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How to Unjam a BB Gun or Airsoft Gun

Air soft gun with protective glasses & of bulletsEven if you’re a newbie to airsoft, you better learn how to unjam a BB gun or airsoft gun. That’s because it’s a problem that everyone in the airsoft community encounters, sooner or later.

If it happens to you in the middle of an airsoft battle simulation, take out your spare weapon. Unjamming the gun will take a while, and it’s best if you’re not under fire!

What to Do in Case of a Jammed Airsoft Weapon

Here are the steps you need to take, when you find that your airsoft weapon has jammed:

  1. Stop firing! If you don’t stop firing, you may break your gear or piston.
  2. Look into the barrel to check if there are any objects (like clumps of dirt) that may be inside the barrel.
  3. Turn off the hop and set it to zero.
  4. Insert your cleaning rod (you really ought to have one) inside the barrel.
  5. Set your gun upside down.
  6. Carefully use the cleaning rod to push the BB or pellet back into the mag.
  7. When you’ve cleared the pellet from the barrel, test-fire 2 shots without ammo.
  8. If it seems everything is ok, do a final test fire with an actual pellet or BB.

If these steps don’t work, you should go to a pro. Your local airsoft dealer should know someone (or they have an employee who can help).

Causes of Airsoft Jamming and Preventive Measures

Here are some of the more common causes of jamming. Knowing these causes should help you avoid them to avoid jamming issues in the future.

You Used Cheap Pellets or BBs

Cheap BBs and pellets may have inconsistent shapes. Go for the more expensive ones, as they have perfect dimensions with no seams or burrs.

You Reused Your BBs and Pellets

That’s not a good idea at all. Once used, your pellets may have become dirty or misshapen.

Colt government m1911You Have a Dirty Barrel

The dirt inside the barrel can prevent your BBs from going through smoothly. Clean your barrel at least once a month, using 100% silicon or Teflon spray.

You Have a Dirty Magazine

Clean your magazines regularly as well. The dirt in the magazine can transfer to the BBs, causing them to jam.

You Have Too Much Hop Up

This causes the BBs to get caught. You’ll just need to loosen up the hop up a bit.

The Hop Up Bucking is Damaged

The bucking may be ripped or split, which can then block the way the BBs go through. You’ll need to have the bucking replaced.

The Nozzle is Damaged

With a damaged nozzle, you reduce the compression so that the BB can’t launch from the barrel, causing the jam. You’ll have to fix the nozzle or replace it.


Basically, just use premium BBs and pellets, and maintain your airsoft weapon properly. You still need to know how to unjam a BB gun or airsoft gun, but you won’t put that knowledge to use too frequently.

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