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The 4 Best .22 Pellets for Accuracy

Best .22 Pellets for AccuracyWhen you’re looking for the best, it pays to invest a bit of time in research and analysis. This is the same when you’re investing in the best .22 pellets for accuracy.

Of course, finding the best .22 pellets can be tricky. There are many deceiving, partial sites online that get you more confused and less informed.

The good thing, though, is that there’s also a lot of useful information out there, and all you just need is to get through all the noise. The high quality sources are those that use comparative analysis in their ratings.

In this article, we attempt to give you just that in order to help you get to the bottom of what makes the best pellets.

Top 4 .22 Pellets for Accuracy: Comparison Chart

Here are the top 4 .22 brands or names of the pellets today that stand strong in our list and analysis:

JSB Diabolo Exact .22 Caliber Air Gun Pellets
  • Quantity: 500 per tin
  • Type: Domed
  • Grain Size: 15.89 grains
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Crosman Premier Hollow Point Pellet .22 cal
  • Quantity: 500 per tin
  • Type: Hollow point
  • Grain Size: 14.3 grain
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Haendler & Natermann Hornet Pointed Airgun Pellets
  • Quantity: 150 ct
  • Type: Pointed
  • Grain Size: 24.38 grains
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Predator Polymag Air Gun Pellets .22 Caliber
  • Quantity: 200 count
  • Type: Pointed
  • Grain Size: 15.75 grains
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Best Picks of .22 Pellets for Accuracy

Across the various brands that make pellets, these are the product names that have stood out in our comparison and are the strong contenders:

JSB Diabolo Exact .22 Caliber Air Gun Pellets

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Quick Specification
  • Caliber: .22
  • Ammo Type: Pellets
  • Ammo Weight: 18.13 grains
  • Pellet Shape: Hollow point design
  • Quantity: 500 ct

The JSB Diabolo pellets became one of the best 22 pellets for hunting today mainly for its maker: JSB, a company that’s been here since 1991.

Brand recognition and longevity plays a big part on what brands to trust. JSB has offered over the years the European market the reliable air gun pellets that they need.

One of these pellets is the Diabolo, and they are made in Czech Republic by Joseph Schulz.

I recommend this for you if you want something that delivers a powerful force but with an optimized flight stability. With fine accuracy for hunting and practice shooting, these pellets do the job at value for money because it contains 500 pellets a pack.

Another good thing about this is that it has a familiar, round nosed design. This means you can use this in almost all types of airgun models.

If you want value for money or a lot of pellets in one pack, this one’s got the goods.

  • Heavy, ballistic force
  • Made by a reliable brand in the industry
  • Has improved flight stability features
  • Packs a lot of pellets in one tin
  • Round nose pellets give them a familiar design for easy reloading
  • Has fine accuracy features for hunting
  • May require washing because it contains lead
  • Too powerful for just practice shooting

Crosman Premier Hollow Point Pellet .22 cal

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Quick Specification
  • Material: Lead
  • Caliber: .22
  • 14.3-grain hollow point design
  • Perfect for small game hunting
  • Quantity: 500 pcs
  • Made in the USA

If you think that the best .22 hunting pellets should be affordable, you may want to consider buying the Premier .22 cal from Crosman.

At 15.75 grains and designed to have a  pointed tip, you can rely on this when you want to use your rifle for hunting or practice.

Made by Predator International, these pellets provide a lot of value for users for their shorter version that won’t cause issues with your feeding and mag.

If you want to hunt with a repeater, then this is the first pellets you should probably consider exploring. Most airguns or magazines may not have the length to accept other types of pellets, but these ones are compatible with most brands.

These are also made with the highest grade precision procedures, and that gives you accuracy that’s not matched by competitors.

  • You’re able to hit hard with this one, as high as 3X than others
  • Still reliable at a hit of about 30 yards
  • Powerful enough to kill, perfect for small game
  • May be more expensive than others
  • Contains less quantity, would be ideal if there was a 500 pellets per tin

Haendler & Natermann Hornet Pointed Airgun Pellets

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Quick Specification
  • Caliber: .22″ (5.5mm)
  • Ammo Type: Pellets
  • Suggested for Hunting
  • Weight: 16.0gr
  • Quantity: 200 pcs

These Hornet Airgun Pellets created by H&N may probably pass your standard for .22 caliber pellet accuracy test. That is why you should start exploring these first if you value accuracy more than damage.

Not that there’s not a lot of damage in this one. At 24.38 grains per pellet of this caliber, then you would be dispatching still a lot of damage, especially because of its pointed metal insert.

If you want powerful impact in your pellets but you want to prioritize accuracy for dispatching pests, then this one is the right pick.

These can be a little pricey, though, but they penetrate metal targets even if they’re at far a distance of a range, so both at close range and long-range, you can rely on these.

If you want consistency with your accuracy for each pellet, you’d be glad to know that each pellet here is made with consistent design in manufacturing.

  • Manufactured with consistent design and size each pellet
  • You get no bent pellets for each one
  • You get higher accuracy for each hit
  • Deep penetration but not as deep to knock out or exterminate
  • Price can be higher
  • Not ideal for target practice because you may be wasting a lot

Predator Polymag Air Gun Pellets .22 Caliber

[aawp box=”B01MQ6GD1W” template=”image”]
Quick Specification
  • Manufacturer: Predator International
  • Caliber: .22
  • Ammo Type: Pellets
  • Ammo Weight: 16 grains
  • Pellet Shape: Pointed
  • Quantity: 200 ct

Exploring the best 22 cal hunting pellets would probably be incomplete for you if you don’t consider the .22 pellets from Predator Polymag as part of your list of options.

These are a great option for you if you want not just accuracy, but also heavy-hitting pellets. Its hollow point design should be more than enough for hitting pesky pests or if you want them for target practice.

The ballistic coefficient you get with this one is one of the highest, and gives you the less drag you would to deliver more energy hit at your target.

If you want both accuracy and hard-hitting impact in your air guns, you could be winning a deal with these pellets. The round nose of these pellets are the best choice if you want to use them in multiple rifles.

The general design of round nose is versatile enough to make all rifle models fit in them. Precisely crafted, these pellets are hand-picked, too, to ensure consistency in its accuracy.

  • Precise and consistent round-nose design for uniform accuracy
  • Excellent both at close range and long range in terms of accuracy
  • Intermediate round nose pellet is optimized for improved accuracy
  • Powerful in lead-free competition because of wad-cutter design
  • Pricey enough that may be not ideal for target practice
  • Lacks enough power to knock down


What Are the Best .22 Pellets for Accuracy?

The best way to make sure that you’re buying the best 22 air rifle pellets is to go buy from brands that are trusted already. One good brand is Predator Polymag.

That said, the best .22 pellets for accuracy must be a complete balance between heavy-hitting power and precision. Without such mix, you’d be only getting accuracy but doesn’t do anything to your target, unless you’re just practicing.

Things to Consider Before Buying .22 Pellets for Accuracy

What makes a product fit the standard of the best 22 cal pellets reviews you can read online may have first something to do with the pellet design. Here are some of the things to consider before buying your .22 pellets:


Mainly called a diablo pellet, pellets of this type will have a nice aerodynamic structure in its framework that you can expect it to reach high velocity. This has good accuracy, but its trajectory is impressive, too.


PointedA pointed pellet is made for damage. This is ideal for when you’re trying to hit small, pesky vermin of your property or you’re honing your long-range hunting skills.


When you’re looking for a flathead type of pellet, this is the one to type you get. It’s made for stead shots and consistent ones at that.

There’s significant impact with this one but also has controlled level of deep penetration. It’s perfect for hitting targets both to kill and to just also knock-out.


The hollow-point types you get today will be ideal for just knocking out vermin without actually killing them.

The damage this pellet type will do can’t expand to attack the other surrounding creatures in the quarry you’re hitting.


As you can observe here, you could argue that the best way to know if the pellets are suited to your taste is to know your intentions. Are you trying to kill vermin or just shooing them away?

Final Verdicts

Among the four, my clear winner would be the: Diabolo Exact by JSB mainly because it’s made by a trusted brand existing since the 90s.

It’s also got improved flight stability features in its design that can elevate its accuracy levels. That alone is a major reason why they’re the best .22 pellets for accuracy you can buy to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best airgun pellets?

The best pellets to use for your airgun will depend on what you want. If you want higher damage, go for .22 pellets. If for target shooting, maybe try the .33 caliber first.

Are pointed pellets better for accuracy?

Yes, and they’re also the best choice you can have for hunting. They inflict a lot of one-hit damage, too, so many hunters consider it to be the most humane way.

What’s the most expensive type of pellet?

Pellets that are made of carbide steel may be the most expensive. They undergo rigorous manufacturing tests and standards, so that’s why they’re much pricey.

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