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The 4 Best Air Pistol For Target Shooting

Target shooting paperIt’s not as easy these days as it was in simpler times to find the best air pistol for target shooting. You are confronted with many products, brands, competitive features and specs that to find one will take up so much time.

Fortunately, you can simplify everything by going back to the essential features and factors. Some of the important attributes to consider would have something to do with accuracy, proficiency, flight velocity and compatibility with common pellet types.

That said, we’ve made things even simpler for you by giving you this guide on the best air pistols for target shooting. Scan this through and see if you agree with our best choice.

Top 4 Air Pistol For Target Shooting: Comparison Chart

Based on factors like grip, stance and shooting accuracy, we have come up with this list as our top four:

Image Name Features Price
Daisy Powerline 426 Air Pistol
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 0.9 pound
  • Caliber:  0.18
  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 11 x 8 inches
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Crosman 2240 Bolt Action CO2-Powered .22-Caliber Pellet Air Pistol
  • Color: Grey and Black
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Caliber: 0.22
  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 6.5 x 2 inches
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Beeman P1 Air Pistol Air Pistol
  • Color: Brown and Black
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Caliber: 0.177
  • Dimensions: 11.0″ x 6.54″
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Dan Wesson 2.5″ CO2 BB Revolver
  • Color: Grey and Black
  • Weight: 2.36 pounds
  • Caliber: 0.177
  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.1 x 1.7 inches
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Best Picks Of Air Pistol For Target Shooting

Whether you’re looking for the suitable airgun target shooting that you can handle or you’re just searching for a pistol for a hobby, these may be the choices you need to find the right one:

Daisy Powerline 426 Air Pistol

[aawp box=”B01B79P1SI” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • LENGTH: 6.8 Inches
  • STOCK: Molded with Checkering
  • SIGHTS: Blade Front and Fixed Open Rear
  • BARREL: Smooth Bore Steel.

Daisy is already a reliable brand in producing top rifles, and its release of the Powerline 426 air pistol could be one of their best air pistols for shooting targets of any kind.

What many of the customers today like about this one is its perfect mix of sturdiness, maneuverability and value for money. It’s molded black grip is an added aesthetic attribute that many also love.

This one here is made with a lower accessory rail to make sure that its BB magazine fits snugly.  With 15 shots in one magazine, you get just the right amount of load.

I recommend this to you if you’re aiming for at least 430 FPS in your pistol and you want a semi-automatic one. The 12 gram of CO2 compressed gas of pistol that this one has will be just enough power for you to land a bull’s eye on your target.

Most of the Daisy 426 reviews you can read will agree that the accessory rail here makes for a good addition and supplement when you want a tactical flashlight installed.

Its front sight that’s made of blade ramp and its fixed rear sight will ensure you’re always in the right aim.

  • Has fixed rear sight and blade-ramp style of front sight for added accuracy
  • Can reach higher distances with 430 FPS
  • Compressed-gas powered for maximum hit
  • Elegant black grip aesthetic for style
  • Added accessory rails for laser and flashlight
  • May be too powerful for kids because this is CO2 powered
  • Can only be used by people of 18 years old or above
  • May require special airgun permit in some states

Crosman 2240 Bolt Action CO2-Powered .22-Caliber Pellet Air Pistol

[aawp box=”B00GA8RQBM” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Barrel Material: Steel
  • Barrel Type: Rifled
  • Caliber: .22
  • Front Sight: Fixed
  • Velocity: Up to 460 fps
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Powerplant: CO2
  • Weight: 1.81 lbs</li

It’s always a good idea to start with the most powerful air pistol as your beginner’s airgun, and the Crosman 2240 may be one of the best examples of that.

This powerful weapon gives you a single shot, bolt action power that allows for easier cocking. This may be ideal for children who want to train their levels of accuracy shot per shot.

The 12-gram of compressed gas in this one allows to extend its .22-caliber to its highest potential. This ensures your shot per cock would hit targets more powerfully.

The ergonomic design in its grip helps you stabilize your position. When you want a deadshot for your targets, its added grip boost will most likely be a valuable component.

I recommend this to you if you’re ambidextrous. Whether you’re a left-handed or right-handed shooter, this one will give you even more stabilized shoots for longer shooting fun.

Skill development is key in target shooting, and that also helps you save money. Thankfully, this bolt action pistol is made for accuracy training and it’s optimized to make sure that you get more out of every single shot.

  • Has single-shot bolt action power for shooting skill development
  • CO2 cartridge power enables you to shoot with more impact
  • Has ergonomic design in the grip to help you get better stability
  • Synthetic material gives it more long-lasting durability and prevention from rust
  • Reliable speed of about 460 FPS
  • Not as fun as rapid firing since you reload in every shot
  • Can contain less pellets or ammunition so not ideal for continuous shooting

Beeman P1 Air Pistol

[aawp box=”B0018LEUWO” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Manufacturer: Beeman
  • Caliber: .177
  • Velocity: 600 fps
  • Ammo Type: Pellets
  • Action Over: lever
  • Barrel Style: Rifled
  • Fire Mode: Single-shot
  • Gun Weight: 2.50 lbs
  • Overall Length: 11.00

Many can claim that the Beeman P1 is one of the most reliable and most powerful airguns in the market today.  That argument may be because of this pistol’s excellent track record, including the fact that’s made by an iconic German company, Weihrauch.

Being considered a holy grail, this iconic gun is distinct in its heft and balance, which lets you hit your targets accurately without the oversized, bulky feel. I recommend this to you if you’re going for a lightweight pistol that feels barely there.

This is extra useful to you, too, if you’re looking for a pistol with a spacious dovetail. With its extra wide dovetail grooves, you can pretty much install any type of accessory you can think of it without overwhelming its mounts.

You’d love this pistol, too, for its two separate power levels. You can make use of both types by cocking the gun to the different settings from its two, distinct lock points.

What these options will give you are more ways to improve the distance and reach that you can hit your targets.

  • Made with with the right balance of heft and power
  • Made by a renowned international German air pistol maker
  • Considered holy grail of air pistols
  • So many accessories can fit in its rails
  • Has adjustable trigger that is as crisp as can be
  • Not ideal for continuous, rapid fires
  • May require special permits to own, depending on your state
  • Needs improvement in distance to be reached
  • Can’t hit all types of small vermin

Dan Wesson 2.5″ CO2 BB Revolver

[aawp box=”B006FHMD02″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Max Velocity: 318 fps
  • Overall Length: 8.27″
  • Weight: 1.65 lbs
  • Caliber: .177″ (4.5mm)
  • Shot Capacity: 6
  • Action: Revolver
  • Powerplant: CO2

The 2.5″ Dan Wesson BB revolver is stunning in many ways, but the one reason it can be considered the best air pistol out there is its cylinder swings that look like from an actual gun.

Other than it’s well-made base, looks and feel, the weight and feel of this gun have so much to appreciate. It may even be safe to say that this is the revolver to use when you want to train yourself in shooting with an actual revolver.

I also like it that this one has an adjustable rear sight. This allows you and me to get more opportunities to train our accuracy in our hits.

This may be ideal for simple plinking, but with its CO2 compressed gas mechanism, you can actually use this as a reliable vermin exterminator.

The tactical rail is removable, so this is good when you want less distractions in your pistol. The tactical rail will also fit most mounted accessories you can think of, so you can improve this one with whatever add-on to your liking.

The fact, too, that Dan Wesson officially licensed this model gives you an extra guarantee that what you’re getting underwent rigorous quality standard testing.

  • Has CO2 compressed gas power for extra-added powerful action
  • May be a reliable weapon against unwanted pests
  • Removable tactical rail will be perfect for when you want less distractions
  • Has 380 fps velocity reach
  • Uses commonly available steel BBS
  • Hand grip design needs improvement
  • Handle doesn’t lock up too well
  • May look too lifelike and authorities will mistake you for carrying an actual firearm
  • CO2-powered mechanism is too powerful for children to use


What is the best air pistol for target shooting?

Best air pistol for target shooting isolated on a white backgroundThe best single-shot or CO2 air pistol for target shooting these days would be a product that’s made by a reliable manufacturer operating for decades already.

Other than brand reputation, you may also need to consider the FPS reach, added stability, grip, and numbers of accessories that can fit as indicators in your selection process.

If price is not an issue and accuracy is a priority, go for a single-shot type, such as the Crosman 2240. It’s made safer because you need to cock the gun every after shooting, so no unwanted rapid firing can be done.

If you want more powerful than a spring-action lever type of pistol, find a compressed gas powered one.

Things To Consider Before Buying Air Pistol For Target Shooting

When deciding to purchase a beginner or a pro air pistol for improving your shooting skills, don’t forget to consider these key areas first:

Intended Use

find a CO2 or compressed gas pistolWhat this means is that your air pistol’s efficiency will depend on where you’re going to use it. Are you buying an air pistol for training for an actual gun, or is it just for fun?

If you want to train for target-shooting, then it may make sense to buy a single-shot, since you get more time allowance to hone your aim from one shot to the next.

If you’re aiming for just simple plinking, then go for the most affordable one that you can get that’s powered by a spring action lever.

If you want both to train for target shooting and also get a powerful pistol that can knock down vermin, find a CO2 or compressed gas pistol.

Overall Safety

Even if you’re no longer a teenager using your beginner pistol, the safety mechanism in your pistol should be still of prime importance.

If you’re buying a cheap or budget friendly air pistol, be sure to regularly clean your air pistol right after use. Ensuring safe operations means your air pistol can function for as long as you want it to.


When looking for the air pistols you’ll use for the next few years, put in mind the kind of accessories you’d like to  add in. Some air pistols come in with extra mounting rails for tactical flashlights or even a laser pointer.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Air Pistol For Target Shooting

The instructor teaches the girl to shoot a pistol at the rangeThe first tip you should know about extending the lifespan of your air pistol is storage. Don’t put your air guns in a humid area or where it’s too damp.

Bluing Issues

There’s a standard finish in air pistols that’s called a “bluing” that requires constant protection. What you want with this is to prevent it against rust and away from contact with moisture.

It’s not just running water you need to protect it away from,  but also from an atmosphere that can in later season be too dump for your pistol.

Scope Lenses

If you happen to decide to use scope lenses in your air pistols, then make sure you apply a special lens cleaning agent or coating with it. That way, you don’t scatter water around your air pistol and make it gather rust.

Corrosion Protection

It helps also to add some sort of corrosion coating or protector when you store your air pistol away.

Who Makes The Air Pistol For Target Shooting?

It may be safe to claim that Crosman is the best maker of target shooting air pistols, but this still depends on what you’re after.

If you’re looking for a powerful CO2 air pistol for target shooting that shoots both .177 pellets and BBs with as high as 435 max FPS, then you can rely that Crosman will have something that suits your demands.

Final Verdicts

After considering the the features and specs from the top four choices above, I pick the Crosman 2240 as my best air pistol for target shooting. I am drawn to its high bolt action power and 460 FPS reach even if it’s just a single-shot, CO2 compressed gas type of air pistol.

Frequently Asked Questions

What air pistol should I buy?

Go for the air pistol that will suit your unique needs. If it’s just target shooting, then a single-shot will do you good already. If it’s rapid firing, go for something more powerful, like a CO2 compressed gas air pistol.

What air pistol gives the highest level of FPS?

The Benjamin Marauder has 700 FPS, so it could be the one you need.

Should I buy a cheap air pistol?

If you’re a beginner and you’re just still training, then yes. Otherwise, go for something solid and long-lasting but a little more pricey.

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