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How to Stop Your Airsoft Goggles from Fogging: Quick and Easy Tips

Soft air gun toy plastic weapon box set To deal with one of the most annoying things that can happen when playing airsoft, it’s important to learn how to stop your airsoft goggles from fogging.

Doing this is very simple: you only need to apply an anti-fog product or any one of its many DIY alternatives on the inner side of the goggles.

Depending on what you used, you can just wait for the substance to dry up or you can gently wipe off the excess and you’re good to go.


Airsoft may not involve actual firearms but it can’t be denied that it comes with a good number of risks. Aside from how physical the game can get, some airsoft guns also reach 650 FPS which is already the same rate as an actual 38 long Colt. That’s a lot of power for something that can be used for ‘games’.

With the kinds of dangers that can come with high-powered non-firearms, it’s essential for players to protect themselves. Eye protection is among the most important as eye injuries are not uncommon in the sport.

Fortunately, there are lots of products that can help in this area that finding one shouldn’t be a problem. What you might need to know more about, however, is how to stop your airsoft goggles from fogging. This common problem will affect your performance and safety as well, so it’s crucial to learn the best tricks.

For this, below is a quick guide that should help you prevent goggle fog.

Materials Needed

There are quite a few items that are tested and proven to help prevent goggles and eye equipment from fogging without too much fuss. Here are some that might meet your needs:

  1. Anti-fog products
  2. A bar of soap
  3. Toothpaste
  4. Baby shampoo
  5. Shaving cream
  6. Dish soap
  7. Microfiber cloth or sponge
  8. A portable / handheld fan

If you’re a bit handy you can also try drilling a whole different approach which will need:

  1. Drill

Instructions on How to Stop Airsoft Goggles from Fogging

As annoying as goggle fog can be, preventing it can be quite easy. There are also a few different ways to go about it so you have different options to deal with the problem. Below are step-by-step instructions for four different methods to keep your air goggles from getting foggy:

Method 1: Commercial Anti-Fog Products

Anti-Fog Kit for GlassesStep 1: Purchase the anti-fog product of your choice. These products typically come in spray, drops, wipes, and paste formats among many others so you have options on what could be easier for you to work with.

You don’t have to stick with just airsoft anti-fog products for this purpose. There are lots of other commercial products meant for defogging eyewear that are not just for airsoft players. They can also prove to be effective for you.

Step 2: Read the manufacturer’s instructions. Different products have varying application methods and the best source of information on their usage would be the manufacturer. Check the product’s package or the manufacturer’s website for such details.

Step 3: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Since there are different kinds of commercial anti-fog products, the ways to apply and use them will also vary greatly. Stick to the recommendations of the manufacturers when it comes to this step.

Method 2: DIY Airsoft Anti-Fog Rub

Step 1: Choose your DIY material from the list above. There are several options to choose from but most of them are used in somewhat similar ways.

Step 2: Apply your choice of material on the inside of the goggles. If you’re using something liquid like dish soap or baby shampoo, add a small drop on the inside of each lens then gently spread the substance on the entirety of the inner surface. Leave it for about 15 minutes before dipping the goggles in clean water for a quick rinse.

For materials like a bar of soap, you can simply rub the bar of soap on the inside of the goggles then wipe the residue away using a microfiber cloth. The same can be done for shaving cream.

For toothpaste, slather a relatively thick amount of product on the inner side of the goggles and let it dry. Do not rub too hard on the goggles to avoid causing scratches and damaging the piece of eyewear.

Method 3: Use Spit

This sounds gross but it’s a time-tested technique that helps keep goggles from misting up. It’s a popular trick among swimmers and it works wonders.

Step 1: Spit out a small amount of saliva into the inner side of your goggles.

Step 2: Rub the liquid around and let it dry.

Method 4: Use a Handheld Fan

Man holding small portable usb fan close-upOne of the best ways how to defog goggles would be to cool yourself off. Follow these steps to pull off this trick:

Step 1: While wearing your foggy goggles, hold a handheld fan in front of your face with the fan facing you.

Step 2: Turn the fan on and position it to hit the area around your goggles.

Step 3: Move the fan around if you wish to better cool down your skin.

Step 4: Watch the fog clear up.

Alternative: Opt for Vented Goggles or Anti-Fog Goggles:

Another way to keep your goggles from misting is by getting vented goggles instead of the fully sealed ones. These vents will allow air to move around and will not trap moisture in.

You can also find products that are touted as anti-fog goggles nowadays. A lot of them tend to deliver on their promise so there’s a very good chance that you’ll find something that actually won’t get foggy.

Worth Considering: Drilling Holes in Your Goggles

If you already bought a pair of goggles and you want to add some vents on them, drilling into them could be something you can do. The process is pretty simple:

Step 1: Secure the goggles. Clamp it down to hold it in place.

Step 2: Using a very small drill bit, drill into the side of the goggles to create a vent. Make sure that the hole is smaller than a regular airsoft pellet so as to ensure that bbs will not get near your eyes.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 on the other side.

Step 4: Clean the goggles thoroughly to remove all debris and check for potential damage.

Note, however, that this step is not recommended by experts as drilling into some of the most common materials used in making airsoft goggles and ski goggles cause it to shatter.

Q & A on Goggles Fogging and Its Prevention

To better understand the methods above and maybe find your own ways on how to defog goggles, here are some quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about foggy eyewear.

Why do goggles fog up?

Goggles get misted up for a very simple reason: condensation. The heat on your skin, breath, and the general humidity transforms into water vapor as it hits the cool surface of your goggles’ lenses. The vapor then changes into condensation or tiny water droplets which then creates the film that is considered as fog.

Since playing airsoft will get you moving about, the physical activity can cause your temperature to rise. It also doesn’t help that the area snugly covered by the goggles gets heated up all the more, especially if it doesn’t have any air vents. This, then, creates the perfect conditions for foggy eyewear.

What is the best anti-fog spray for goggles?

There are lots of highly recommended and top-rated anti-fog spray for goggles that you can get so you have great choices if you wish to purchase a commercially available one. Many of them can do an excellent job in keeping your protective eye gear fog-free.

To find the ‘best’ one, however, it’s best to try them yourself. Aside from effectiveness, there are other factors that can affect the performance of a product, so you might want to see for yourself which one will suit your needs and preferences the most.

Why does spit stop fogging?

Spit stops fogging because it acts as a surfactant. Surfactants got their name from the term ‘surface active agent’ which refers to their ability to reduce surface tension. They have a hydrophobic part which prevents moisture from clinging into it. With this, it prevents water droplets from sticking to the surface, thus preventing fogging.

Simply put, your spit creates a hydrophobic barrier between your skin and the inner surface of the goggles so water condensation will not cling to it. This prevents fogging.

Does toothpaste stop goggles fogging?

Yes, toothpaste can be reliable homemade anti-fogging products. They can serve as surfactants that will prevent glasses from getting misty thanks to their ingredients.

However, when using this item to defog airsoft goggles, make sure to stick with the simplest formulations. Stay away from those with abrasive ingredients as they will scratch the surface of your goggles.

Does shaving cream stop glasses from fogging?

According to some people, shaving cream can also work effectively as a moisture repellent. It’s been widely used on windshields and windows but can also be used on glasses.

Where can I buy anti-fog wipes?

Anti-fog wipes are widely available nowadays since they’re very convenient to have on hand. The best places to find them would be at optical shops and big general merchandise stores, both online and offline. Many manufacturers sell directly from their websites as well. Specialty wellness retailers also carry anti-fog wipes and other similar products nowadays, too.

Does dish soap prevent fogging?

Yes, dish soap is an established anti-fog solution. In fact, detergent-based surfactants are proven to be some of the most effective anti-fogging solutions for protective eyewear.

However, it’s best to be careful with its use as some brands have relatively harsh formulations that might damage the protective coatings of select goggles. If your protective eyewear has special treatments, it’s best to stay away from strong cleaning solutions.

Can you clean your glasses with dish soap?

Yes, mild dish soaps are ideal for cleaning glasses. They can cut through and remove oils from surfaces so they can do a good job in cleaning glasses and other kinds of eyewear. Remember, however, to rinse them out thoroughly to prevent soap fumes from affecting your eyes when wearing your glasses or goggles.

Should I buy mesh goggles?

Mesh goggles may seem like excellent alternatives to plastic or glass goggles but that’s not the case. While they will not fog up since they have excellent ventilation, they cannot promise the same protection as plastic or glass goggles.

For starters, small objects can still get through the gaps of mesh goggles. Even if bbs can’t get through them, they won’t protect your eyes from other kinds of debris that can hurt your eyes.

Secondly, mesh is not solid enough to resist the force of pellets, especially if fired by a high-powered airsoft gun. With enough force, pellets can push the mesh inwards. In many occasions, it can even break the material, rendering the eye gear useless.

Lastly, some airsoft fields may not consider mesh goggles as protective eyewear. If they require such protective gears from their players, they might not let you in.

Because of these, experts don’t recommend using mesh goggles for playing airsoft. These should also be good reasons for you to not buy mesh goggles.


Goggle fog can be a great nuisance for a lot of airsoft players but it’s really not worth ditching the eye protection for. With how useful these safety accessories can be, it’s better to take the necessary steps to keep fogging at bay. Besides, most of them are very easy to do so it shouldn’t be an issue.

If you have an additional tip on how to stop your airsoft goggles from fogging, leave them in the comments. Others may find them useful for their own fight against foggy goggles. If you found this guide handy, you might want to consider sharing it to others as well and help others find effective ways to deal with their protective eyewear struggles.

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