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Some Common Reasons for an Airsoft Gun to Misfire & How to Fix Them

What are Some Common Reasons for an Airsoft Gun to Misfire & How to Fix ThemWhat are the common reasons for misfiring airsoft guns and how can they be fixed? There are lots of reasons why an airsoft gun can misfire. Here are some of the top examples:

  1. Low or dead power source. Replace, refill the gas or charge the battery to fix.
  2. Extreme temperatures. Gas airsoft guns do not work at their best when it’s too cold or too hot.
  3. Electrical contacts not making proper connections. Diagnose then fix the issue accordingly.
  4. Low-grade ammo causing a jam. Carefully dislodge or remove the stuck BB. Do not try to fire it out or use excessive force.
  5. Magazine is not properly inserted or prepped for use. Take out, wind (if necessary), then reinsert. Make sure that it’s properly attached to the airsoft gun.
  6. Faulty trigger. This will need some diagnosing and a proper fix.
  7. Blown fuse. Checking the wiring and the user’s handling will help diagnose and fix the problem.

Quick Introduction

A ‘misfire’ in guns is defined by the NRA or the National Rifle Association of America as the “failure of the priming mixture to be initiated after the primer (or rim of a rimfire case) has been struck an adequate blow by the firing pin, or the failure of the initiated primer to ignite the powder.”

While airsoft guns do not use gunpowder to shoot projectiles, the basic idea still applies. They can still fail in proper functioning and pushing the ammunition out. There are several things that can cause such issues, making a misfire not too uncommon for airsoft weapons.

What are some common reasons for an airsoft gun to misfire? And how do you fix them? This quick troubleshooting guide will discuss the common causes for misfires and the best ways to solve them below.

What are Some Common Reasons for an Airsoft Gun to Misfire and How to Fix Them

So let’s get straight to business: why do airsoft guns misfire and what can you do to troubleshoot the issues? Here’s a quick roundup of the most common reasons for an airsoft gun misfiring and the possible fixes for each issue:

Low or dead power source

Airsoft guns use different kinds of sources of power to fire. For gas and electric-powered rifles, running low on juice would explain their poor performance.

Luckily, fixing this issue is not that complicated. If you’re using a gas-powered airsoft weapon, you can top up the magazine very quickly without too much fuss. The process depends on what kind of gas your gun uses, so follow the instructions accordingly.

Try to determine if your magazine has a leak, as well. If your mag cannot hold a charge, then it can explain the misfiring. Fixing a leaky magazine can be as simple as putting in some maintenance gas to as complex as opening up the whole thing to oil and maybe replace faulty parts.

For AEGs or airsoft electric guns, charging a low or dead battery can do the trick. Players can quickly consume their batteries if they’re quite trigger happy. This means that you can unknowingly deplete your batteries if you’re not very mindful in its handling.

Dead batteries might be harder to recharge, however. In fact, sometimes they won’t charge right away, so you need to be patient with them. If everything else fails, you can also replace them with new ones.

Extreme temperatures

If it’s too hot or too cold, gas airsoft guns might not function at their best. This is why it’s always important to check if they’re at room temperature so you can be sure that they will work and that they’re actually safe to use.

Electrical contacts not making proper connections

One of the downsides of using an AEG is that they’re likely to have electrical issues. There are lots of issues that can come up so to diagnose the problem, you need to take a close look at your unit.

Experts recommend starting with the battery connectors. They can wear out quite quickly, so they tend to be common culprits for airsoft gun issues.

If it didn’t fix the problem, check the motor connection. This will require opening the motor chamber of your gun. Check if everything is in place, especially if the wires are connected to the motor terminal. Check the wires if they have issues and try to fix them if they do then connect them to the motor.

Low-grade ammo

Low-quality BBs can also be blamed for misfires. If they’re not made of good quality materials or construction, they can have issues that will cause them to get stuck in the innards of an airsoft gun.

Jams may be common enough that they appear to be very easy to fix but that’s not always the case. Some are harder to take out, especially if they’re stuck in a spot that’s hard to reach. To take them out, use great care and the right tools so you won’t damage your airsoft gun.

Make sure to very carefully dislodge or remove the stuck BB. Do not, ever, try to force it out by continuously firing the gun or forcing it to cycle and shoot.

Magazine is not properly inserted or prepped for use

Another common cause of misfiring is the magazine. If it’s not properly wound or loaded up with gas, it might not have enough tension to push BBs out effectively.

Luckily, these have very easy fixes. You just need to take out the magazine, wind or top up with gas (whichever is needed), then reinsert. Make sure that it’s properly inserted and attached to the airsoft gun this time.

Faulty trigger

Trigger issues will also cause misfires and gun failures. This can be a bit trickier to fix since there are different kinds of issues that may be affecting your airsoft gun. Try to diagnose it specifically and find the appropriate fix. If you don’t want to handle the task on your own, you can also turn to professionals for help.

Blown fuse

A blown fuse is an electrical issue but it’s worth specifying since it’s a common problem that can be easily fixed. Replacing an old fuse will do the trick but it’s important to note if it was your handling or the kind of battery you’re using caused the issue in the first place.

Those who get trigger happy tend to blow out their airsoft gun’s fuse quickly as they tend to put a lot of strain on the part. If you’re also using a battery that’s over powered, it can also cut short the fuse’s lifespan.

3 Ways to Prevent Your Airsoft Guns from Misfiring

Don’t want to deal with misfiring? Avoiding such issues is also possible with the help of these tips:

Maintain your airsoft gun and accessories properly.

Proper upkeep will keep your airsoft gun in top shape. This is why it’s crucial to take the steps to ensure that they’re well-maintained.

Luckily, maintaining your airsoft gun is not that difficult. Here are some of the top examples:

  • Clean your weapon regularly. Make sure to remove soot, grime, and debris so they won’t affect the performance of your weapon. This step should include the barrel to make sure that no bbs are left inside.
  • Take good care of your magazines. Do not leave them wound or loaded when not in use. This way, the springs and mechanisms inside won’t get unnecessarily strained.
  • Don’t overcharge your batteries if you use any. This will shorten their lifespan.
  • Store your guns and accessories properly. Keep it in a cool and dry place that’s away from sunlight. Do not squeeze them in a tight space to avoid any kind of damage.

Read the owner’s manual.

To make sure that you’ll handle your airsoft gun properly, make sure to read its owner’s manual. These reading materials contain the most accurate information about the product you own so you can turn to them if you want to know anything about your airsoft gun.

Your owner’s manual will also teach you a few things in diagnosing and fixing misfires so they will really come in handy.

Address potential issues as soon as you spot them.

Always keep a close eye on your airsoft gun so you can spot problems as soon as possible. Addressing them right away is crucial to keep things from getting worse.


There are quite a few different reasons why an airsoft gun can misfire. It might have something to do with a BB stuck somewhere in its innards, a faulty trigger, or an electrical issue. It might even be caused by something as simple as an unprepped magazine.

Because of these, it’s best to assess the situation first and try to diagnose what’s causing the problem. Always remember to never use force to try to make it go off as that will not be the safest thing to do.

In case you have other ideas or suggestions that you want to add to this troubleshooting guide, head to the comments section and share your thoughts.

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