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Can Airsoft Guns Kill Animals? Here’s What You Need to Know

Silhouette of hunter in a cowboy hat with a gun in his hands on a beautiful sunsetThinking of using an airsoft gun to shoot at animals for hunting or pest control?

The idea is quite appealing to some homeowners as certain critters can be bothersome and even destructive in some circumstances. Shooting at them seems to be a good way to kill or at least scare them away, right?

But can airsoft guns kill animals? Or do you need something more powerful to get the job done?

Airsoft Guns and the Goal of Shooting to Kill

Hunter man in camouflage with a gun during the hunt The general idea is, getting an airsoft gun in hopes of killing something seems to be a bit counterintuitive. Why? The popularity and appeal of airsoft guns come from the fact that they’re not too dangerous to handle. They were deemed by some experts as generally safe to use while playing so it can be assumed that they’re not powerful enough to seriously hurt and injure living creatures. With this, it just seems like it’s not the most effective weapon to use for killing.

But then again, there are two main things lots of people forget about airsoft guns. One is the fact that playing with them still generally requires safety gear. This means that it can still be injurious to health at some capacity so ample caution should be taken. This is practiced with the use of some kind of face and body protection so the ammo won’t break skin or get to your eyes.

Two, airsoft guns can also get powerful. Some of the most heavily modded units can go as fast as 1200 fps. While its ballistic performance is lower than other kinds of air guns, this velocity rating can still impart a significant amount of energy to cause damage. If the target is not particularly robust, it can expect to take a blow. Used in close range, it can be quite lethal under certain circumstances.

This is why the use of airsoft guns to kill something can be considered as a valid idea. Depending on the target, distance, and the airsoft gun itself, it can be a fatal weapon.

If you’re wondering what you can kill with an airsoft gun, let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill You?

Can Airsoft Guns Kill YouFirst of all, you might be wondering if an airsoft gun can kill you. The answer to this burning question is no.

While airsoft guns’ velocity ratings can go beyond 1000 fps, the weight of their ammunition and the drag they experience lower the force of impact it can create. Shooting in close range can and will cause injuries, however, as you only really need 331 fps with an 8 grains lead pellet to break skin.

Even with the lighter ammunition, high-powered airsoft guns can go way beyond 331 fps so it’s entirely possible for them to penetrate the skin as well as inflict wounds and other kinds of injuries. But still, they’re not powerful enough to be considered lethal on their own and in most situations.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Dogs?

A man with a gun in his hands and an orange vest on a pheasant hunt in a wooded area in cloudy weatherIt’s believed that airsoft guns cannot kill dogs as many of them can be relatively big and that they also have thick skin and fur that can cushion the impact of the airsoft pellet. However, they can still get severely injured by a high-powered airsoft gun when hit in their most vulnerable areas.

If they’re shot in the eyes, ears, and other parts of their body where the fur and skin is thin, the pellet can penetrate the surface and cause wounds and serious injuries.

If you’re trying to handle a coyote problem, you should definitely avoid using airsoft guns to get the job done. These weapons will only hurt and anger the animal and might even come back bolder after your attack. Shooting at them will aggravate them which is definitely not wise.

If the coyote is aggressive or fearless, make sure to report their sightings to the authorities and let the professionals deal with them instead.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill a Deer?

Red deer stag with flies flying around Wondering if you can use an airsoft gun for hunting? This might seem like a great idea since their ammo is way cheaper than others but if you want to take down large game, you will need to shoot at them at close range and have a very powerful airsoft gun. Without these two factors, your chance of killing a deer with an airsoft gun is slim.

If the reason why you’re asking this question is to be sure that airsoft guns won’t kill deer so you can use them for target practice, you should come up with a different idea altogether. In some states, shooting deer using an airsoft gun is classified as animal harassment. Violators will be charged with a misdemeanor.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill a Cat?

Grey domestic cat sitting on the grass There are some reports of airsoft guns killing cats but once you get to know about the details, the deaths are often not instantaneous. This makes the answer to this question a bit complicated. It might be possible for a high-powered airsoft gun to kill cats in such cases as seemingly normal ones were able to cause serious injuries that lead to death in felines.

This shouldn’t be too surprising, actually, since cats are typically smaller than dogs and are only a bit bigger than rodents and vermins. It might really take a bit more power from airsoft guns to kill them but it’s not completely impossible.

Alarmingly, the numbers of cat deaths caused by air guns are also on the rise. It may not be clear how many were caused by airsoft guns but the trend is very concerning. It’s also a proof that even these seemingly safe ‘toys’ can be dangerous to smaller animals.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Rats?

Dead rat ,on-road backgroundThe opinion on whether airsoft guns can kill rats or not is pretty divided but when you put things into perspective, it doesn’t seem too impossible if you have a high-powered airsoft gun and you can shoot at it in close range. Mice will definitely find airsoft rounds to be fatal but large rats can be trickier to deal with.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Squirrels?

Like with rats, the opinion on airsoft guns’ ability to kill squirrels is divided. Some believe that the right kinds (the powerful ones) will be able to get the job done. Others, however, know that squirrels are pretty hardy and might be able to take a beating.

There are those who use airsoft guns to hunt squirrels and get good results from them, however. So if we base it on anecdotal information, then it can be said that airsoft guns can kill squirrels.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Possums?

A chubby adorable sugar glider climb on the tree in the gardenDue to their size, it might also be possible to kill possums with a high-powered airsoft gun. However, if you take time to get to know opossums better, you might not want to hunt and kill them off.

They do have a bad reputation but a lot of the things they’re known for are misconceptions. It might be best to give them a shot by means of getting to know them better instead of shooting at them with a lethal weapon.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Birds?

Sunny day flying birdsThe answer to this question depends on a few factors, namely the amount of power your gun has and the kind of birds you’re going after. Like with the other animals listed above, a high-powered airsoft gun can possibly kill birds if their skin and feather are not too thick.

You should be careful when shooting at birds, however. Some may belong to protected species so shooting and hunting them can get you in trouble. It’s also very likely that they’ll only get injured by airsoft guns so you have to make sure to deal the killing shot every time you aim at one. Otherwise, you’ll only make them suffer and you’re just practicing animal cruelty.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Ducks?

Hunter with a rifle on his back taking a break from huntingRegular airsoft guns are not likely to kill ducks due to their size and feather thickness. However, it’s also not sure if high-powered ones can do the trick. It’s most likely that you’ll only injure the animal and make them suffer so it would be better to just don’t shoot at them in the first place.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Geese?

Geese can get very scary, annoying, and destructive that some folks might just want to get rid of them entirely. However, if you want to do it by shooting at them using airsoft guns, you might want to reconsider. High-powered models might be able to do it but there’s no guarantee. Some of them might only hurt the bird which can get quite dangerous when riled up.

Pest Control vs. Animal Cruelty

Proud hunter holding wild duck men handshakingIf you’ll check the internet for answers to the question of whether you can use airsoft guns to hunt or kill animals, the most resounding answer is not really an answer. Most responses emphasize that you shouldn’t even try carrying out your idea because it’s just wrong.

As not all airsoft guns are powerful enough to kill different kinds of animals effectively like BB guns and other high-powered air guns can, trying to kill with it is pretty cruel and inhumane.

Since these non-firearms will only most likely injure and wound many of the animals that you might find yourself shooting at for various reasons, there’s a very high chance that they’ll suffer from the shooting.

That is never a good thing even if you shot them for damaging your property or maybe even hurting you, your loved ones, or your pets. You should know better as a creature with a higher level of intelligence. It’s better to just cause them a quick death instead of letting them languish.

In the case of pests and small critters, serious injuries that lead to death will only be worse for you. Not killing them off quickly will give them time to hide and maybe even die somewhere hard to reach so getting rid of the carcass might prove to be an additional challenge.

Their remains will also invite more pests to your property which is definitely not what you might have wanted.

As for bigger animals, you’ll also be putting yourself in danger if you don’t take them out of their misery quickly. They can retaliate from your attack which can be very dangerous. Scared and hurt animals can get vicious and it wouldn’t be pretty to be in the receiving end of their panic.

This is why instead of trying to scare animals away or teach the critters a lesson, it’s best to deal with your pest problem effectively instead. Do not be half-hearted in your efforts because it’s not even the humane thing to do.

You and the critters will not be in a better position if you just wounded or injured them from your efforts. It’s more humane and ethical to do your best to cleanly kill them off if you’re going to try dealing with them at all.

The Legalities of Using Airsoft Guns to Shoot at Animals

Male lawyer turning the documents in a courtroomAside from the ability of airsoft guns to kill animals, another pressing concern about this whole ordeal is the legality of using such implements for the purpose you have in mind. While airsoft guns are not classified as firearms in many states and countries, there are still regulations on their use. Here are the most important ones that you should know about.

The laws on using airsoft guns for hunting vary from state to state.

Like with lots of other things, laws on the use of airsoft guns for hunting or pest control vary from one state to another. This can make things a bit confusing, especially if you often move around. It would be wise to get acquainted with the various laws and restrictions connected to these item just so you can responsibly use them and not get in a legal bind when you’re just trying to deal with property concerns.

The laws for using airsoft guns for hunting are not absolutely clear.

Usa lawyers in the wooden judge hammer on american flag justice lawAccording to one round up, it can’t exactly be definitively said whether the use of airsoft guns for hunting is allowed or not allowed. After writing to state law experts from various states, the laws are quite confusing and unclear regarding this matter.

One reason that can explain the confusing nature of the laws has a lot to do with the definitions set for the terms ‘airguns’ and ‘airsoft guns’. Some use ‘airguns’ to encompass all kinds of air-powered guns while in other states, it can also be included in the laws regulating ‘replica toy guns’.

To be absolutely sure, it would be best to check the state and local laws where you live or where you are in general when you want to use airsoft guns for hunting. The laws are very different from state to state so you have to know about the details if you don’t want to get in trouble.

Some states may allow their use but with certain reservations like a specific time frame only or for hunting select animals only. Others may have a complete ban on them for hunting.

Some towns and cities ban the use of airsoft guns in their jurisdictions altogether.

Despite their popularity, lots of places still have restrictions in their ownership, possession, and use. This is understandable since they are made to look like actual firearms and have been used to commit crimes in the past. Violating regulations can lead to serious repercussions and even jail time in some places so it’s important to be aware about these things.

It should also be noted that some cities and towns prohibit the firing of such weapons within their areas of jurisdiction. Select cities and towns in Texas as well as the town of Windsor in Colorado are some of the places that enforce such laws.

Be aware of which animals you’re allowed to deal with at any capacity.

Lots of places have specific laws regarding the protection of wildlife and you have to observe it if you don’t want to have legal troubles. Some places might prohibit you from doing anything that can harm certain species in any way, so you should definitely not try to shoot them with your airsoft gun even if they’re being bothersome in your property. In such cases, it’s best to contact local authorities to help you deal with the wild animal.

Using Airsoft Guns to Kill Animals

With everything discussed above, it can be said that high-powered airsoft guns are capable of killing certain animals. It’s more of a matter of whether you should do it, really. There are lots of other alternative weapons that can get the job done more effectively. They’re better options if you want to ensure humane and ethical means of killing animals off.

The legalities that can complicate the process are also worth taking note of, too. Even if you have an airsoft gun that is powerful enough to take out the kind of animal that you’re planning to shoot, the act may not be allowed or the actual use of the non-firearm might get you arrested where you are.

So if you really want to use airsoft guns to kill animals, make sure to cover all your bases first to ensure that you can do it effectively, cleanly, and without any hassles. Otherwise, you might be better off using something else or not doing it altogether.

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