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How to Make an Airsoft Grenade: 3 Easy Ways You can Try

Paintball isometric elements Looking for additional ammunition to use when playing airsoft?

Grenades are good options since they’re very effective in distracting your opponents. They can get loud and some designs will even let you add in pellets.

They may not always secure a kill but they can still heighten the excitement in your matches.

Unfortunately, airsoft grenades can get quite pricey.

Sure, many of them can be reused but that will still mean that you have to spend a significant amount of money and time in using them.

If you don’t want any of that, whipping up your own grenades is also possible.

There are tons of airsoft grenade how-to’s on the internet but many of them can be quite complicated. We’ll skip those and go for some of the easier techniques that you can try right away.

Check them out below.

3 Ways How to Make an Airsoft Grenade

#1: Vinegar and Baking Soda Grenade

What you need:

  • White vinegar
  • Non-clumpy baking soda
  • Small water bottles
  • A water balloon pump
  • A few pieces of plastic straw, make sure that they’re quite stiff
  • Water balloon
  • Scissors
  • A razor
  • Hot glue
  • Pellets or dried corn kernels (optional)

How to make:

  1. Score the water bottles using the razor. Do not puncture or cut, just add some lines and indentures on the body to make it easier to crumple.
  2. Cut the straw to small about 1.5” pieces. Make one end pointy.
  3. Hot glue the dull end of the cut straw onto the underside of the water bottle cap.
  4. Fill the water balloon pump with the vinegar.
  5. Place the water balloon inside the water bottle then fill it with the vinegar. Tie the balloon then lower it inside the water bottle.
  6. Add some baking soda into the water bottle. You can also add some pellets or corn kernels.
  7. Hot glue the cap of the water bottle to its mouth to securely close it.
  8. Pinch and crumple the water bottle from the top to keep the water balloon away from the straw.

How to use:

  1. Squeeze and crumple the water bottle to restore its upright shape.
  2. Smash the cap end of the bottle on a solid surface to puncture the water balloon then throw it. It should explode after a short while.

#2: Snap Clappers and Pellets Grenade

What you need:

  • Small water bottle
  • A pack of Snap Clappers
  • BB pellets or corn kernels

How to make:

  1. Place some pellets or kernels into the water bottle.
  2. Add a couple of Snap Clappers.
  3. Fill with more pellets until the water bottle is filled. Make sure that there is just enough pellets to prevent movement inside the bottle but it also shouldn’t be too tightly packed to prevent putting pressure on the snap clappers.
  4. Close the bottle tightly.


Caution: Handle these grenades with utmost care if you don’t want them to go off unintentionally. Also, do not add to many Snap Clappers to avoid a full on explosion.

How to use:

Just throw hard on the ground and it will explode. Make sure to run away because there will be shrapnels.

#3: Firecracker and Powder Grenade

Red dynamite firecrackers on blue wooden texturedWhat you need:

  • Plastic egg toys that can be opened
  • Any kind of powder (cornstarch, icing sugar, talcum, flour, etc)
  • BB pellets or corn kernels
  • Firecrackers

How to make:

  1. Bore a hole on top of the plastic egg.
  2. Open the egg then place the firecracker inside with its fuse sticking out of the hole you just created.
  3. Mix in your pellet with the powder.
  4. Fill up the plastic egg with the mixture.

How to use:

Light up the firecracker’s fuse then throw. It should explode after a while.

A Few Important Reminders

Before you try your hand in making your own DIY airsoft grenade, it’s crucial to check first whether the use of such ammunition is allowed in the airsoft field you’re going to play in.

Some fields may have restrictions as to what they can be made of or whether they can make sounds or not, so you should take note of such details as well.

Some games and events also prohibit the use of grenades and other simulation weapons. It’s best if you’re clear with the rules first to avoid getting disqualified.

These rules are made with the players’ safety in mind so it’s best to follow them. If you don’t agree, you can also always just look for other places to play instead.

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