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How Far Can Airsoft Guns Shoot? Assault, Sniper & Pistols

How Far Can Airsoft Guns ShootThat’s probably one of the first questions that new fans of airsoft ask.

It’s not a strictly newbie question, however, since the range of any airsoft weapon is crucial info for any airsoft veteran.

You’re always going to be concerned about how far your weapon can shoot.

In fact, that’s one of the aspects that many airsoft gun owners like to improve in their stock weapons. It’s always better if you can shoot farther.

The farther the range you can shoot, the more potential targets you can hit.

In fact, it’s a huge advantage if you can shoot at a distance where your opponents can’t reach you with their own weapons. They’re all sitting ducks for you, since their weapons aren’t a threat to you at all.

Airsoft Gun Range and Accuracy

Another one of these common questions that newbies ask is this: How much are airsoft sniper rifles?

The simple answer is It depends, and one of those factors is the airsoft gun shooting range. Another factor is the weapon’s accuracy.

The range and the accuracy are two different things, though they’re related.

Technically, you can say that the range of a weapon is all about the distance the BB or pellet can travel.

But then again, the weapon isn’t exactly accurate if it’s just as likely to go 10 feet to the left or right of the target when you fire.

That’s why the more pertinent question is: what’s the effective range?

This combines the 2 questions: “How far can airsoft guns shoot?” and “How accurate are airsoft guns?”

The answer is the distance at which you can reasonably expect to hit your target.

As you might expect, the effective range may not match the simple range of the airsoft weapon. The BB or pellet may be able to travel 200 feet, but with your weapon you may only it targets consistently at 100 feet.

Range and Accuracy Depending on Power System

When we’re asked questions like “how far can a bb gun shoot?”, we often qualify the answer according to the power system in the airsoft weapon.

The main power systems use a spring, gas (such as CO2 and green gas) and batteries.


Disassembled weaponIt’s quite telling that plenty of the entry-level airsoft weapons come with a spring-power system. Typically, the spring power system doesn’t quite match the power of gas and battery power systems.

But that’s true mainly with the stock options, because you can use upgraded spring systems in airsoft sniper rifles and get splendid results.

With the high fps of premium spring systems, you can fire heavier BBs that can go much further. Also, spring systems tend to be quite consistent, with a 5-fps variation for your shots.

But these upgraded systems will need a lot of money and work, starting with a budget of about $500. You’ll find that the most accurate sniper rifles using spring systems won’t have any stock component at all.


With stock options, gas-powered guns are generally more accurate compared to spring airsoft guns. The gas can offer high power output that lets you use heavier BBs, while you’re also able to put more of a backspin on the BBs to increase the range.

However, fps output isn’t really consistent, and you don’t get as many aftermarket options with gas-powered airsoft weapons. Most vets consider gas power best suited for CQB, especially with sidearms.


Battery power is often the hands-down best choice for range and accuracy, especially with stock options. Even without upgrades, the good ones can offer terrific consistency even for medium range.

With stock options, you can still expect consistently placed shots within a range of 30 to 60 meters. With extreme upgrades, even an effective range of 250 feet is possible.

AEGs (automatic electric guns) are considered the best options for newbies, since they’re accurate at farther distances, very reliable, and easy to use. It’s no surprise that for most people, AEGs are their primary weapons.

General Range Expectations for Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, and Pistols

There’s obviously a difference in the ranges of airsoft weapons, depending on what kind of weapon you have.

Sniper Rifles

guy is using rifleHow far can a sniper rifle shoot accurately?

Even stock sniper rifles firing the BBs they come with can reach a range of 60 to 90 meters. With a few simple upgrades (such as picking the right BB weight), that can go to up to at least 100 meters.

By definition, sniper rifles have the longest range among all legal airsoft weapons. You should be able to hit targets whose assault weapons don’t have the range to hit you right back.

Assault Weapons

With an AEG, you can expect consistent performance of about 40 to 50 meters out of the box. Obviously, you can boost that range with upgrades.

This is the kind of range you can expect from your main weapon (like the M4, M16, and the AK replica). It’s a good all-around weapon to have.


How far can a pistol shoot accurately?

These smaller guns tend to have shorter ranges, much like their real counterparts. Out of the box, you may expect a range of about 20 meters, but the really good ones can give you a range of 30 to 40 meters.

How far does a pistol shoot if you put in lots of upgrades? With superior internals, an upgraded trigger system, and a power system that packs a punch, some vets have managed to boost the range to 60 meters for their pistols.

Factors to Consider

When you’re looking over new airsoft weapons or considering upgrades for your current rifles and pistols, consider the following factors.


Shooting at the shooting range.the woman at the shooting range shot from gunWhat is a good fps for an airsoft gun? It’s not always true that the higher the fps, the better it is for you.

This is the first thing you look at if you’re a newbie, because it’s a factor you can measure.

That’s why questions such as “What is the highest fps airsoft gun?” are often asked by beginners.

It’s not surprising that if you have a 500-fps weapon, you’re going to outrange someone with just a 300-fps rifle.

The higher lets you use heavier BBs, which can give you better range.

(To demonstrate this for your kids, ask them to throw a pebble as hard as they can. Then get them to throw a bigger rock the size of a baseball, and see how much farther they can throw it.)

You can also use high-fps airsoft weapons for actual hunting, or at least for getting rid of rats and other vermin that invade your property.

On the other hand, there’s such a thing as too much fps. Commercial airsoft battlefields tend to have a maximum fps level allowed for safety reasons.

Too much fps is also too dangerous.

How fast do airsoft guns shoot? Some are able to go as fast as 600 feet per second, and that’s just too dangerous even for private games.

However, if you’re going for a hunting weapon then you may want to try airsoft weapons that use compressed breathable air (such as from scuba tanks). These are called PCP airsoft weapons, and they can go past 900 fps without any trouble.


What does an airsoft gun shoot?

The ammo you use can also affect the answer to this question.

Picking the right ammo is one easy way to upgrade your range and accuracy.

You should avoid very cheap BBs, because they may have lot of surface imperfections and irregular weight distribution that can affect your range.

Also, the heavier BBs are generally more accurate and offer greater range. They’re able to cut through the air more effectively.

The Quality of the Hop Up and the Internals

More often than not, the quality of components such as the hop up can affect the range and accuracy of airsoft weapons more than the fps rating.

Some premium brands offer superior-quality internals that their airsoft offerings outmatch even other weapons with higher fps rating.

Proper Maintenance

When you’re not getting the accuracy and range you think you deserve, you may want to hold off on getting upgrades right away. Sometimes you just need to observe proper maintenance.

This starts with cleaning your barrel regularly. Dirt inside the barrel can reduce your range and mess with your accuracy.

Your internals such as the gearbox should be properly (but not overly) lubricated. You need to use the right lubricants so you get consistent airflow.


So, what can you do as a newbie to make sure you optimize your accuracy and range for airsoft?

Start with these simple tips:

  • Buy from a high-quality brand with a great reputation for accurate weapons.
  • Read the reviews, especially from verified customers. While the stated fps is important, you should take a look at how far users can shoot targets consistently.
  • Come up with reasonable expectations. At the very least, expect a range of 150 feet for stock sniper rifles, 100 feet for assault rifles, and 50 feet for pistols.
  • Take care of your airsoft weapons.

Of course, don’t forget to practice. Like all skills, you only become more accurate the more you practice your airsoft shooting. How far can airsoft guns shoot accurately? The answer depends on the quality of your airsoft weapons, and your skill level as well!

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