. With our list of recommendations, you’re likely to find the1911 airsoft that suits you.

Top 5 Airsoft 1911: Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick glance at the 1911 airsoft pistols on our list. This table shows you round velocity, mag capacity, the build material, and the type of power that drives the airsoft pistol.

Elite Force 1911 Blowback
  • Power: CO2
  • Velocity: 345 fps
  • Mag capacity: 14 rounds
  • Weight: 2.45 Pounds
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Sig Sauer 1911
  • Power: CO2
  • Velocity: 410 fps
  • Mag capacity: 16 rounds
  • Weight:  2.6 Pounds
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KWC Colt 1911 CO2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol
  • Power: CO2
  • Velocity: 360 fps
  • Mag capacity: 19 rounds
  • Weight:  2.3 Pounds
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Red Jacket 1911
  • Power: Spring
  • Velocity: 350 fps
  • Mag capacity: 12 rounds
  • Weight: 0.7 Pounds
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WG Model-4613 Full Metal 1911 Co2 Blowback
  • Power: CO2
  • Velocity: 400 fps
  • Mag capacity: 13 rounds
  • Weight: 2.15 Pounds
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Best Picks of Airsoft 1911

We picked 5 top models for our list, because we factored in a high priority for the price. We wanted to recommend more affordable models that offer a lot more value for the cost.

Just because these models are affordable doesn’t mean they’re bad. They’re actually quite good in many ways. Here’s a closer look at the features that may suit your needs.

Elite Force 1911 Blowback

[aawp box=”B00DNLT2SY”]

Elite Force is one of those brands that are very popular with newbies, since their models are often affordable and simple to use.

This 1911 from EF is actually one of the more expensive ones on the list, but then again, it’s wholly made of metal. That makes it a lot more realistic to train with and use, since the authentic 1911 pistol also has a metal instead of polymer frame.

This even comes with the slide action blowback feature that really makes it realistic when you fire it.

The colors are unique, though, but that’s not always a “bad” thing especially when all your buddies are sporting 1911 airsoft sidearms as well. If your pistol is in the same area as the other 1911s, you’ll quickly know which one is yours.

This is powered by CO2, though that’s a separate purchase. You do get an all-metal drop-free mag with 14 rounds of airsoft BBs.

You’ll be able to fire these rounds at a velocity of 345 fps. With the adjustable hop-up, you can maintain the accuracy you need for backyard plinking and for actual games.

There’s also a 14mm threaded tip on the barrel. That way, you can use a mock suppressor for training.

  • It’s very accurate
  • The velocity is more than good enough, without exceeding most airsoft battlefield limits
  • It’s really tough, as it works after being dropped in the mud
  • best 1911 airsoft blowback
  • You need a good holster to keep it in place when running
  • The CO2 is a separate purchase
  • There’s no rail for sights or a laser

Sig Sauer 1911

[aawp box=”B01N5RJZ79″]

If you’ve watched the movie 300 (and which weapon-loving person hasn’t), you’ll like this airsoft pistol a lot. That’s because we got the Spartan model, and you have the iconic Spartan helmet face design on the grip.

If that’s not enough, you also have ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE engraved on the barrel and right under the Spartan helmet face. This translates to “come and take them”, which the Spartan King Leonidas reputedly replied after the Persians demanded that the Spartans lay down their weapons.

The trigger here comes in a cool skeletonized design, but like the real thing the trigger is for light and short. The trigger pull requires about 5.8 pounds, which helps with realistic training.

The look and design of the airsoft replica is terrific for training because the dimensions of the real 1911 are so accurately rendered. This full-metal Sig also weighs 2.6 pounds, and you also get the realistic blowback feature which locks back the slide when the magazine is empty.

This fires 177 / 4.5mm Steel BBs at an astonishing rate of 410 fps, and each mag comes with 16 rounds. Plenty of people can fire this to shoot a nice grouping at a range of 30 feet.

  • It comes with a cool Spartan design
  • The size and weight are just the same on a real 1911
  • The blowback action makes it a lot more realistic
  • The grip safety and the thumb safety function similar to the real versions
  • The BB velocity is awesome at 410 fps
  • It’s very accurate
  • There’s no rail system for accessories
  • The trigger pull may be too much for younger kids

KWC Colt 1911 CO2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol

[aawp box=”B01C261TRM”]

Plenty of folks use this officially licensed Colt M1911 airsoft replica for training and for 1911 familiarization. It’s heavy, and gives a hard kick when you fire it, like the real thing.

Everything in this Colt 1911 airsoft CO2 is metal, and the size is faithful to the original. The weight is 2.5 pounds, so it doesn’t feel like a cheap plastic toy at all.

There’s even a 2-stage safety here that you find in an actual 1911. With the CO2 blowback, it works very much like its pistol counterpart when you fire it.

If you want to train younger players about pistol disassembly, you can use this as well as your demo airsoft pistol. You can disassemble it like the real 1911, so kids can learn about the functions of various parts and know about cleaning and lubrication.

It looks very much like its real 1911 counterpart as well. Your slide is brushed stainless silver, you have a black lower, and the metal barrel is stainless chrome.

You even have dark OD green grips.

This airsoft pistol fires .20g ammo at a rate of 360 fps (officially), which may comply with airsoft battlefield limitations when you fire it.

You can also get a lot of accuracy, thanks to the adjustable hop up.

In fact, it even has a 20mm under rail so you can attach accessories like a light or a laser.

  • It comes in an authentic size and weight
  • There’s some blowback action
  • It’s officially licensed, so the markings are accurate
  • It fires at 360 fps
  • It takes in accessories
  • It’s a bit loud
  • It doesn’t fit standard 1911 tac holsters because of the tactical rail

Elite Force Red Jacket 1911

[aawp box=”B00BD51BQS”]

The first Elite Force on this list is a bit more expensive, and this one is more in the cheaper side of things. At this price point, it’s mostly plastic but it’s a mistake to just regard this as a throwaway toy.

You do have a metal barrel in this replica 1911 model airsoft gun, and the skeleton trigger is a nice touch.

But for kids, what’s more important is that it doesn’t weigh a pound. It’s easy enough to use, and there’s no blowback action that may startle newbies.

Your purchase comes with 200 free BBs, and each mag carries a dozen of them at one time. You can fire the BBs at about 350 fps, and with the spring power system newbies don’t have to bother with gas cartridges.

  • It’s great for kids
  • The fps doesn’t go past airsoft battlefield limits
  • Kids find it easy to pull the trigger
  • It doesn’t function realistically
  • The magazine only holds 12 rounds

WG Model-4613 Full Metal 1911 Co2 Blowback

[aawp box=”B0147R4Z0C”]

This one is powered by CO2, and it features a full-metal construction. Even the internals are metal.

This may well be the best value 1911 airsoft CO2 pistol on this list, as the price is about half that of the other CO2 pistols here.

It does look and feel realistic, and the blowback feature also offers nice recoil action. When it comes to authentic recoil feel, this may be the best CO2 blowback 1911 airsoft pistol.

It has an all-black look so it really looks like a mean pistol.

At least there’s still the orange plastic tip, which tells others that it’s an airsoft pistol and not the real thing. Still, you better be careful about brandishing this around in public.

For airsoft action or for backyard target practice, this won’t let you down with its 400-fps velocity. You do need to take each shot seriously, since you only have 13 rounds for each magazine.

The accuracy is nice enough, so that you won’t embarrass yourself when you use this. It also offers a nice rate of fire so you better be ready with that spare mag.

With the real feel and authentic blowback, this is one cool airsoft pistol for owners to get used to a real 1911. The dual safety system is terrific as well, especially for younger newbies who need to learn about pistol safety.

  • It feels like a real 1911
  • It’s very powerful at 400 fps
  • It’s highly accurate
  • The rate of fire is quite good for CQB
  • It’s a sealed pistol, so you can’t disassemble it


What is the Best Airsoft 1911?

The best airsoft 1911 for most people should look and function like the real 1911. Look for a 1:1 size, with blowback feature and an all-metal build for the right weight.

Of course, it ought to be accurate as well. Go for higher fps, and look for a hop up system. You may even go for a rail system to accommodate a laser or a flashlight.

Why is the 1911 So Popular?

A military man in camouflage and gloves is aiming with a pistol next to a treeThere are plenty of reasons to explain the popularity of the 1911 pistol:

  • It’s a favorite due to sentimental and historical reasons. It’s been around since 1910, and it was the primary sidearm of the US armed forces for two world wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and all the other conflicts until it was retired in 1986.
  • The trigger design on the 1911 is also absolutely topnotch. It’s built to travel directly backward, so you can maintain the alignment of the sights when the shot breaks. It travels so smoothly that there’s no pivot or play to the movement.
  • You can customize the 1911 to your heart’s content. There’s an entire industry to support with the 1911 with various accessories.
  • With the metal frame’s heft, you also enjoy less muzzle flip. That metal will also last for a much longer time than today’s polymer frames.

Things to Consider Before Buying Airsoft 1911

Faithfulness to the Real Thing

Pistol isolated on blackCheck to see that you get a 1:1 replica, meaning that it comes with exactly the right size and shape of the original.

If authentic looks are crucial for you, then you may want to find a 1911 airsoft replica with an official license. You’ll get absolutely accurate markings.

Some people aren’t satisfied with just accurate looks. They want their 1911 airsoft pistol to function like the real thing.

So check for blowback action, which means you need a CO2 power system instead of a spring. You can get the accurate recoil action that makes things much livelier.

Some of these airsoft pistols even disassemble just like a real 1911, so having one of these is good for training.


Pistol isolated on whiteLots of people know about the weight of the original 1911, so they also expect that reassuring weight in the airsoft version. If you want the right weight, go with a full-metal build so you can get weight up to at last 2.5 pounds.

With an all-metal build, you also boost the durability of the 1911 airsoft pistol.

However, there are those who like a plastic pistol (which is actually tough polymer). Most of the time, these are much more a fordable and with the typical spring power system you don’t need to keep buying CO2 cartridges.

Use for Battlefield Combat and Target Shooting.

You’ll want to find a decent velocity (fps rating) when you read an airsoft 1911 review, and you need to check how many rounds you get per mag. It’s better if you have the drop-free mags, so you’re able to reload more quickly.

Types of 1911 Airsoft Pistols

One of the reasons that 1911 airsoft pistols are so renowned is that the platform can be modified to your particular preferences.


With the Government frame, you get an overall length of 8.5 inches. But you can go with a Commander frame and cut down the barrel length by ¾ of an inch or even a whole inch. You can also go for a smaller Officer frame if you don’t mind reducing the ammo capacity by a single round.


Airsoft ammoYou don’t have to go with the .45 ACP if you don’t want to. You have plenty of 9mm options, and even .40 S&W. it’s even possible to indulge your taste for obscure calibers. You can try out the 460 Rowland, .45 Super, 9×23 Winchester.

Some small-scale models are in .380 Auto. Or you can go with the 10mm, which has more power than a .357 Magnum plus you have more than 6 bullets.


You can go for a railed 1911 pistol, and get better sights. Lasers can also go on a rail or on the grips.

Price Range

You don’t have to spend a lot for a GI spec import gun. Some import guns, on the other hand, come with all types of new-fangled features and the prices are still very reasonable. There are mid-range 1911 pistols and then custom pistols that will set you back thousands of dollars.

How to Use 1911 Airsoft

Shooting at the shooting range.the woman at the shooting range shot from gunYou can use this for training, especially with a faithful replica. You can then get used to the weight of an all-metal build, and practice your draws.

Some use the 1911 airsoft version for target shooting, which can be a lot of fun. After all, plenty of pros use custom 1911 for competitive shooting. The great thing about 1911s is that they can be very accurate, so you can win lots of contests especially at longer ranges.

The other main use is for your sidearm in airsoft battles. Keep in mind that the 1911 is the official side arm of US armed forces through 2 world wars and up to the Vietnam war and beyond.

With its accuracy and power, you’ll find the 1911 matching well with other airsoft sidearms.

Who Makes the Airsoft 1911?

Air pistol, two clips, holster and balls for shooting at a wooden table.The better question is, who doesn’t? It’s a pretty good bet that if a brand makes airsoft pistols, they have a 1911 version to offer.

For newbies, however, brands you can rely on to offer good prices for outstanding 1911 pistols include Elite Force and KWC.

Many consider Elite Force as the best 1911 airsoft brand, since it has several 1911 pistols you can check out at different price ranges. Even the most affordable 1911s from Elite Force are much better than you’d probably expect.

Final Verdicts

Pick any one of the 1911 pistols on our list that meets your preferences, and you won’t be sorry.

But if you’re unsure, go for the officially licensed KWC Colt 1911 CO2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol.

It doesn’t just look and feel like a real 1911, but it works very much like the real deal, too.

In fact, you can disassemble it like the real 1911. That way, you can teach younger newbies about the functions of each part, along with how to clean and lubricate the parts properly.

It fires very accurately as well, so it won’t let you down for target shooting and for airsoft battles. For your money, this is the best airsoft 1911 in this price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a practical use for the blowback feature?

At the very least, this feature locks the slide back when you run out of ammo, so you immediately know you need to reload.

How much velocity in fps do I really need for a 1911 pistol?

For backyard plinking, the more the better when it comes to fps. A higher velocity increases the range at which you can shoot accurately.

But for airsoft battlefields, you better make sure that your pistol complies with the field limits. Some of these places limit velocity to just 350 fps.

Why do some people like heavy 1911 airsoft pistols?

That’s because the real 1911 pistols are also heavy, so it’s great for authenticity and realistic training.

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