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The Quick Rundown of How Many Times Can You Reload Brass

How Many Times Can You Reload BrassOne of the most common questions that are asked by those who are still new in the reloading game is this: how many times can you reload brass?

Often this question is answered in online forums or chat groups, but the available responses can be limited.

This article will give you a better idea of the exact figures, as well as the maximum limit you should be reloading your brass before it can potentially break.

There are many variables that may affect the reloading times, and if one reloads it one too many, then it can potentially be dangerous.

Let’s explore these variables in this article below.

Factors That Affect The Reloading Count

 Here are the main factors to consider when deciding the reload times for your brass:

  • Brass Quality and Originality – if your brass is of inferior qualtiy or is made by a questionable manufacturer, you obviously won’t be getting as many reloads as you want compared with ones of higher quality.
  • Brass Caliber – the larger calibers of your firearm will differ, and the higher they are, the more pressure they undergo when fired. When this happens the casings expand even further after each shot you make.
  • Level of Heat of the Reload – you have to consider, too, how hot the reload of your gun is. The higher the velocity and the more powder you use in shooting your target, the more pressure is placed on the casing for every shot.
  • The Type of Equipment Used – if you’re using full-length sizing in your firearm, the entire casing will be resized. If it’s a neck sizing die, that will just reform the neck.If you resize the entire casing, that puts more wear factor on your brass.
  • The Level of Primer Pocket Applied – It’s important to always clean your primer pocket, or if you don’t have that much time, just make sure you inspect it. It’s the primer pocket that can easily get loose, and when that happens, gass loss occurs.
    You increase the wear and tear factor on your brass when you cause the primer itself to fall out.


How many times can you reload rifle brass?

It depends. It can be once or can be as many as 10 times. If you’re using cheap brass, you may not even reload it at all.

A good tip to extending your brass’ lifespan is to always be meticulous in cleaning the casing before reloading it. When you do, you ensure that the casing is strong enough to withstand another pressured blow in the next firing event.

How many times can 223 Brass be reloaded?

If you’re only doing neck sizing, and the refiring happens in the same standard bolt action rifle setting, then you can expect a .223 brass to be reloaded to as high as 10 reloads.

How many times can you reload 308 brass?

Some people can go as high as 50 to 100 reloads of full-length sizing for their .308 brass.

How many times can you reload 9mm brass?

Generally in average, 5 times.



So that’s it: you now have a comprehensive overview of the variables needed to consider to learn how many times you can reload your brass before they bail out on you.

You just learned that the different calibers and sizes of the brass will determine the exact figures of reloading the brass safely. The casing’s lifespan can also be extended when you expend enough time and attention in cleaning them meticulously before reloading.

From examining the case necks, case rims to making sure that the case walls are washed and polished, these factors can either save you money or even affect the efficiency of your firearm.

Either way, you now know that whatever caliber of rifle you choose, the number of how many times can you reload brass will still depend on the gun owner.

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