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The 4 Best .177 Pellet For Squirrels Hunting

rifle for huntingIt may seem easy to find and buy the best .177 pellet for squirrels hunting, but if you’re like most people online bombarded by ads, you know the reality begs to differ.

You will realize that your .177 caliber has a lot of potential pellet partners. You have pellets that pack a punch at .25 and at .22, which may be fun to shoot, but will not be as precise as .177 pellets. There’s a reason why .177 is most preffered.

The .177 is just the smallest size of pellet in the range of available types you can get. The advancement of technology has led to making these tiny pellets pack a punch that’s similar to ones with bigger size.

To learn more about what brand of .177 makes the best one for your firearm, and what’s the techniques and factors to consider in buying a pack of pellets, explore this article below.

Top 4 .177 Pellet For Squirrels Hunting: Comparison Chart

As much as we’d like to write here all the possible options of pellets to choose from, we have filtered out our list into four products.

Image Name Features Price
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Hollowpoint Airgun Pellets
  • Material: Lead
  • Weight: 9.1 ounces
  • Quantity: 400
Check Price
RWS R10 Match Plus Premium Line .177 Caliber Pellet
  • Material: Oxidized steel
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Quantity: 500 pellets
Check Price
Gamo WHISPER PELLET QTY150 BLISTER 632272254 Pellets .177
  • Material: Lead
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces
  • Quantity: Tin of 150
Check Price
GAMO Red Fire .177 Caliber Pellets
  • Material: Lead
  • Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Quantity: Tin of 150
Check Price

Best Picks of .177 Pellet For Squirrels Hunting

If you had your way, you’d probably go spend hours reading reviews of  what the best pellets for squirrel hunting could be. That’s a lot of precious time you don’t have, so let’s settle for the top four below:

H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Hollowpoint Airgun Pellets

[aawp box=”B00B7399TW” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Caliber: .177 cal.
  • Weight: 9.57 gr
  • Max. Distance: 50 m
  • BC: 0.018
  • Quantity:: 400 pcs.

All features calculated, what’s a hunter not to like about the H&N Baracuda Hunter Pellets in Hollowpoint version? Even the lead material it has retains good reputation as a perfect material to make them the best airgun for squirrels.

If you’re looking for a powerful knockdown because you just learned you save more money as you use less pellets, then this is the one you should start with. It’s been known to hit like a .22 caliber type of pellet.

You may love also this for the snug fit design it has. This way, you’re always in the right position and angle to hit targets both at close and long-range. Extremely accurate, these pellets are only at 9.57 grains of weight for maximum portability.

These pellets are designed by Haendler & Natermann Sport, a leader in today’s manufacturing of ammunition and has been around since 1825. Over the years, the brand has perfected its tech to bring forth this Baracuda set of pellets.

  • You will appreciate this pellet’s accuracy even from a far distance.
  • Its versatility is top-notch, since you may use it in many firearm types.
  • Its price is also affordable enough that they’re ideal for practice shooting.
  • You are not able to use this with a handgun.
  • You don’t get this pellet from as many online stores as other brands.

RWS R10 Match Plus Premium Line .177 Caliber Pellet

[aawp box=”B003XX9SH2″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Quantity: 500 Rounds
  • Caliber: .177 Caliber
  • Weight: 8.2 Grain
  • Classic Diablo Shape
  • Inspected Throughout Production for Quality

If you’re still looking for a starter pellet for a standard pellet gun squirrel hunting with friends, then you have a lot to love about the RWS R10 Premium Release. For starters, these pellets live up to its reputation as the best pellet for competitive target shooting.

Being a premium choice for professional shooters, these pellets are unsurprisingly packed individually, ready for action in no time. Fortunately, you’d be needing less to use when hunting with these as its accuracy rates are top-notch.

These pellets also give you the advantage of optimized accuracy. This means that the standard reach of pellets like these are in this situation multiplied for even better reach.

The diabolo shape you get with this one also adds to its optimum stabilization. This means you’re able to hit hard and even create punched holes every time you shoot.

The total knockout power you get with these pellets are also consistent, thanks in addition to its consistently and opto-electronically inspected size. The spotless surface coating added is just an extra bonus for maximum value for money.

  • These are individually packed for premium appeal.
  • You get added accuracy boost innovation that cheaper pellets don’t have.
  • Undergone more rigorous tests to ensure consistency in pellet size and material.
  • Quite a bit expensive due to premium design.
  • Not ideal for hunting because of cost per pellet.

Gamo WHISPER PELLET QTY150 BLISTER 632272254 Pellets .177

[aawp box=”B00AU6A3D8″ template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Caliber: 177 caliber
  • Material: lead
  • Style: round nose
  • Quantity: Tin of 150
  • Heavy weight hunting pellet for maximum energy and quietness

If you happen to be looking for the best pellet gun for killing squirrels, you’re in luck because this Gamo Whisper Blister release is just made for that, and more. Made out of lead and a round nose style, this packs a punch thanks to its heavy weight quality.

Heavy weight means more ballistic power to knock out not just squirrels but even rabbits and pesky pests. The special value you get with this one, though, is its Whisper technology feature.

The Whisper effects allow you to get noise reduction effects in every shoot. Other pellets can distract your target because of its loud noise, but with this one, you’re in stealth mode.

I recommend this one to you when you’re planning to hit targets in groups. The loud noise in your first hit can shoo away the rest of the group, and that’s not pleasant.

The added copper layer with this one and a long skirt will increase the pellet weight. When this happens, all you get is flight stability and a powerful punch that just knocks down any wild target.

  • You get a Whisper Tech, which reduces noise in each hit
  • This has an added weight for flight stability and ballistic, knock-out hit
  • Offers deep penetration power
  • You may carry less pellets with this type because they’re heavier
  • Not ideal when you just want to hit targets, not injure them

GAMO Red Fire .177 Caliber Pellets

[aawp box=”B0024XEXDQ” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Caliber: 177 caliber
  • Quantity: Tin of 150
  • Material: Lead
  • Diamond-shaped polymer trip for true ballistic trajectory
  • Velocity : 843 FPS (up to)
  • Pellets Weigh: 7.8 grams

It’s impossible to ignore these Gamo Red Fire Pellets as a top contender for the best 177 pellets for squirrels, rabbits and other small game. Made by Gamo, Europe’s largest maker of quality airgun pellets, this air pistol ammunition offers great accuracy and stunning power.

These are made of hollow-point type of bullets, at 0.177 calibers each, with 7.8 grams of weight. That’s just a little less than a piece of tablet, and yet it offers high-velocity performance.

You can expect these aluminum pellets to go as high as 843 feet per second, and that’s just more than enough for any long-range shoots. This is possible because the pellet is cleverly designed with a polymer tip with a diamond-shape for more precise hit.

As a result, you always get high penetration in every target hit you make. With 150 pellets in each pack, that’s a lot of targets already, and so much small game to gather.

  • This has a good penetration power to hit whatever type of small game.
  • You can trust on this to knock out squirrels.
  • This has a bold, stylish diamond-shaped design.
  • You may have a hard time using these pellets to hit hard-skinned creatures, such as iguanas.
  • These can often be out of stock because they’re made in Europe.


What Are the Best 177 Pellet For Squirrels Hunting?

The best squirrel pellet gun to get should offer value for money, high ballistic force, flight stability, among many factors.

The best ones to get are usually the ones made by trusted brands or manufacturers that have created airgun ammunition for many years already.

These brands include Gamo, Crosman, JSB and H&N. The pellets you get against squirrel also depend on your intention.

Are you trying to hunt and kill them? Or you’re just hitting them for fun, trying to shoo them away? If you choose pellets with heavier, higher ballistic force, chances are you’re going to kill the squirrels.

Things to Consider Before Buying 177 Pellet For Squirrels Hunting

There are critical issues and factors to weigh in before purchasing any kind of pellets for squirrel hunting. Even if you’re going for a cheap option, try to assess these factors first:


It’s a given that pellets promise accuracy, but know that there are more accurate pellets. It will come at a cost, though, as the more accuracy boosts added in a pellet, the more expensive they can be.

Top priority for hunters is accuracy without bulk issues. Make sure that when there are added components in your pellets, the weight factor is still considered.


Velocity matters when you want to hunt and kill creatures. The faster the pellet hit, the more deadly your pellet can be. That will matter as long as that’s what you want.

But if you’re just target shooting, going for higher velocity, which can be a bit expensive, is not the way to go.


Pellets are made in varying sizes and shapes, and depending on your purpose, will do things the other types won’t be able to. As a rule, go for pointed and hollow pellets.

They pack more punch, are versatile, and can be used whether you’re pro hunting or just target shooting.

Ballistic Coefficients

If you want deep penetration for every hit, it makes sense to go for pellets that have a high number of ballistic coefficient. Pointed bullets usually have this, and that’s the ones to get for shooting for killing.

Final Verdicts

So what should be your pick?

In my case, my clear winner would be the Gamo Whisper Pellet, Blister. I like it because more than being sleek-looking with its round nose style and lead material, it has a stand-out stealth-like feature: the Whisper Tech.

None of the others have a noise reduction feature, and that alone makes it my pick as the best .177 pellet for squirrel hunting .

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best squirrel hunting pellet?

One of the best in the market is the Gamo Red Fire.

What’s the most accurate .177 pellet brand?

You may start with the H&N Baracuda Match as your go-to pellet if you’re looking for the most accurate.

What does weight of the pellet do?

The heavier the pellet, the more flight stability you can get, which adds to accuracy. The weight of your pellet also gives more ballistic, knock-out force to help you with your target.

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