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The 5 Best .177 Pellets for Accuracy

Young man is aiming a gun to shot with best .177 pellets for accuracyIf you’re trying to invest in the right hunting gear, you’re probably looking for the best .177 pellets for accuracy without costing too much. In fact, it may be any hunter’s top priority to use the most valuable, affordable but high-precision pellets they can get.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to pick from. From pellets that are exclusively made for .177 air rifles or pellets that will cost extra because they offer accuracy boost, pellets quality is critical for effective hunting.

There’s also a lot of factors to consider before buying one. The pellets you may get could be incompatible with the rifle you have.

These factors should be weighed and calculated to consider cost, durability, quality and quantity per pack. Fortunately, we have prepared to you here the comprehensive guide you need to find the most accurate .177 pellet within your budget.

Top 5 .177 Pellets for Accuracy: Comparison Chart

The pellets we have listed here are some of the most accurate air rifle pellets you can get today. You may want to read all the features and specs of these products to see which one suits your preferences.

Image Name Features Price
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Hollowpoint Airgun Pellets
  • Weight: 9.1 ounces
  • Quantity: 400
Check Price
Crosman LF1754 PowerShot Fast Flight Penetrator Pellets
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Quantity: 150
Check Price
Gamo Luxor Cu Sharp Pyramid Shaped .177 Caliber
  • Weight: 2.9 ounces
  • Quantity: 150
Check Price
RWS R10 Match Plus Premium Line .177 Caliber Pellet
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Quantity: 500 pellets
Check Price
Crosman Premier Match Grade Pellets
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Quantity: 500 pellets
Check Price

Best Picks of .177 Pellets for Accuracy

If it’s accuracy that you want, you’d be investing well when you put your money in these pellets we listed here.

Using accuracy as our prime benchmark, we also put into consideration value for money, quantity of pellets per pack and ballistic force as our criteria for picking our best bet.

H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Hollowpoint Airgun Pellets

[aawp box=”B00B7399TW” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • CALIBRE: .177 cal.
  • WEIGHT: 9.57 gr
  • MIN. MUZZLE ENERGY: 12 ft.lbs
  • MAX. DISTANCE: 50 m
  • BC: 0.018
  • CONTENT OF TIN: 400 pcs.

As more and more brands develop their own versions of the best pellets for air rifle, the Baracuda Hollowpoint-Extreme developed by H&N continues to impress hunters. It’s because it’s got a perfect mix of powerful knockout hits and precise accuracy.

Accuracy-wise, this pellet variety has a snug fit and is made for high-precision for practically any major rifle type. What this gives you is an accurately consistent, power hits that will be reliable for any hunting goal.

It can be quite time-consuming to assess all the pellet types, and so going for this type is  a safe bet. Its hollow point shape is both versatile and reliable for hunting almost all types of small game.

You should love this too when you want long range hits. This has been tested for 60-100 feet, and lo and behold, it’s just as effective in its hit as when you’re hitting close-range.

The pellet design is also conducive to making your gait and hunting form at their best, making sure that you don’t lose your balance. You can even expect this to give you a decent amount of heft.

The pellets taken as a whole are not too heavy, too, allowing you to carry more. This is perfect when you want to go to the forest and enhance your hunting skills.

Practice-shooting requires a lot of pellets and because these pellets are made of high, excellent quality standards, you’re getting more from each piece. An added bonus is that you have an anti-spill cover in its screw-on lid.

  • Perfect heft and not too heavy so you can carry more
  • Ideal for practice shooting
  • Accuracy is ensured, both at close-range and long-range
  • May not be compatible to some rifles
  • Cannot be considered a reliable pellet to knock out large game

Crosman LF1754 PowerShot Fast Flight Penetrator Pellets

[aawp box=”B007UOOWSA” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • CALIBRE: .177 cal.
  • WEIGHT: 5.4 gr
  • CONTENT: 150 pcs.

There may be a lot of different types of pellets,  but the Crosman PowerShot sure is a stand out.

There’s a lot of factors why we make this pellet as one of the best. Apart from its lightweight 5.4 grains of weight, its lead-free tech is a strong feature.

An added sabot component that’s colored orange-plastic makes this baby hit both close and long range accurately.

Crosman is a trusted brand for many decades already. With its introduction of this PowerShot model, it’s able to ensure that it’s a leading brand up to this day.

The Powershot Penetrator feature in this model offers remarkable ballistic attributes that can enhance long-range shooting. You get extra bonus, too, because of this model’s eco-friendly properties.

Environment-friendly options are important these days, and it sure is good to know that these pellets have this in mind, translated by its lead-free material.

If you want fast shooting speed, this baby might be what you’re looking for, with its lightweight material. In fact, you could do with this about 20 percent faster than the shooting speed you get than others.

The flight stability you’re looking for in this one will be much more enhanced than others, since Crosman intentionally made this one with that in priority. Airgun hunters will love this, too, because it’s got a better and higher stopping power needed for continuous shoots.

  • Designed for superior velocity
  • Has higher accuracy and flight stability than other brands
  • Maximum penetration guaranteed
  • 20X Faster Shooting Speed than others
  • Lead-free, so it’s environment-friendly
  • Compatibility issues may arise with less popular rifles
  • May not always be available because of high demand
  • Flight penetrator feature may cost extra

Gamo Luxor Cu Sharp Pyramid Shaped .177 Caliber

[aawp box=”B00IQANEBI” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • CALIBER: .177 cal.
  • TYPES: copper layer., Pyramid shape. Non-lead
  • QUANTITY: 150 pcs
  • WEIGHT: 5.2 gr.
  • MATERIAL: Non-Lead

Gamo is certainly a brand that’s known in making the best 177 pellets for long range. If there’s one reason why people are loyal to this brand, it may be because of how innovative it is in getting the Gamo Luxor Cu to use a pyramid-shaped design in its tip.

The Luxor Cu Sharp has many redeeming qualities, and the pyramid shape it has is the cream of the crop. This design ensures high flight stability and better accuracy when hitting a target.

This is because the pyramid shaped tip will have lesser wind resistance, thereby making the hit faster and straighter. Cutting and shattering your target with this one is surely more ballistic.

Apart from the aerodynamic innovation above, this pellet type prides itself in having high ballistic coefficients, meaning it’s more powerful and more impact in damage. That’s something no hunter can resist.

Because this is lead-free, many users love this because it appears more environment-friendly. If you’re feeling energy conscious, then you may be the right target market for this one.

There may be more following to this one if it’s able to lower its price. However, at 150 pellets per pack, it’s one of the more affordable pellet types out there in the market.

Gamo is known in the industry to its promises of quality, consistently checked air gun ammunition that you can buy. Fortunately, its promise is lived up to with how the Luxor Cu is received by the market.

  • Innovative pyramid design tip for higher precision
  • Faster shooting speed because of innovative design
  • Accuracy is enhanced because of its aerodynamic shape
  • Better flight characteristics and high ballistic coefficient score
  • May be more expensive than standard ones
  • Can be louder than the counterpart
  • Not as ideal for close range as it is for long range

RWS R10 Match Plus Premium Line .177 Caliber Pellet

[aawp box=”B003XX9SH2″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • CALIBER: .177
  • QUANTITY: 500 Rounds
  • WEIGHT: 8.2 gr.
  • Classic Diablo Shape
  • Inspected Throughout Production for Quality

This Match Plus by RWS is the premium line release that definitely fits the mold of what the best 177 pellets for hunting rabbits should look like. All hunters are taken to this pellet mainly for how its diabolo shape looks like.

It’s a stunning design that flaunts mastery and functionality. This kind of design is made of a special form of a pellet plate for the maximum stabilization you need.

Do you want to create sharp hits and punched holes for every time you pull the trigger? These are the pellets to get, as that’s one feature its maker has manufactured as a main priority.

You are guaranteed, too, that each pellet here will be made with strict testing standards and a production tolerance not matched by anything else in the market. That’s a good deal right there.

Tight production means you get a level of accuracy optimized to the best ability of your rifle. If you want to maximize and reach ultimate accuracy in every shoot you make, this is the first pellet you should check out.

The spotless finish added here is certainly something you can’t see regularly in other brands. What this extra feature gives you is oxidation for longer storage.

The storage of pellets can be tricky, but the oxidation process here means you can already buy a lot of packs of pellets and store them in your vault. You won’t be worrying that their effectivity decreases as time goes by.

At 500 pellets per pack, you get more value for money, too.

  • Made with classy diabolo shape, making it stylish to keep
  • Made with tolerances that are of tight-production quality
  • Undergoes rigorous tests for maximum performance
  • Can make sharp, punched holes because of ballistic strength
  • Too loud for your own preference
  • Can be a bit pricey compared to other brands of less number of features

Crosman Premier Match Grade Pellets

[aawp box=”B000FEWR3O” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • CALIBER: .177
  • QUANTITY: 500 Rounds
  • WEIGHT: 7.9gr
  • AMMO TYPE: Pellets
  • Suggested for Plinking & target practice

Whether you’re looking for an affordable or the best 177 pellets for CO2 pistols, you should consider the Crosman Premier as part of your choices. At 500 pellets a pack, you get more ballistic performance and accuracy more than you expect.

The good thing about these pellets is that they’re premium grade and so are made to pass competition-grade standards for lead pellets. Saying that precision is a guarantee with this one is even an understatement.

I recommend this to you if you want to level up your hunting game. You’ve done small game with cheaper pellets, and now you should try something with higher ballistic attacks and a punched hit like no other.

These Premier pellets will let you achieve that goal.

Made from a rigorous, layered sequences of heat treatment and water-resistant metal tools, these pellets undergo special procedures that make them a stand out. You may even say that each pellet is distinct in itself.

Another value for money feature for this one is that it’s lightweight enough to be able for you to carry large packs in your travel. They’re cheaper, too, so you don’t mind using these as practice bullets.

These are compatible with most of the airgun rifles in your major stores, so no question that this is a good choice for many of today’s hunters that want to perform well in competitions.

You can also see that each pellet made will sound consistently similar in its impact with the others in the pack. You also don’t get deformed or smashed pellets in each pack purchased.

  • Undergoes strict production process of heat treatment and water resistance
  • Consistently made smoothly from pellet to pellet
  • Precise shooting is guaranteed every time
  • Made compatible even with Peacemakers
  • No smashed or deformed pellets each pack
  • Not made ideal for target shooting
  • No details about weight printed on the pack


What are The Best Picks of .177 Pellets for Accuracy?

The fastest 177 pellets to buy online don’t need to be pricey. In fact, for the price that doesn’t hurt your wallet, you may already pack in your bug-out bag some of today’s best 177 pellets for target shooting.

However, if it’s accuracy that you’re after, you get better value for your money if you go to anything that Gamo makes. From Gamo’s Red Fire pellets to its Luxor Cu Sharp, you have in them the most accurate pellets you can use both for target practice, competition or just for good old tin-can shooting.

Of course, in the end, it all depends on what your intention is for your pellets.

Things to Consider Before Buying .177 Pellets for Accuracy

Happy hunter old man in camouflage with .177 airgunBefore you buy the best 177 pellets for rabbits and other small game today, consider the following principles, rules of thumb, and other factors first:


What good is your rifle when the pellets you use can’t even hit a squirrel? Before buying, always check for the reviews from users to vouch for the pellets’ accuracy quality.

If you’re looking for heavy 177 caliber pellets that you can carry in a practice shooting, accuracy is critical because it’s the way you boost your skills.

Nothing beats accurate pellets in honing your hunting or shooting skills.


When velocity of your pellets are compromised, you get nothing but duds. The vaster the velocity, the more likely that you can precisely hit your targets, especially if the intention is more than just target practice.

Velocity is critically related to accuracy, too, and you don’t get the first one without getting the second. Go for brands that are known for velocity boost, which is something many of the best lead free .177 pellet packs today will offer.

Size or Shape

Depending on your intention, the size or shape of a pellet will dictate the results. Hunting pellets are likely to be made of hollow pellets.

If your aim is for target shooting, you’re already good with using the wadcutter ones available. If you want to save money by not paying for expensive grade pellets, going for round noses ones are your best hunting pellets.

Ballistic Score or Coefficient

The attack of your hunting pellets will depend on their ballistic score. The higher the score, the better impact you would have in knocking out your target.

This may not be what you want if you’re just playing fun shooting practice with friends. Go for low ballistic force or score when you’re still starting.

Different Types of Pellets and Which is Best for Accuracy

Whether you’re looking for high velocity 177 pellets or not, you need to learn first that there are at least four major pellet types: pointed, wadcutter, round nose, and hollow point.

Let’s explore these types below:


Young hunter aiming with double barreled shotgunThe first thing to know about pointed type pellets is they they’re called so because their head is just that: pointed. What this sharp end gives you is maximum penetration on whatever type of small game you’re eyeing.

The main thing that these pellet types do is to enhance your hunting skills and field use activities. They’re not really for target practice per se, since you’re going to waste the pointed, killing force feature that the maker meticulously made.

These pellet types are identified by their waist area that have a larger diameter than the rest of the parts, to give it increased weight for maximum penetration. This design doesn’t lost balance of the bullet itself.

You could also see some of these pellet types to have what are called forward-driving bands. Designed to have flat bands around their head, they help increase surface area for engaged rifling.


Some of the most powerful .177 air rifles you see today will have wadcutter types of pellets. A wadcutter has a flat head design with its edge slightly bevelled.

If accuracy is what you’re after, then this is the one to get, since it is made to have accuracy leveled up to higher tiers than other brands. Target competition requires such level of highly accurate hits, so expect wadcutters to be used for such.

Another thing to remember about wadcutter is that they’re excellent in long-range hits. At 10 meters, you get as much accuracy as you would when at close range.

Plus, when using wadcutters, you can achieve a consistently uniform level of accurate hits both at short and far range in most of the major airguns today. Accuracy is surely this pellet type’s main value proposition.

Round Nose

If there’s a generic type of medicine, then round nose types are the generic pellets to use. If you’re in dilemma whether to use PBA pellets vs lead pellets, just go with the safer choice and buy anything that’s round nose.

This pellet type is perfect for honing your hunting skills in practice because you can use a lot and pay less.

Hollow Point

A hollow point type of pellet is a hybrid of a wadcutter and the other types. The evolution of this pellet is from the need for one-shot kill type of pellets that are perfect for close range. Go with this if you’re at a higher skill level of hunting already.

What are the most accurate .177 pellets?

The most accurate .177 pellets are judged not just by the popularity of the brand making them, but according to the following criteria: velocity or shooting speed, ballistic coefficient, flight velocity and accuracy.

Whether you’re looking for pellets by Haendler & Natermann or Gamo, know these criteria first and what of them applies to you and your intention for the pellets. Ask yourself: are you just going for hunting as a hobby? Or are you training for competition-grade?

The different pellets available will vary according to where you use them, and so it’s hard to say whether the accurate pellets for someone else will be the same to you.

Pellet Weight vs Velocity and Accuracy?

shooting range accuracy Comparing pellet weight versus velocity and accuracy will be tricky. One thing is for sure though: pellet weight will increase the ballistic coefficient of the pellet, and the velocity and accuracy of the pellet will be inversely proportional to the pellet weight.

Pellet weight is more a measure of how it can kill or knock out  a target. Velocity and accuracy are fairly for target shooting and competition. So when picking the right pellets, go for what suits your intention or goal.

Another thing to consider is: the mix of both. When you can find the right mix of velocity and accuracy, then you’re in for a ride. You get the accuracy of always hitting your target, and then hunting strength to knock down your projectile goals.

Several vendors like RWS, Gamo and Crosman have all taken the big steps now to compete with each other to bring you the best in accuracy and pellet weight. That’s definitely a win for you.

Final Verdict

So among the ones we listed above, what should be your pick to maximize your investment in pellets? Why, my bet is you have to at least try all of the ones we listed above.

For my personal winner though, I choose: the Gamo Luxor Cu.

It stands out from the rest because it’s the only one made for premium grade shooting experience. Its pyramid-shaped head also allows me to hit my targets with higher precision and accuracy, and this article is all about accurate hits.

The sharp tip design also makes for stronger ballistic coefficient force, and that’s another reason why these are the best .177 pellets for accuracy available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are accurate pellets cheap?

With the development of new tech in pellet manufacturing, you may already be able to buy  pellets on the cheap.

GAMO can pack a lot of pellets in one purchase or packet, so that’s something to look forward to when looking for cheap option?

Are heavy pellets effective in accuracy?

Yes, they can be. The heavier the pellet, the more ballistic force it has, but they can still have optimum accuracy, depending on the pellet type.

What should I buy if I want accurate 177 pellets?

Go for what suits your goals. If you’re just doing target practice, go for round ones that are cheap and can be bought in large bulk without costing too much.

If you want the highest accuracy, go for brands that give accuracy boosts in their pellets. They can be more expensive though, but they’re well worth the investment if you’re going for competition grade quality.

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