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What is Hi-Capa in Airsoft? A Brief Introduction to This Popular Platform

What is ‘Hi-Capa’ in airsoft? What does the term mean or refer to?

Hi-Capa is a moniker of a popular platform of airsoft pistols. The best known maker of these items is the Tokyo Marui M1911 but other brands like WE/Armourer Works and Western Arms are also notable options.

It’s believed that they got their name from their double-stacked magazines, promising high-capacity.

Quick Introduction

One of the most fascinating things about airsoft is that there are so many things to explore about it. It’s not just about the exciting physical games but it’s also about the airsoft guns, playing techniques, and a lot of other elements. It can really get a player very involved, ensuring a grand time.

Among the most exciting airsoft weapons to learn about is the renowned Hi-Capa. This particular item is very popular for a lot of reasons, making most players intrigued about what it can offer.

But what is Hi-Capa in airsoft, really? What makes it so special and should you get one? This quick introduction to this platform will help you find the answers you need.

What is a Hi-Capa in Airsoft?

By definition, the term ‘Hi-Capa’ refers to a particular airsoft pistol platform that is based on the STI (now Staccato) 2011. The name is most commonly used on the Tokyo Marui 1911 range of airsoft pistols.

The Staccato 2011 are touted to be the “world’s best shooting handguns” as they promise a high rate of fire with great accuracy. They’re also quite versatile as they’re deemed suitable for target shooting but will also do well as a carry pistol.

The Tokyo Marui 1911 takes after the key elements of the Staccato 2011 as it’s designed for speed, reliability, and accuracy. They did an excellent job at replicating the 2011 that they also spurred the creation of numerous clones over time.

What makes it so popular and why are other airsoft gun manufacturers cloning the design, you ask? Here are some of the top reasons why high-capa pistols are highly sought-after.

Comes with high-capacity magazines

The guy puts a magazine from the gun in his holsterWhere did the name ‘Hi-Capa’ come from, you might be wondering? Some say that it’s probably from the amount of ammunition its magazines can hold. M1911s are known for their double-stack magazines so they can accommodate up to twice the number of BBs compared to regular pistols.

Great performance

Since the M1911 was fashioned after the famous Staccato 2011, they also promise accuracy and excellent fire power. This makes it gas-efficient, too.

Great customization options

Another reason why the M1911 is believed to be one of the most popular airsoft pistols today is its excellent customization options. With how popular the model is and with so many clones out there, it also created quite a bit of aftermarket support.

This means that you’ll find lots of parts and accessories that will let you upgrade and customize your Hi-Capa. So even if it’s a pretty common option, there’s still an excellent chance that your unit will look unique and perform slightly differently from others.

Designed for shooting competitions

Pistol aiming on a targetSince the High-Capa is based on a pistol that’s designed for target shooting, it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s also a good choice for airsoft shooting competitions. With its great accuracy, it can definitely be a nice weapon for such purposes.

However, others see this detail as a disadvantage, particularly those who enjoy combat airsoft games more. Due to the design of the Hi-Capa, they’re not considered to be suitable for milsim games and finding combat holsters for such models can be a bit of a challenge.

Solid construction

The best Hi-Capas, especially the ones that started the craze, are noted for their solid construction. They’re nicely built, making them quite reliable.

Lots of options to choose from

Aside from being widely cloned, Hi-Capas from Tokyo Marui also come in different models. There are several different varieties of this particular platform so lots of choices are available. Among the top picks today are:

To Hi-Capa or Not

Should you get a Hi-Capa? This is a question a lot of budding and even seasoned airsoft enthusiasts ask. With its specific qualities, some might find these non-firearms to be very interesting but might still have some reservations at the same time.

So should you bite the bullet with this particular airsoft pistol? It really depends on you. If you primarily play combat games, remember that this platform is not designed for combat so prepare for some complications.

However, if you want to try out target shooting, then this can be a good addition to your arsenal. It might offer something different to you in terms of experience and performance.

If you’re looking for something to personalize, then, a Hi-Capa might also be a good fit for you. It’s compatible with lots of aftermarket products so you don’t have to search high and low for add-ons.

Hi-Capa vs High Caps/HiCaps

The terms Hi-Capa and high caps are commonly used in airsoft. They may seem similar but they refer to two very different things. Hi-capa, as discussed above, refers to a specific model of airsoft pistol.

Despite these pistols popularity, the term is still often confused with high caps or hicaps. These refer to high-capacity magazines which are, as the name suggests, airsoft rifle magazines with high ammunition capacity.

What makes them very appealing is that they can hold from 300 to 600 bbs in one go. Some models can even hold up to 1000 bbs. They’re recommended for beginners so they don’t have to bother with frequent reloads. However, they can require a bit of maintenance as they need to be wound often.


Amusingly, despite its popularity, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding Hi-Capas. Hopefully, this quick guide gets to clarify most of them, so interested parties can get to know such platforms better.

With their promised reliability, solid build, and accuracy, Hi-Capas might prove to be good additions to a growing airsoft arsenal.

If you want to add to the points above or if you have questions, make sure to leave them in the comments.

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