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How to Measure Blackhorn 209 Powder

Sometimes you simply need to have more control over the power and capabilities of your rifle, that is the reason why muzzleloading rifles are still extremely popular today.

Blackhorn 209 is one of the most recommended powders to use in this rifle, but how do you measure it so you’ll have just the right amount of powder for the job.

Here we will discuss several ways to get the right amount of powder using safe and tested methods.

What is Blackhorn 209?

Blackhorn 209 is a propellant that is used in powering specific types of firearms, like muzzleloaders and black powder.

What is significant with the Blackhorn 209 is its increased performance in comparison to other similar propellants, while remaining a low-residue product.

Residue is a big issue in muzzleloading firearms and as such, a product like this that can reduce fouling while improving performance is such a success. Several noticeable advantages include:

  • Non corrosive, for reduced wear and tear on equipment
  • High velocity in comparison to other propellants
  • Easy to clean
  • Is compatible to shotshell primers in the 209 standard

Weight or Volumetric Units?

In ammunition, there is a lot of confusion, especially among those new in the field, about measurements for propellants. This is mainly caused by the use of “grains” as a unit of measurement.

Grains are simply a measure of weight, like an ounce, or a pound, and in regular ammunition that is intended for sale or purchase, it refers to the projectile, not the entire cartridge.

So, in applications like a muzzleloading rifle or blackpowder cartridge, if the propellant is measured by weight, then it would be referred to in grains.

In the case of BlackHorn 209, the manufacturer provides the charge recommendations in Volumetric Units, not by weight in grains, so the charge measurement must be made by volume.

In order to do this you will need specific equipment that deals in volume units and there are a lot of options available for almost all budget points.

If, however, you do still want to use weight for your charges, you can convert the original recommendations in the volume units by multiplying the indicated load by 0.7.

Measuring Tools that Could be Used with Blackhorn 209

The most convenient tool to use to measure out your charges with Blackhorn 209 are the Blackhorn 209 measuring tubes.

These tubes are marked and graduated volumetrically, meaning that they measure the volume of the gunpowder you will be putting inside them.

They are sold in packs ranging from 6 to 20 or more and can sometimes come with their own storage case or organizers to protect your charges.

Another tool you could use is a standard powder measure that is normally used to reload ammunition. This is a feature of Blackhorn 209 and normally cannot be done with other black powder or similar propellants.

The volumetric recommendations make it easy for the user to adjust the measure appropriately.

If you don’t have these tools, you can also make use of a powder scale. However, do not forget to convert the recommended volume load values into the appropriate weight values for your scale.

Measuring Blackhorn 209 can be confusing at first, but with this guide, and the right tools, it can be easily done so you can create safe and effective loads for your muzzleloader and blackpowder cartridges.

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